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Flying Noah’s Arks

When Montrealers tossed out Denis Coderre in the last election it was to be expected. He was arrogant and had grandiose plans to spend our money a la Jean Drapeau. In came Valerie Plante to save the day – a fresh new face with fresh new ideas. A people person. Montrealers were duped. Big time.

First and foremost Valerie Plante desperately needs a communications consultant as within a few months people are all saying the same thing: She is as arrogant as Coderre.

Case in point is her new ‘green’ initiative. Montreal is lucky to have a mountain (Mount Royal) right in the centre of the city. It is a beautiful east-west road. Madame Plante has unilaterally announced that as of this spring, the city will introduce a pilot projet to prevent drivers from using Mount Royal as an east-west artery.

Her office said that reducing car traffic will make Mount Royal safer for cyclists, runners and walkers. It is going to create colossal traffic jams in the city. But hey, who cares about the economy and business? Certainly not Plante.

Can we talk? That road is steeper than steep and has hairpin turns. Only the most ardent, skilled cyclists will be able to use it. Walking up that mountain? Again if one is an olympic style walker perhaps. Regular Joes? Not a chance.

Instead of putting this out for discussion, Plante is issuing edicts. And that’s why people don’t like her. Can someone please tell her that Montreal is not her personal fiefdom, even if she is the mayor? That she works for the people of Montreal who elected her. She is quickly becoming a modern day Marie Antoinette as her motto seems to be let them eat cake.

Speaking of tree-huggers, Justin Trudeau continues to spout one cringe-worthy comment after another.

He has been holding town hall meetings all over the country. In Edmonton, a questioner told Trudeau maternal love was the key to changing “the future of mankind.” In a hushed tone Trudeau interjected to say in his whispery voice: “We like to say peoplekind, not necessarily mankind. It’s more inclusive.”

Come on. It’s enough already.

We are certain that Trudeau cannot be happy his comment went viral as people are making minced-meat out of him. One of the best came from the Daily Mail in the UK:

Mankind ended last night. I know, I know, you probably didn’t realize. But it happened. A world leader publicly pronounced it dead. Yes, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau killed off ‘mankind’ because he finds the word offensive. I’m not kidding. I wish I were. Our  prime minister is quickly becoming an  international embarrassment.

Polish President Andrzej Duda said on Tuesday that he would sign into law a bill making it illegal to accuse “the Polish nation” of complicity in the Holocaust and other Nazi atrocities. Duda went even further, saying “perpetrators of such crimes shall be liable to a fine or imprisonment for up to three years.”

As Netanyahu responded, “One cannot change history, and the Holocaust cannot be denied.”

Passing a law pretending  that the Poles were not complicit with the Germans and didn’t hand over hundreds of thousands of Jews to the nazis will not make it go away. Facts are facts. They were complicit. Revisionist history is not real.

The stock market is not for the faint of heart. If you’re in it these days, stop looking at your phone every ten seconds and go read a book for the next week or so.

Airlines are quickly becoming flying Noah’s arks. For about $150 passengers can get their animal—and not just dogs or cats—certified as an emotional support animal that then gets to fly with them at no additional charge and is also not required to fly in any approved container.

No doubt Blanche, you heard last week that a woman tried to get her peacock on board citing the bird was used for emotional support.

In case you think we are kidding, wait till you have to share a seat with someone bringing their pig or giant standard poodle. Airlines are finally stepping up to the plate and requiring passengers to certify that the animals are actually trained for air travel. Then, the travelers must sign a letter of responsibility in case the animal injures other passengers or property. When it starts costing people money for their stunts, things will quickly come to a halt.

We’ll talk…

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