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Not that we have a crystal ball, but we are making a prediction. It came to light today that the Elections Canada has ordered 240,000 transparent masks (we have yet to see such a mask), 19 million single-use pencils and communities have been asked what schools or large places are suitable for elections. Here’s the prediction: If the vaccine rollout goes well and the WE scandal goes away permanently (see below)  you can be very certain that Justin is going to call an election by the middle of April or the beginning of May. Under the Elections Act, the minimum length of a campaign is 36 days and the maximum length is 50 days.

Looking at a calendar, this gives Erin O’Toole about 2 months to make his presence known to Canadians. If he can’t manage to get out there and become a household name then we will most likely have a Liberal majority government, albeit a small majority. People will remember the Cerb and other monies Justin gave them and be happy that they got vaccinated. They will forget all the scandals and just want to get on with their lives.

Of course all bets are off the table if the vaccines stop coming in. Then we think Justin will wait until August.

Remember the WE scandal with those two Kielburger bros Craig and Marc, Justin, Sophie, Margaret and Justin’s brother who all shilled for the WE charity? Well, it appears that much as Justin tried to have it buried in the pandemic, it may yet be resurrected.

An obviously wealthy man by the name of Reed Cowan, will testify that he spent years raising funds for WE Charity’s schools in honour of his four-year-old son who died in an accident in 2006. He will testify how he was misled and appalled by the “duplicity” of WE.

The charity promised that schools would be built and named for his son, but WE — “re-plaqued” it. It was repurposed for a fresh donor. He is asking that all the money raised in the name of his deceased son be returned to him.

Justin wants to bury the fact that he was going to give this phony charity $45 million to administer a $912 million student volunteer grant program when government agencies could have done the job for way less money and the Kielburger bros spoke zero French and could not have ever dealt with Quebec.

Let’s hope two things happen here: The first is that the media covers Cowan’s testimony and doesn’t protect Justin as they are wont to do and b) O’Toole does something with this.

Regarding the vaccine rollout, we wonder what exactly happened in Ontario that the website to register for the vaccines was never set up and will only be ready in a few weeks. Did their illustrious premier Ford not know that the vaccines were coming, oh, say a year ago? Ford’s incompetence won’t stop an election.

Anyone watch Trump at the CPAC convention on Sunday? We started to watch him speak but quickly remembered how he drones on and on, which ended our watching.

None of the nutballs, aka QAnon and their ilk were present. We read they were outside and not allowed to come into the convention hall where the cameras could film them and we would get to see more rednecks than anyone needs to ever see.

Back to Trump. He made it very clear that he’s not starting his own party, saying, “Wouldn’t that be brilliant? Let’s start a new party so we can divide our vote and never win.” We don’t want to bust his bubble, but the Republican party is already divided along very clear lines – those who support him and those who don’t. They don’t need a third party to divide that vote.

Then he named all the Republican senators who voted for impeaching him, making sure that everyone remembers he’s a bad loser. Although he is still banned from social media, it is very clear that he still has considerable influence over the party.

The main takeaway from the CPAC convention is that the Trump brand is alive and well. The news media has nothing to worry about if they think he won’t give them what to write about. We think he will start going around the country doing his most favorite thing in the world – talking at rallies – very soon.

The politically correct/woke peeps aka the you-hurt-my-delicate-sensiblities crowd is alive and kicking. Thank you President Biden for making sure this movement keeps getting lots of attention. Last week Mr. Potato Head lost his Mr. and became whatever you want him to be. The woke crowd want 3 year-olds to determine Mr. Potato Head’s gender. This week it’s Dr. Seuss.

Here’s a headline for the woke crowd: You cannot erase history, try as you might to revise it. Revisionist history serves only one purpose and that is to allow those revising said history to f.e.e.l good.

Dr. Seuss was known for the positive values in many of his works, including environmentalism and tolerance. When the books were written, we were in a different time. It is impossible to erase every mention that hurts delicate sensibilities in books, pictures or name of a bridge, or name of airport, statue, highway, street, library etc that is perceived to be socially or racially unjust.

However… if they have a president who encourages this behavior, then watch out ladies and gentlemen – there is nothing that is off limits.

What will do this crowd in, and perhaps stop this frenzy are those who decide to change their gender without really doing so. We refer here to men who decide that they are women with no physical changes whatsoever. They simply announce they now identify as women and poof! they are a woman.

As we have written before, they begin using little girls and women’s washrooms and start playing on women’s sports teams. Their identification is,  for the most part, untrue, beyond the pale, dangerous and should not be tolerated for one second.

Yet another woman, the third, has come forward accusing NY Governor Andrew Cuomo of offensive behavior. Fear not though, Hillary Clinton has weighed in and said – ready for this one – that the women’s allegations be thoroughly investigated. And to think she used to really like him. Where are your friends when you need them?

This is brought to you by the woman who eviscerated the multiple women who confronted her and her husband Bill of not just offensive behavior, but sexual harassment and rape. She called his accusers “trailer trash.”

Andrew Cuomo is a creep and a liar with an ego the size of the Empire State Building. He needs to go. We just wonder how many women have to come forward before the left believes that Cuomo is not their savior. Five? Eight? Ten?

We’ll talk…

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