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Hillary Clinton’s Non-Campaign Campaign

Sorry to say that while the media may give Charles Taylor and Gerard Bouchard a pass on their Bouchard Taylor Commission, we beg to differ.

Taylor said that when he held this commission nine years ago he was naive. Seriously? He was 76 years old. Spare us. You dropped the ball and gave a crater size opening for what we are now faced with in Quebec, specifically Bill 21. Lest you think Bill 21 would have happened anyway due to the Charter of Values you are correct. But again, the precursor too that was the Bouchard Taylor Commission.

Blanche do you know the conclusion of the Bouchard Taylor report? No? Here ya go:

The 2008 Bouchard-Taylor report suggested that most public servants should be able to wear religious symbols, such as kippas or hijabs, except for police, prosecutors, judges and others who exercise the coercive authority of the state. Sound familiar?

This week, both Taylor and Bouchard gave presentations to the person who calls himself our immigration minister as well as others supposedly listening to people against Bill 21. Our guess is they are listening with earplugs. Taylor said the results of his commission were erroneous.

Here’s a headline Mr. Taylor: You had your chance and blew it over ten years ago. Not only that, you gave French Canadians the opening they needed to get Bill 21 on the books. Suck it up with the rest of us. No. Here’s a better one: Hang your heads in shame. Naive? Not.

Justin Trudeau was hoisted by two women yesterday. Hoisted, feathered, tarred, hung out to dry and toasted. To say that we are happy would be a gross understatement. We are elated. At long last, after the SNC Lavalin Scandal, the India trip, the fact that the Chinese hate us, as does Trump and Saudi Arabia, the $10 million gift to Omar Kadir, the vacation at the expense of the Aga Khan – shall we continue? Trudeau was completely undressed in front of the entire country yesterday.

The Crown dropped charges against Vice-Admiral Mark Norman who was charged with leaking government documents, as there was no chance of conviction. Not only was he exonerated, he is going to spill the beans in the next few days.

Norman had an all female defence team, headed by Marie Henien. If her name sounds familiar it is because she represented Jian Ghomeshi in his extremely high-profile trial and won.

If Trudeau disliked women who crossed him before this – as in Jody Wilson Raybould and Jane Philpott, he has to be apoplectic now. In fact, from the look of the picture in the paper, he looks like someone beat him up. Before one scandal is over, he’s already mired in a another one.

If we were a liberal, we would be looking for another leader, very quickly. He’s weak, not smart, zero political sense and surrounded by idiots. After Norman tells his story and sues the government, our bet is that his book will be released, oh, let’s say the first week in October, about 3 weeks before the election. That, Blanche, would be a masterful move.

While the world was waiting to hear the name of Prince Harry and Meghan’s baby and everyone was surprised to hear what his name was, can you imagine the Queen and Phil’s expression when their grandson Prince Harry told them that his baby’s name is Archie? Not Prince Archie. Just plain old Archie.

We are guessing that they veered as far from protocol as they possibly could, which Harry has already done by marrying a divorcee whose mother is black. We will remind you that his great-uncle Prince Edward abdicated the throne after less than a year of being king to be with the love of his life, divorcee Wallis Simpson, who herself was quite the piece of work.

Seems Hillary Clinton is running a non-campaign campaign. What the heck is she doing in New Hampshire, the first 2020 primary state? We are venturing a guess that she is lying in wait, watching the over 20 presidential candidates destroy each other. Once they are done and if Biden falls flat, she will come riding in on her white horse. Blanche, we can’t wait.

If she does enter the race, we will have material for almost two years. Plus she looks bad. Seems she forgets to put on lipstick. If you’re 20 and forget that’s fine. When you’re over 70 and forget to put on your lipstick it’s not a pretty picture. Ooh, Blanche, that’s really nasty.

Justin is in serious dog doodoo with China, who is really ticked off with him for holding Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou, daughter of the owner at the behest of the United States.

It seems that the Supreme Court of British Columbia approved Wanzhou’s petition to modify her bail terms, which included a request to move from her $5 million, six-bedroom residence near a park, to an estate more than triple the size that one, costing a cool $13 million. Suffering she’s not.

Again, because Trudeau is so dull and slow, he could not think fast enough to tell his people at the airport to be creative in not detaining this women when she was in transit en route to China. He is now saddled with her and, as everything else he touches, has not a clue what to do.

Perhaps he should call upon his genius justice minister Anthony Housefather to comment on this. Ya never know what he’s going to say, like maybe if Wanzhou spoke French she would be let go. Hehehehehehehe.

While the Democrat party cannot decide what to do about immigration in the US and sanctuary cities don’t want to take all those people in, even though they say they are sanctuary cities, the borders are jammed with illegals climbing fences, crossing rivers or just plain walking into the United States.

April broke a record month for illegal immigration with 10,000 apprehensions in the Rio Grande Valley, a new weekly record. As well, almost 168,000 illegal immigrants — mostly members of family groups were released into United States border communities to await asylum hearings.

Again, you might not like Trump, but his wall idea will work and while everyone else ‘talks amongst themselves’ people are flocking into small US border towns who have no infrastructure to deal with the needs of these people.

Kudos, and big ones, to Andrew Scheer for being a straight-shooter. In a speech given this week, he unequivocally said he when he becomes Prime Minister he will move the Canadian embassy to Jerusalem where it belongs.

After that speech, Scheer was scrummed by reporters and looked, acted and most of all, spoke like a leader. Not like the marshmallow we now have.

It’s time people stopped saying Scheer is not in the news enough. His job is to get rid of the useless government we now have and start to run the country again and he is slowly but surely doing that.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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