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Harry and Meghan Gave The Royal Family aka The Firm, The Royal Middle Finger

That plane crash in Iran was suspect at best from the instant it happened. Iran’s civil aviation organization has said it will not hand over the black box to Boeing, which should not come as a surprise to anyone. What really happened may never, in fact, be known.

The plane blew up in the sky three minutes after takeoff. From what we have heard today, it appears that Iran shot the plane down, most likely by accident. Missiles had been flying all over the place that night. And planes don’t just drop out of the sky.

You can be very sure that Boeing is now breathing again as it was their 800 series that crashed.

The excruciating pain felt by the families of those who perished cannot be underestimated. Iran and Iraq are, at the best of times, not very safe places. In times of extreme tension, as was happening the night of the crash, anything could have happened and did.

Justin Trudeau has been noticeably absent from public life until this plane crash, which basically forced him back into the public eye. Yesterday we read a tweet that was jaw-dropping but not a shocker. We checked our sources and it turns out that the person working on the story used to belong to the Liberal party.

Wow! Highly placed source @TheSun in London is working a story on the extra marital affairs of @JustinTrudeau. I wonder which BFF/staffer/RCMP officer gave him up. He can’t hide behind his new beard for long.

These rumours have been circulating for a long time. If true, that it was kept under the rug during the election campaign is unfair to say the least. As well, if true, we don’t think there’s any way he will survive this after the black face, SNC, Mr. Dressup in India and the paid vacation from the Aga Khan, among other scandals.  His apologies will no longer cut it. Can you say Prime Minister Freeland?

And speaking of our Prime Minister, in the two press conferences we saw him do in the past two days, he looked and sounded robotic. We asked an insider what’s up and were told that since the election, he has been very contrite aka humble.

Our take is that while he may have eaten humble pie,  he’s waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Elizabeth Warren is imploding…very quickly. In her desperation for money and attention, she has resorted to giving dating advice for the readers of Elle Magazine.

She was asked by women if they should dump their boyfriend, find a new roommate, and whether they should vote for her to tax the wealthy so they would be able to pay off their student loans. Her answer to that of course was to pay off the loan and then vote for her so that she would be able handle the student loans. Tick. Tick. Tick.

If you have stock in Bombardier – which all Quebecers have because we keep dumping money in that company, you lost money.

About 300 NY city subway cars were pulled out of service because of unreliable door mechanisms. Bombardier is blaming a Chinese company that supplied the doors for the problems.

If this were the only issue with the Bombardier trains, perhaps NY would have looked the other way. However, it is far from the only issue.  There have been numerous equipment failures, and an inability to meet deadlines or produce acceptable work to correct serious defects.

When something stinks, it stinks from the top down. In Bombardier’s case, the whole thing is a stink-bomb, continuously fed smelly smoke from our tax dollars.

And speaking of stink-bombs, the Montreal Canadiens have won the award for the biggest losers in this city. Again, when something as big as the Habs stinks, it stinks from the top – the Molsons – down.

It’s pretty clear that the owners have an endless supply of money and no idea what they are doing – a lethal combination resulting in Montreal having no sports teams to cheer about.

After every game, their genius coach comes out and says they played well but… Can we talk? They suck. They don’t play well and are getting paid zillions of dollars. How about this? After every loss, every player has to fork over $10,000 to be given to the charity of his choice. Let’s see how fast they will start earning their money.

Harry and Meghan gave the Royal family the royal middle finger and are riding off into the sunset, which in this case means Canada and most likely Toronto. We have read that the Queen, who has had a nasty few months, what with her son Andrew tied into Jeffrey Epstein’s sick world, is supposedly beside herself.

For starters, Harry didn’t listen to her when she asked him not to publicise his decision yet. She wanted him to ‘speak’ to his father and brother. Here’s a headline: Harry’s father, Prince Charles, is the reason Harry’s mother, Lady Diana is dead. Their marriage was a farce, orchestrated by ‘the firm’ aka the Queen and Phil.

Harry was eleven years old when his mother died in that horrific car accident. Certainly old enough to remember her love and her pain. There is no doubt that he does not want the same life for his wife and children which would mean constantly being chased by paparazzi.

People in Britain, especially ‘the firm’, are blaming Meghan. Our suggestion is that they pick up a mirror.

Jean Charest, ex-premier of Quebec is toying with running for leadership of the Conservative party.

Can we talk here? He has so much baggage that he needs his own baggage carousel. Of late, it seems he has been giving legal advice to Huawei on the Meng Wanzhou extradition case and its campaign to participate in developing Canada’s 5G wireless network.

Charest was being investigated by UPAC. Remember them? The anti-corruption squad who was investigating him for allegations of illegal fundraising. The case was never resolved, so Charest already has a cloud over his head before actually announcing he’s running.

As well, he’s been out of the politics for about 15 years. Is he now bored with being a lawyer? Blanche, maybe give some advice to Mr. Charest and tell him to find something else to do with his time and money as our guess is he will never, ever be the leader of the Conservative party. Too many insiders don’t like him.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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