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What?? There’s corruption in Quebec?  It can’t be. Get a grip  Blanche, corruption is part of the dna of pure-laine quebecers. It appears that not tens, not hundreds but thousands of people have managed to obtain fake vaccine passports. Now how did that happen?

A no-brainer. People giving injections were bribed, the same way every other industry in quebec works. One dude made over $60,000 for pretending to vaccinate people, most likely injecting his apple or orange, then making sure his bribers made it on to the vaccinated list of people.

Do you think is the first time the emperor is hearing about this? No. He has known about it for a long time and prayed it would not get out. Alas, the cat’s outta the bag.

Blanche, ya think it’s time to nix showing the vaccine passport to get into costco or walmart or a gym or a movie or a restaurant? Yes – because thousands of people’s passports are as useless as a snowstorm in July.  The anti-corruption squad is involved in finding the perpetrators. Bon chance.

Six months after notifying Avi Singer,  the owner of Ben & Jerry’s Israel, of the termination of the company’s contract with him due to his refusal to boycott Judea and Samaria, Unilever (who owns Ben and Jerry’s) shares are in an unprecedented dive.

Yes dearies. Within six months, the company’s stock plunged 20.7%, translated into a 26-billion-dollar loss. For comparison, the stock of major competitor Nestle has risen 5% in the last six months.

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with Jewish communities abroad, are currently waging a wide-ranging boycott against Unilever Global. They can proudly claim credit for this achievement. How sweet it is.

While we don’t like that Boris Johnson thinks the rules don’t apply to him, we do admire his nerve. He said he won’t quit even if his enemies in the Tory party force a vote of confidence in his leadership. Everyone in Britain needs to take five minutes to cool off. Have a hot cuppa tea made like the Queen likes it – heat the cup, steep the tea, pour it and add some warm milk. Yum. But we digress.

The prime minister is determined to fight back, boosted by an apparent split among the Tory plotters on when to launch their coup and on who should succeed him.

In the aftermath of the Jan. 15 hostage-taking at a Texas synagogue, police forces in many Canadian cities stepped up their patrols around Jewish buildings and other potential targets of copycat hate crime attacks.

Can we talk? Yes, it’s very nice that there is extra police around Jewish buildings, especially Jewish schools. But unless people are prepared and know what to do – other than freeze or shriek – if G-d forbid something happens, what good is a police car driving by every two hours?

This is an old story, another one that should have been taken care of long ago. There should be a few men and women in every synagogue who are trained and know what to do if and when someone with ‘mental health’ or any other issue gets in.

And everyone in every synagogue should know exactly who those people are and everyone must be taught to remain calm and listen to the instructions of those people. Why is this so difficult to understand and more importantly, to implement?

Personally we are getting tired of knee-jerk reactions that amount to nothing. It’s time for someone in each synagogue, school and any other Jewish institution to take the reigns and actually do something.

Did anyone read about Quebec’s newest proclamation: Get ready for a lower level of care in hospitals. That’s quite the statement, said with a straight face.  And his base is going to lie down and die and accept this?  Is there no drop-dead line for them?

Here’s a headline peeps: This has been festering for a very long time and covid brought it to the surface. They are telling people not to come to the hospital for eye infections, skin irritations and other oddball issues. Why are they saying this? Because people do not have family doctors and are using the emergency as their doctor.

It’s not good to be murdered. Aside from the fact that one is dead, every family and other secret is out there for everyone to read. Such is the case with Barry and Honey Sherman who were murdered four years ago with no one even remotely close to being charged. 

It appears that their personal lives were not quite idyllic. For starters they slept in separate rooms for years. However, it was determined that he didn’t kill her or visa versa but stuff came out anyway. But that’s not what is most revealing.

Here’s the latest in this unsolved murder: It appears that Mr. Sherman owed $1 billion to other companies and had no intention of paying. That’s a motive, n’est-ce pas?

Emperor Legault held a presser today and said absolutely nothing. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Except to say how good a job his government is doing at handling the crisis. Plus that we are doing better than anywhere else in terms of deaths etc which is complete bs on rye.

Chew on this tweet: He said changes are needed in Quebec’s health system to make it more decentralized. Seven years after Gaétan Barrette reformed the system to make it more centralized. You can’t make this stuff up.

He keeps saying we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, using the stale, boring lie that he’s holding everyone hostage here to ‘keep us safe’. That line is now two years old and guess what? He’s not keeping us safe. He’s keeping his approval numbers safe.

So restaurants, movie theaters, bars, gyms etc stay closed. Emperor legault  is quickly ascending to a despot who thinks he can do no wrong – a la Vladimir Putin. Welcome to the motherland of Quebec. As we said in previous blogs – time for quiet, civil disobedience.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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