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I Get High With a Little Help From My Friends

We cannot figure out how most of the world is forming a negative opinion about what is going on in Israel despite the facts backed up by pictures. The bigger issue on the table that the rest of the world seems not to get is this: Israel, one of the smallest countries in the world, is on the front line defending the ideology of democracy, where we are free to live however we choose. The alternative is ugly to say the least. Just look at Syria, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Paris – shall we go on?

There is no doubt that the killing of over 1000 mostly women and children is terrible. There is also no doubt that the deaths of almost 60 young men of the IDF is beyond a tragedy.

The difference is our governments feel the pain of the families of our soldiers. If anyone thinks for half a second that hamas cares one hairbreadth about the deaths of their people, it is time to take the needle out of your arm. hamas leaders are not even living with their people. They are safely ensconced in Qatar. Those that are on the ground are putting the most vulnerable people directly in the line of fire.

Tomorrow there will be another 72 hour ceasefire. We hope and pray that although the rockets may stop, Israel will not cease in its effort to ferret out every tunnel in gaza.

Blanche is trying to save the world, the trees and the whales. Like good citizens we recycle all of our glassware. Zut alors! What do we find out today? Since the main recycling plant closed in April 2013, only 34 per cent of Quebec’s recuperated glass has been recycled.

Yes Blanche, your glass jars and bottles are being used for roads etc. But wait. You’ll feel better when you read this: A spokesperson said that the province is working to ensure that glass recycling picks up across the province. Your tax dollars at work yet again. Incompetent and unaccountable bureaucrats produce mismanaged cities.

On the front page of today’s Gazette there was a picture of a policewoman speaking to a cyclist, trying to make the latter understand that bicycles and cars must share the road.

Last week we were driving on a residential street. We made a full stop at our stop sign and looked left and right along the bike lane. No one in sight. We started to go and poof! out of nowhere a cyclist zooms right in front of our car, shooting us a look like this: you’re polluting the planet and I’m saving it and I hate you.

Can we talk? Can someone please inform those on bikes that if the driver of a car, truck, tractor, dump truck or bus does not make eye contact with them, then the chances are we did not see them. Can someone also please tell those who are saving the world that cars, trucks and buses are much bigger than bicycles? Oh, and one more thing. Can someone inform them that if they don’t wear a helmet and get hit by anything bigger than another bike they are going to get very seriously hurt?

Here’s a flash: Cyclists are not saving the world. They are cycling to their destination and getting exercise. They may take up less room on the streets, but many of them do not obey the rules of the road and wreak havoc for other drivers. Rant over.

In case you forgot about the Malaysian airlines flight 17 that was shot out of the sky, we will keep you in the loop.

Two weeks after 298 people died, investigators have finally been able to get to the sight because of a temporary lull in the fighting in the Ukraine. One cannot even fathom what they are seeing, nor do we really want images. The stench must be unbearable and the sight grotesque. Whoever those investigators are, there is no doubt they will need some counseling when they are done.

In case you thought the wackos of the world all live in Colorado and take pot, you’re wrong. A few weeks ago someone climbed the Brooklyn bridge, took down the American flag and replaced it with a white flag. Guess who did it? The POT party – People against tyranny. Go know. What ever happened to occupy wall street? Oh right. They moved to Colorado where pot is legal and came back to New York, slightly high, to climb the Brooklyn bridge. Special, eh?

Pray for the soldiers defending Israel and the rest of the democracies in the world.

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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