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Git The Barf Bag Ready Blanche…

It looks like Israel has identified some of the kidnappers of those three boys. The parents of one of those kidnappers said their son was a family man with a wife and three children. The mother of the kidnapper chillingly then said, if her son did take part in the kidnapping, she was proud of him and hoped he would continue to evade capture, both by Israeli and Palestinian Authority security forces. Not much to say after that except those people are simply animals who hate us more than they love their children.

Wait, we have more nauseating news. Did you know that the Palestinian Authority grants all Palestinians and Israeli Arabs imprisoned in Israel for terror crimes a monthly salary from the PA. Yes Blanche, you read that right. And all those bleeding heart liberals who feel ‘badly’ for the poor arabs, like that loser Obama, continue to give money to places like Gaza  to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Doesn’t Obama find it odd that an infrastructure never got built? Don’t they wonder where their money goes?

Now here’s the scale of payment: $400 per month for those who have served up to three years. In addition, the P.A. covers the living expenses of the prisoners’ families. (the average salary for a regular worker is $640 per month)

$3,429 per month for those serving more than 30 years.

Upon their release from prison, they also receive a grant based on how many years they served up to a maximum of $25,000 or possibly $50,000.

For this Blanche, there is no barf bag big enough.

We’re keeping you in the loop as to how Hillary’s book is selling. It’s not. They’ve sold about 85,000 copies. Sounds good until you hear that they thought they would sell a million copies the first week. It looks like Simon and Shuster is going to be taking a serious haircut on the $14 million they advanced dear Hillary.

And now for a Blanche scoop: It seems that the air conditioning system in the new hospital is sick and it’s not even open to the public. It was powered up in the past few days to make sure all systems were working. Guess what happened? It made such a racket that anyone living in the area couldn’t sit outside. Can we talk?

That new hospital, built by SNC Lavalin has been fraught with fraudsters like Arthur Porter, skimming gzillions off the top. Whadda think that they used inferior equipment for the air system? What are the chances? Certainly better than Hillary’s book is selling. Stay tuned to this story. It could get very interesting and very hot in that building, if you get the drift.

Today, more and deeper cuts were announced at Canada’s radio national station, the CBC. Employees held a noontime demonstration decrying the cuts. Hello??? Why don’t they advertise like everyone else and actually generate an income? Why do our tax dollars have to pay for a radio station? CBC needs to get a life, get in the game and get advertisers on the air like every other radio station has to do. The time has come for their hand to exit our pockets.

The soccer world cup got a bit (pardon the pun) more interesting after the dude from Uruguay was banned from playing for four months for biting his opponent. Yes Blanche, he took a big bite out of his opponent’s shoulder. Ich.

You can breathe a sigh of relief. New York’s highest court ruled that no one can ban people from drinking 40 ounces of coke or any other beverage in one sitting . So next time you go to the big Apple and order a massive drink, know that you won’t get a ticket nor will anyone yank it out of your grasp.

Another story that we will begin to follow in earnest is Scotland’s referendum on September 18. They want to secede from  Great Britain. We signed up for updates etc and will keep you posted on this story.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

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