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Forget a Baseball Team for Montreal. Buy the half-dead Montreal Canadiens.

Can everyone take the needle out of their arm and stop pretending that Montreal is going to get a baseball team? It’s not happening. For starters, there is no downtown stadium, the main condition of the league’s agreeing to giving Montreal a team and there will not be one anytime soon.

Given Valerie Plante, Montreal’s new mayor’s penchant for being an uber tree-hugger and save-the-whale idolator, any free space downtown will be made green. Get over it.

If those with money want to be real heroes, they should be looking to buy out the losers that call themselves owners of the Montreal Canadiens. Obviously the owners are unable to manage the team.

If they bought the team they would rid themselves of the Molson family aka Geoff Molson and his best friend, General manager Marc Bergevin who could not unearth a good hockey player if he fell over him, the Head coach Claude Julien who found every excuse known to man for the abhorrent work habits of the players and the Captain Max Pacioretty who just needs to get the heck outta here.

There are about 39,000 Africa immigrants living in Israel, about 5,000 of them children.

Yesterday, Israel agreed to a UN agreement that would have allowed thousands of these migrants to stay in the country on a temporary residency permit for up to five years. The rest, some 16,000 or so, would have been settled in countries such as Canada, Germany and Italy.

Today, Netanyahu reversed that agreement. Can we talk? Has anyone looked at a map recently? May we suggest that in doing so you try to find the dot in the Middle East that is Israel. To say that housing their own people in Israel is a challenge would be an understatement.

That the ‘world’ wants Israel to absorb a minimum of 40,000 immigrants from Africa is insane. They have already tried to do that and they are having the same issues as they have in Paris. Zero integration and they live in their own small, tight neighbourhood in south Tel Aviv.

It’s high time some arab countries, who are a minimum of ten times the size of Israel, step up to the plate and take most of those people. And if they don’t want to go? Back to your country of origin.

Just to keep you up to speed on Justin Trudeau, he is still defending his Disney induced trip to India. He just doesn’t get it.

Did you know that up to this week, Trudeau attended one question period per week? This week, in deference to his teenage-like behaviour, he managed to get to four Question Periods. As one writer put it, “he is willingly doing partisan battle with his tormenters rather than doing yoga, trying on outfits, or whatever it is he does when he is not in the House.” Exactly. Your prime minister at work.

And one more little ditty about our illustrious prime minister. Guess what the total cost of his three-day trip this past January to the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland? $678,000. Most of that for hotels, office and room rentals and transportation. Your tax dollars at work.

From now on, when we write about the Saudi crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman we will refer to him by his nickname, MbS. Just keeping you in the loop Blanche.

Today, MbS said Israelis have a right to their homeland — a declaration that no Arab leader has ever acknowledged: “I believe that each people, anywhere, has a right to live in their peaceful nation.”

While MbS seems to be the darling of the West, make no mistake about him. It appears he has had many of his enemies, shall we say detained?

MbS is 32 years old and from the looks of his modern ways, like allowing women to drive, trying to bring Hollywood movies to Saudi Arabia and now, recognizing Israel’s right to exist, he is not long for this world.

Remember those ‘protests’ along the Gaza border last week? Blanche, did you ever ask yourself what exactly Hamas was hoping to achieve by marching civilians en masse on Israel’s border.

Here’s a headline: Israel no longer occupies even one inch of Gaza.

Every single Israeli settlement in Gaza was uprooted. Every Israeli settler who ever lived in Gaza—including thousands who were born there—was relocated to Israel, many of them by force. For those who see Israeli settlements as inherent obstacles to peace, Gaza today is proof that they are not. The responsibility for Gaza’s continued suffering definitely does not lie with Israel any longer.

Blanche, when was the last time you listened to the CBC – Canada’s broadcasting company? What? Two years ago?

Did you know that the Liberals boosted funding to the CBC by $675 million over five years and that in total they receive $1 billion in funding. Your tax dollars at work yet again.

And today, in Justin’s quest to break the ‘glass ceiling’, a woman has been made head of the CBC for the first time in its history. Nothing wrong with this woman Tait. Time will tell if she was the right choice for the position.

And now for the bottom line…

Here are the salient points from her first speech: “We also need to reach deep into our shared culture… for Indigenous Peoples to tell their own stories, to tell the stories of many struggles and triumphs of new Canadians, of women and of the LGBTQ community..”

Sound familiar? Could Justin have written her speech? Sounds like the same speech the negotiators for NAFTA are giving or the same speech Justin has given over and over and over again. Why are we not surprised she was chosen.

We’ll talk…

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