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Harry and Meghan Are Causing the Mother of All Chinwags (Gossip).

The world seems to have its tighty whiteys in a snit because of Harry and Meghan. Can everyone please take a chill pill?

It has come to light that Meghan has been relentlessly – read that word with all capitals and bold – pursued by the English media because she comes from black roots. It also turns out that it’s not only the media who has made snide remarks, but those in the royal family as well.

We are not Harry’s defender. Given that, watching him grow up without a mother, who, until her early death was relentlessly pursued by the paparazzi and snubbed by the royal family, has to be a dejas-vu for him. We are guessing that he’s not going to do a rerun of that story, which led him to take this drastic step. It can’t be easy for him as he’s basically leaving his family behind and moving to another continent.

Regarding their protection, we think the Queen has to suck it up and give her grandson the protection he needs. It’s not Canada’s problem, it’s the problem of the royal family – who bears more than its share of responsibility for what has become of Harry and has more money than many countries.

Another one bites the dust. Corey Booker is out of the Democratic presidential race, leaving only white men and women on the debate podium tonight.

Let’s start this piece with the fact that the Ukrainian air crash that killed almost 200 people, many from Canada, is completely gone from the news except in Canada. Iran has admitted that it ‘accidentally’ shot down the plane. The question now being asked by many is why a commercial airline was flying at all that night? It was the one night when the missiles were flying all over the place, no doubt being directed by Iranians who clearly did not know what they were doing. Sharpshooters they are not.

The most likely scenario appears to be some hothead saw something in the sky that night, assumed it was an enemy and shot a couple of missiles at it. That something in the sky was a plane full of people.

The other thing to remember in all of this is that the plane was leaving from Teheran, probably the least stable part of the Middle East with its own airport. Who is going to compensate the families? Ukraine Airlines? Not. Iran? Not. Boeing? Not. Who’s left?

Are we the only one who thought that every time Justin Trudeau gave a press conference about this he sounded like he was narrating a porn movie? What’s up with that voice?

He wants to sound sad? Buddy – you’re the Prime Minister of Canada. You need to sound like a leader, not the weeping whisperer. He just doesn’t get it.

And one more thing. Where is his wife Sophie? Should she not have been at his side when he went to that memorial in Edmonton? Just asking.

At long last, Nancy Pelosi has agreed to start Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. To understand the zoo, here ya go:

…There are two parts to this process: The first stage, which was already done -two articles of impeachment (charges) were brought to the House of Representatives and passed in a vote along party lines.

The second part of the process heads to the Senate where a trial will be held in January.

…After the trial, Senators vote whether to convict the President.

…If less than 2/3 vote to convict, Trump remains in office.

…If 2/3 of the Senate vote to convict, Trump is removed from office and Pence becomes the president.

…As the Senate is currently controlled by the Republican Party, conviction is considered unlikely in Trump’s case.

One fly in the ointment for the Democrats is that everyone has to be in the Senate when the trial is going on. That goes for Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and anyone else running for the democratic presidential nomination who is a senator. Pelosi’s timing is good for her but no one else.

When we were growing up, we heard about certain suburbs in Montreal with signs saying No Dogs, No Jews. That was in the 1930’s and 40’s.

Turns out this edict was still in existence up until a short time ago. An apple grower by the name of Waegener, who died in 1986, had divided his land into lots and had notarized documents drawn up banning people “of Jewish race” from taking over the land. Nice, eh?

A judge overturned this law, but the city in question named both a street and park after this anti-semite. Ya think it should be renamed? Yes. Ya think the city of Saint Jean sur Richelieu will do that without a fight? Don’t hold your breath.

When we heard about sign-stealing this morning, we thought someone had stolen a stop sign. We quickly found out that sign-stealing has nothing to do with roads and is a bad thing to do. Read on dearies.

In baseball, catchers use signals to tell the pitcher what kind of ball to throw – fastball, curveball, etc. While players can use their eyes to steal those signs for an advantage, they are banned from using electronic devices.

Seems the Houston Astros went a bit further than using their eyes. They had a camera in center field to capture signs from opposing catchers. The images were then displayed on a monitor near the dugout. When a sign (type of pitch) was decoded, Astros players would relay the info to the batter in code, by doing things like banging on a trash can. Not very sophisticated but very effective.

While every Astro player knew they were breaking the rules, the league cannot suspend an entire team for a year. So, the manager and general manager accepted responsibility, but said they didn’t endorse or know about the rule violations. The Astros will lose their first- and second-round draft picks this year and next. And will have to pay a record $5 million fine.

We’ll talk…

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