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Fear Not Peeps. There is a Turtle Hospital in Florida for your Pet Turtle, Complete with an Ambulanc

Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minster tabled her budget yesterday. “Our recovery must be feminist and intersectional”.

A feminist recovery? What’s that? Because our finance minister is a woman the recovery has to be like a woman? Don’t even bother to understand this as it no doubt comes from our airhead, woman-loving, pretty-faced Prime Minister.

Included in the budget was a job stimulus. What kind of jobs are we talking about? Let’s start with the 2 billion trees Justin promised Greta Grunberg that he would be planting and of course never did. So now, those 2 billion trees have found their way into a make-work project in the budget.

Can we talk? Those trees are never getting planted – not by the peons looking for work, not by lumberjacks and not by fairy godmothers.

Papa Legault just dropped the first pill to anyone celebrating christmas. Fuggedaboudit. It ain’t happening. “Da numbers are not going in da right direction.” Really? You’ll get the final pill on  December 11. 

How about there are not enough caregivers, nurses, doctors etc to take care of everyone? Where are those 10,000 people you hired? Nowhere to be found it seems.

Fear not peeps – Papa Legault will find the people and money for the office de la langue francais to continue to harass restaurant owners who are forced to remain closed. Here’s a headline: If we owned a restaurant and one of those little pea-brained twerps walked in we would show him the door faster than you could say poutine.

If you are still wondering when we will be getting the first round of the vaccine, keep wondering. The question has not been answered by anyone.

The government continues to talk in riddles. You will know where we are holding in about 2 or 3 weeks when and if Health Canada ok’s the vaccines.  At the same time, we will be watching Americans lining up while we stand like the poor relatives.

So far no one in the government has given a straight answer to this question. Our guess is because…guess what? They don’t have a clue when we are getting it.

In their quest to keep the population healthy, both NY and NJ have offered up small business owners as sacrifices. Nearly one-third of small businesses in New York and New Jersey have closed since January.

To underscore the idiocy of these decisions, there is a huge surge of the virus outbreak in NJ. So now they have one third of businesses shut down and they didn’t stop the virus.

Something is very wrong with that picture and we’ll help you unpack it. Walmart, Costco and other huge big-box stores were allowed to remain open while family-owned businesses were forced to close, even though they sold the same things as Costco. Something’s wrong with that picture.

Has anyone heard a word about defunding the police lately? Nope. Not a word. Just saying.

Ten local chapters of Black Lives Matter have accused the national organization for the movement of hiding “untold millions of dollars” in donations and have called for increased transparency and “equity.”

Uh oh. It can’t be that there is fraud in BLM? Wait. The whole thing is a fraud. So why are local chapters surprised that monies have disappeared?  It appears that the leaders of the organization have refused to be transparent about its donations, and have largely refused to share that money with local activists.

Heads of the organization spent $4.5 million on ‘consultants’, travel and compensation for its staff from July 2017 through June 2019 while at the same time providing only $328,000 to outside groups such as its local chapters. Wake up and smell the roses dearies. You were all duped.

Fear not peeps. There is a turtle hospital where you can take your ailing pet turtle, by ambulance if necessary. Located in Marathon Florida, The Turtle Hospital contains up-to-date equipment needed to perform a variety of surgeries on different species and sizes of sea turtles. And so, the 50 or so turtles that were stunned by the cold in Massachusetts (we are guessing that they don’t know it gets cold in Mass), were taken – by plane no less – to the Turtle Hospital to recover. Nothing more to say on the subject.

Ok. One more word. To report a sick, injured or, perish the thought, a dead sea turtle in the state of Florida, call Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Please note that the FFWCC is dedicated to the education & preservation of sea turtles. Blanche, you knew that sea turtles get an education? Seems the turtles who were shocked by the cold in Mass need some kind of  education.

We’ll talk…

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