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Good Morning America

Twice in the last three days we have heard the names of the Israeli soldiers who died defending both their country and the democratic world read out loud. It is one thing to read in the papers how a soldier died. The newspaper or the internet is impersonal, somehow deadening the emotional reality. One can choose to read the text of the article or not.

Looking at 64 pictures, one after the other of the names and ages of the young men who perished in the past few weeks somehow personalizes their deaths. Each boy was a whole world. Each boy was the son of a Jewish mother with a whole life ahead of him.  Ach…

Today the papers had much saber-rattling from hamas. “The war is not over yet. Our fingers are on the trigger and our rockets are trained at Tel Aviv.” hamas has nothing to lose anymore because they have been, for the moment, humiliated before their own people.

The blockade is not lifted, they have been exposed to the world as terrorists, most of their tunnel infrastructure has been uncovered and their own people have suffered death and destruction because of them. The only way they keep the population from revolting is fear. Talk and we will kill you. Let us pray that Israel remains steadfast in their negotiations in Egypt and does not capitulate at all.

Edward Snowden has been granted three more years in Russia with the possibility of Russian citizenship. He will also be allowed to travel abroad for three month stints. Ain’t that sweet Blanche? Putin flipped the bird to Obama and the president of the United States of America can do nothing about it. As for the travel business, Snowden is most likely staying put in Russia for now. Once he leaves he’s fodder for the Americans who can’t wait to get their hands on him.

It looks like Hawaii is going to get nailed with the biggest hurricane in over 60 years and second tropical storm is not far behind.  If that’s not enough, they had a 4.5 earthquake today. If you had plans to vacation there in the next couple of weeks may we suggest you pick an alternate destination.

Obama announced tonight that he authorized ‘targeted airstrikes’ in Iraq to protect American personnel and help Iraqi forces. It seems that ISIS is moving very quickly to secure virtually whatever cities they want in that region and no one is able to stop them. It took Obama quite a while to wake up on this, especially since hundreds of thousands of Iraqi christians are running for their lives.

While Obama and the world was watching Israel fight for its life and hammering them in the media for doing so, ISIS was slaughtering thousands of Iraqis and the world was silent. Good morning America.

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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