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Blanche did her homework and came up with some startling information. While Justin may come out of his house and in his soft, monotone voice gently massage and assure you that you will get vaccinated soon, he’s lying through his teeth. Here are facts and numbers:

…The Moderna vaccine, which requires much less coddling than the Pfizer vaccine, has yet to be authorized by Health Canada, even though many other countries have already done so. Here’s your question: Are they so bogged down by bureaucracy that they can’t figure this out?

Why will they not even give a timeline when they will be able to authorize the vaccine?

…When we tried to see how many people have been vaccinated in Canada, it was virtually impossible to find the number. Thanks to a Blanche reader we have something to report.  Read them and weep and then realize that you are not getting a vaccination until the end of spring at the earliest and that’s a stretch. Note that emergency room frontline workers are still waiting to be vaccinated.

Number of people vaccinated in Canada by December 31, 2020: Canada: 127,500 Number of people vaccinated in Canada by December 31, 2020: United States: 20,000,000

Now ask your MP this question: Why is it that Canada is not doing rapid testing at airports on people coming in from hot zones, like the UK?

FYI that ‘new strain’ has been around since September or earlier. Why are people panicking now? The damage has been done as Brits have been flying all over the world for months.

When push comes to shove, socialists push everyone aside and take care of themselves first. Case in point is Alexandria Ocasio Cortez who has taken the vaccine against covid – before health professionals working on the frontlines. Why? Because she decided that she is an integral part of part of the ‘continuity of governance’. Got that Blanche? She is indispensable in the governing of the United States of America as a senator and therefore needed to get to the head of the line.

Can we talk? In socialist societies there is no hierarchy. Everyone is the same. Except of course if you belong to the elite class of said socialist society, which very clearly AOC thinks she is.

If anyone out there thought for a second that this beauty cares about anything or anyone but herself – and that includes the environment and ‘climate change’, you were duped. She’s a selfish beeatch.

Everytime we heard this name, we thought, nah, that can’t be her name. In fact, it is her name. We speak of Christine Fang. In fact, it seems her real name is Fang Fang. But we digress.

Fang is a very attractive Chinese woman who seems to have gotten Eric Swalwell, a sitting member of congress, to, shall we say, use another version of the word member.

It appears that Ms. Fang is a suspected Chinese intelligence operative who cleverly developed extensive ties with local and national politicians, including Congressman Swalwell in what U.S. officials believe was a political intelligence operation run by China’s main civilian spy agency. The trysts happened between 2011 and 2015.

The Chinese love to gather private but unclassified information about government officials — such as their habits, preferences, schedules, social networks, and even rumors about them. It is a form of political intelligence and Swalwell politely obliged said info via Fang.

He’s now happily married and has two children, including a daughter named Cricket. Fang. Cricket. No comment.

Dr Deborah Birx is the coordinator of the White House coronavirus response. She revealed that she is planning to retire soon. Why you ask? She has a good paying job. 

She can’t take the heat of ‘overwhelming’ criticism for ignoring her own public advice and traveling out of state to visit family over Thanksgiving weekend. It gets better.

She did this as she and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were urging Americans to suck it up and forgo holiday travel. Another enlightened politician or, as she was widely branded – a hypocrite – was accompanied by her husband, one of her daughters, a son-in-law and two grandchildren. We hope she continues to be widely and unceasingly criticized as she deserves.

In case you are still excited to travel, perhaps this story may cool your heels a bit. A passenger who collapsed aboard a Los Angeles-bound flight died from acute respiratory failure and COVID-19. Here’s the kicker:

Before boarding he declared he was not sick. After this disgusting behavior,  four crew members had to quarantine for two weeks. Never mind all the other people on the plane.

Happy trails to you…

We’ll talk…

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