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Hillary Just Can’t Take a Powder Gracefully.

Girls and boys, can we get serious here for a moment? Canadians are making a big deal about the doughnuts our illustrious Prime Minister bought while in Winterpeg. Who cares?

If he paid $47 for a dozen doughnuts out of his own money, we hope no one is surprised. If he charged us for the doughnuts, we hope no one is surprised. He went to a boutique bakery and for that privilege, you will pay. Don’t take it out on the owners of the bakery. Every city has great bakeries who charge a lot of money for quality food with quality ingredients. Next.

In a stunning exit, the seemingly front runner, Pierre Poilievre will not run for Conservative leadership. We will eventually find out why, but if we’re guessing, which we are, it is that someone has something on him that he doesn’t want us plebs to know about.

We will leave it to your imagination to figure out what that something is and it’s not robbing a bank or stealing a lipstick. Get it Blanche?

President Trump will will be the first President to attend the March for Life. Stunning would be the operative word here.

That Trump has the onions to do this is nothing short of miraculous. The pro-life march gets about 500,000 marchers, most of them women. Obama, the supposed icon of feminism never, in eight years, went to this march.

Republican politicians are slowly beginning to realize that the pro-life position is not one to shrink away from or be ashamed of. What a breath of fresh air.

Pro-lifers are not angry women. They are not shrieking aka AOC and her ilk. They march quietly but with a purpose. Kudos to Donald Trump for stepping up to the plate.

Oh yes, one more thing. If you think that he’s doing this to get the women’s vote, you are correct. He is. And good for him.

In Miami there is a white policeman who decided that he now identifies as a black policeman, even though his skin is as white as snow-white’s skin. Guess what? He was fired.

When told he was white his response was that race isn’t about appearances. This guy needs help and fast.

Well, that was fast. Harry’s been in Canada for two days and he’s already going after the paparazzi by issuing a cease and desist letter to British media outlets threatening legal action if they don’t stay away from his wife and son. Like we said in the last blog, if Harry thinks his life will be easier in Canada, he might be living in Lala land. Yes, the excitement will taper off, but not the thirst of the paparazzi. He’s trying so hard to live a normal life. The problem is, he’s not a normal guy.

It’s his lot in life that his grandmother is the Queen. Luck of the draw dude and there’s nothing you can do to change that except learn to live with it.

Now for the impeachment trial. First a correction thanks to our diligent readers: Trump was already impeached in the House/Congress , but the trial , which is for removal, occurs in the Senate. That won’t happen because the Republicans control the Senate.

Given this, what is happening now is more mind-numbingly boring than we thought. Senators, who have to listen to 24 hours of talking by the Democrats and another 24 hours by the Republicans are slowly losing their minds.

Those with ADHD simply cannot sit in their seats for that long and are pacing the halls. Others have brought books, others games and still others toys like fidget spinners. What a colossal waste of time.

Hillary Clinton is simply unable to keep her mouth shut. Could be because she knows how irrelevant she has become and can’t stand it.

Last week she went after Bernie. This week Tulsi Gabbard who was running for the presidential nomination is suing Clinton for calling her a ‘Russian Asset’.

Clinton accused Gabbard of being “the favorite of the Russians” for the 2020 race. Although Clinton did not directly name Gabbard at the time, when her team was later asked about it, her spokesman said, ““If the nesting doll fits.”

Now Blanche,why do you think Clinton went after Gabbard so viciously? Simple. Gabbard never endorsed Clinton, did not campaign for her, and to top it off, gave the nomination speech for Senator Sanders at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. That’ll do it.

One thing is certain. Hillary will now have something to do.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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