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As tomorrow night is Yom Kippur, you are receiving Blanche twice tonight. Once as a regular newsblog and later in the evening with a special election blog. Back on Thursday.


We had to reset our gmail account today. One of the questions asked was to identify our gender, clearly for advertising purposes.

The choices were: male, female, other. Other? Like a dog? Or flamingo? Or maybe we identify as a toaster. Other?

Here's a headline for woke-liberals: there is no such thing as other. It doesn't exist.

You can pretend all you want. You can try to dismiss us for not wanting to comply with your wokeness. It will not change the fact that there are two genders and two genders only: male and female. Everyone is either one or the other no matter how your delicate sensibilities are. Unbelievable.

It is beginning to look more and more like Hillary is going to take a run again at becoming the first female president of the United States. The only person who would make her back away from running is if Michelle Obama decided to run.

Why is Hillary even considering a run again? Pretty simple. If Biden pulls out, which let's bet he he will as he doesn't even know he's there now, who is going to step up to the plate to run? Even more left of left liberals like Gavin Newsom, Bernie Sanders and get this one - AOC - perish the thought.

As soon as those peeps come forward, the party establishment will run to Hillary to save them from those tidal wave lefties. Can anyone imagine Zaidy Bernie running?

One more thing to note here: Kamala Harris's name didn't even register. Mercifully. And speaking of woke, a Vermont high school shut down the girls locker room. Why? Because a boy who says he now identifies as a girl was allowed in their locker room and the girls didn't like it.

So instead of telling the clearly confused boy to go to his own locker room or maybe wait until the girls were finished, their solution was to ban the girls from the locker room.

So the boy-who-says-he's-now-a-girl is allowed full use of the locker room while the girls have been relegated to a single-stall bathroom to change one at a time. Seriously, you cannot make this up.

Although czar legault will no doubt be re-elected tonight, there are going to be quite a few things he did during covid that are going to start coming out, starting with this little ditty.

His genius government paid, with your money darlings, $35,000 a day to 'help' our incompetent, bungling health department make decisions during the pandemic.

McKinsey (said company) advisors cost the Quebec government $6.6 million. The cost of McKinsey’s services for the reopening plan was $1.7 million, while their help with the economic relaunch cost $4.9 million.

So is this why we had some of the strictest restrictions in the western world, including lockdowns and curfews, as well as some of the harshest vaccine mandates in North America? Because of that company?

Or maybe because czar legault and his minions couldn't figure out either McKinsey's data nor the medical data - which is our choice. So they just threw up their hands and kept us all home a-la China. Seriously off the charts amateur hour.

Well, at least someone has kahoonas. Air Canada blasted Justin and his government releasing a scathing statement following the government’s decision to lift remaining Covid-19 travel restrictions, claiming the “measures were not justified by science.”

Get this: “Air Canada welcomes the removal of these restrictions, acknowledging that air travel is safe and that the measures were not justified by science.” Ouch.

We will remind. you that in August our airhead Transport Minister Omar Alghabra said the delays in our airports, which caused Toronto to be rated the worst airport in the world for weeks, was caused by too many travelers.

Your tax dollars at work and don't vote for them ever again.

Parts of the west coast of Florida have been obliterated. Gone as though they never existed. Punta Gorda survived the hurricane pretty well intact. They are just north of Fort Myers.

That's because between 2004 and 2007 new, much stricter building codes were enacted there. Those homes bore the brunt of Hurricane Ian and withstood the onslaught. You can be sure that trailers did not do well, nor the boats tied to docks.

Plus living on a barrier island - like Sanibel - gives one minus protection from a hurricane. While the views are spectacular, you are literally a sitting duck when such a hurricane hits. Barrier islands are exposed to the open ocean, and the waves and storm surges generated by hurricanes. They also tend to have very low elevations, making it easy for water to wash over and submerge the island.

7,000 people lived on Sanibel Island. No one is sure if anyone will ever live there again. In fact, they would be foolish to even try.

Have an easy fast.

We'll talk...


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