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Not that we want to be cynical, but we’re cynical. Biden is making his third overseas trip since taking office to ‘bolster’ the Western alliance against Russia. Can we talk? Bolster? Nice idea but what good is that against missiles? If, at this point in history, the western alliance still can’t get their act together against Russia and Putin, good luck to them and all of us.

Here’s a headline: So far unity has done babkes – nothing – to help the people in the Ukraine. They are being bombed day and night, particularly in places that are housing women and children. If the alliance can’t figure out a way to stop this, then Poland, who is plenty nervous, could be next in Putin’s view of the world.

If no one can figure out how to stop him, he’s going to keep going.

Clearly Justin has no skin in the game when it comes to covid restrictions. It was announced yesterday that there is no end in sight for federal covid restrictions. We are not even getting a plan. Nothing. Thelma, don’t you wonder what scientific information Justin and his geniuses have that everyone else – in the world no less – doesn’t? Maybe a crystal ball? Maybe they are having a seance with Houdini?

How about asking them this question: It is because of our dismal medical system – not enough beds, doctors, nurses and aides – that we are in this mess. Maybe it’s time to focus on that. You know, throw the little peeps a bone. Like giving some serious transfer payments to upgrade the medical systems in the provinces – marked only for that and not to go into the pockets of provincial politicians. Just an idea.

Remember we told you about Miami Beach and spring break? Well, things went from bad to worse. In fact so bad that Florida is now under a state of emergency and has a curfew. Seriously? Who brought these kids up? This is what their parents taught them? That one can wantonly destroy someone else’s property because they feel like it? And many of these young people have guns and are shooting them randomly.

Our guess is that many of these ‘students’ are in fact not students at all and are taking advantage and hiding among the tens of thousands of students. Don’t get us wrong. These kids need to spend some time away from themselves for five minutes. Read: There are consequences for acting like idiots.

It’s official. Jagmeet Singh has the same disease as Justin: He does what’s good for him.

In return for what is called the confidence and supply deal, Jagmeet is allowing the liberals stay in power – that means Justin stays in power – until 2025. What’s this deal?

The Liberals have agreed to a new dental care program for families who make less than $90,000 per year, starting with children later this year. The Liberals will also make steps on pharmacare and take steps to phase out fossil fuel subsidies.

Aside from making sure Jagmeet gets his pension forever and ever amen, there’s not much going to happen for the little peeps. While specific dates for dental care and medication help are seemingly in the deal, who knows what will happen.

Thelma, can you imagine that if this actually happens, we will have Justin in power for 10 years. You best start praying the Conservative party can get their act together and quick.

There was a horrible, senseless terrorist attack in Israel yesterday. An Arab who had already spent four years in jail for trying to join isis, brutally murdered four Israelis. He was ‘neutralized’ at the scene. Hamas said it ‘salutes the executor of the heroic operation in occupied Beersheba.

And therein lies the difference between Jews and the rest of the world. Jews do not celebrate when one of their own does something heinous. We have been writing this quote from Golda Meir for years: When they will love their children more than they hate us there will be peace. Nothing more to say.

Three cheers for Governor DeSantis of Florida. Hip hip hurray. Hip hip hurray. Hip hip hurray. He is going to sign an official proclamation declaring Emma Weyant the winner of last week’s 500-yard freestyle event in the Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships after Weyant finished second place behind transgender athlete Lia Thomas, the he who decided to become a she and is built like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

DeSantis said…we need to stop allowing organizations like the NCAA to perpetuate frauds on the public and that’s exactly what they’re doing.

DeSantis just gets it and is not afraid to take on those who want to pretend that because someone built like Schwarzenegger says he now a woman is not a load of crap. It is a hot load.

Boohoohoo. Jen Psaki can’t go with Biden to Europe because she tested positive for covid. Here’s a headline for Ms. Psaki:

You can wear a mask – with all the other liberal-save-the-whale-turtles democrats until the cows come home and then some. You can hide in your apartment and never come out except to take out the trash. You can hold your breathe in an elevator if someone else comes in. You can smash your face into a wall when you pass someone the hallway of your apartment building.

You will find out – sooner or later – that the masks were of very little help in avoiding covid and – get this – you’re going to get it anyway.  Then you will have immunity. So get a grip.

We’ll talk…

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