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Freedom includes to the right to choose. Supposedly, Canada is a free/democratic society, yet Justin and his ilk – which includes people cowering in their homes for the past two years petrified to socialize  – have tried to make freedom a four-letter word.

Ending the ’emergency measures act’ in Quebec and Canada is long, long overdue. The only emergency left after covid is the dismal failure our socialized medical system is. That 260 people in ICU’s across this province paralyze a system serving 8 million people is insanity.

Our stay in the hospital was exemplary, so there are places in that have managed to skirt this failure. Why? Because they have been given private donations – money from wealthy individuals who saw what was happening, especially in Quebec in the pure-laine hospitals – and said our hospital will not be like that.

We speak of the Jewish General Hospital founded because emperor legault’s predecessors were virulent anti-Semites – Lionel Groulx being one such person – who refused to treat Jewish people in their hospitals nor allow doctors to practice there. FYI – ex-premiers Bouchard and Parizeau – Mr. it’s the ethnics and money that lost our election – ran to the JGH – les ethnics – when they were sick.

We adhered to the health edicts for past two years. We are vaccinated. Fully. Why then do we have to be punished with vaccine mandates and ‘passports’ that are an outright infringement on our freedom and democracy. Wait six months and you will read that these measures did nothing to prevent people from contacting any virus.

We do not want to live in a nanny state. We do not need babysitters. We need people who, when they see there is a black hole in the healthcare system, do something about it. Not punish others to deflect from the issue and walk away like it doesn’t exist. The silence on this is deafening.

Joel Lightbound, the rogue Liberal who dared to cross Justin, spoke the truth. Below is a very short snippet of what he said, which clearly resonated with many, many people – including another liberal MP in Ottawa who also spoke out. …I’ve heard that people are worried that a few might have lost sight of the quiet, discrete suffering of the many.

…Canada’s Chief Public Health officer Theresa Tam  said last week that all existing public health policies – including the vaccine passports – need to be re-examined. We are no longer in crisis mode.

…People are confused when they see the WHO (world health organization) recommending dropping or alleviating border measures including vaccine requirements as they have proven to be ineffective.

…And our personal favorite: Not everyone has a Macbook and can go to their cottage to work.

It’s way past the time for Justin and emperor legault to drop the crisis mode as the crisis has long passed. It’s time to allow people to be adults and make their own decisions. They no longer need to babysit their subjects.

Now for something completely different. We can only speak for where we live which is Montreal: When it’s blistering cold or hot, we are told to conserve electricity. Try not to wash clothes, use your dryer or dishwasher or we are guessing any kind of electrical appliance. Now explain this: In 8 years Canada has pledged that between 70 and 75% of all cars will be electric. Has anyone heard about any government – municipal, provincial or federal upgrading our electric grids? Do they really think that the current grids will be able to sustain millions of cars plugged in day and night when it is freezing cold or shmoiling hot?

This save-the-planet bs is coming to you from people who are smoking something very strong and are living in an altered reality.

Then there’s Montreal St. Patrick’s day parade. Officials are waiting like pathetic sheep for the emperor to tell them that it’s ok to hold their parade outside. Are you kidding?  It’s OUTSIDE.

If anyone has the ear of those who direct said parade tell them this: It’s time to open your mouth and tell the emperor that we will be having our parade with or without your ‘blessing’. It’s time for the emperor to let go of his emergency measures and allow people to live.

We will remind you that last November Macy’s had its massive Thanksgiving day parade outside. Last November…

So how are these ‘protests’, which are growing daily all over not only our country but the world, flying our Canadian flag no less  – going to end? Let’s unpack it: For starters, Justin made two very bad tactile errors right from the start:

He did not take the truckers seriously from the getgo. He was arrogant and clearly was not listening to the real anger in this country. And then, he pompously dismissed the protesters as a “fringe minority” and refused to meet with them. No problem. Don’t meet with them. So what’s plan b?

Recent polling indicates that while two-thirds of Canadians oppose the protest, nearly half agree that the prime minister and provincial premiers have displayed a “condescending attitude toward Canadians who disagree with vaccine mandates and lockdowns”.

And that is the essence of the matter. Blanche did you know that tow trucks have refused to tow those rigs because they consider themselves truckers. So that’s out.

Bring in the army? That’s only going to bring in hundreds more people and trucks in sympathy.

We have said this over and over again, ad nauseam: Justin is not a leader, he never was and never will be. Now the chickens are coming home to roost and the king is exposed for who he really is: Empty. This show is not over by a very long shot. Those truckers are there, pardon the pun, for the long haul. And Justin has no plan – not a, b or c.

Lest you think we are writing from thin air,  read this from a Washington Post report: The state of democracy around the world fell to a record low last year blamed in large part on pandemic restrictions that have seen many nations struggle to balance a public health emergency with personal freedoms.

…From lockdowns to travel bans, the coronavirus led to “an unprecedented withdrawal of civil liberties among both developed democracies and authoritarian regimes alike.

It is those truck drivers, now worldwide, who are the voices of the voiceless. We don’t agree with everything they are doing, but if the alternative is people begging our emperor to let them have an outdoor parade, then so be it.

Let the truckers stay until all the mandates are gone. It’s time for politicians to wake up, take the earplugs out of their ears, lose the arrogance and actually listen to the people.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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