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If Trump is Going to be a Smart-Alack He Has to be Smart Otherwise He’s Just an Aleck.

Can we talk about the weather? It’s a Canadian thing to do eh, but we just can’t resist. When was the last time you heard the weather in the morning and punkt, you went out and two hours later it was opposite? Let’s talk about Friday night. No rain the forecast, 1000 people sitting outside having Shabbos in the park and whadda ya know, it starts to rain.

So these weather geniuses are now predicting the entire summer. It’s going to be hot. Really? Go on. Here’s what they say: Probably not record breaking heat, but there’s a good chance we’ll see above average temperatures.

Here’s a headline: You don’t have to be a weather dude to predict this. You just have to know that June and July are summer when it’s hot and January and February are winter when it will be cold. Doink. Last week a hacker breached the Democratic National Committee’s servers. Today, said hacker known as Guccifer, let loose on Hillary and it ain’t pretty.

Everyone knows the cost of her speaking engagements is $225,000. What you didn’t know was that she required a “chartered roundtrip private jet” that needed to be a Gulfstream 450 or a larger aircraft. It’s a big private jet, costing about $40 million. Clinton’s contract also stipulated that speech hosts had to pay for separate first class or business airfare for three of her aides.

As for lodging, Clinton required “a presidential suite” and up to “three (3) adjoining or contiguous rooms for her travel aides” and up to two extra rooms for advance staff. The host was also responsible for the Clinton travel party’s ground transportation, meals, and “phone charges/cell phones.”

Additionally, the host also had to pay “a flat fee of $1000” for a stenographer to create “an immediate transcript of Secretary Clinton’s remarks.” The contract adds, however, “We will be unable to share a copy of the transcript following the event.” Bada boom bada boom.

This ladies and gentlemen is the opening salvo of what will most likely be the dirtiest, down-in-the-mud presidential campaign known to man. And it’s only getting warmed up.

This Thursday is the Brexit vote: Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?

People are not only nervous, they are confused. Especially those living in Great Britain. Here are three reasons for being both nervous and confused.

Economy: The economic impact of EU integration is one of the “leave” campaign’s big talking points, but it’s actually the “remain” camp’s strongest argument. The weight of opinion from economists and analysts is that leaving the EU would harm the British economy. They disagree on the degree of the potential damage from a Brexit, but the direction is clear. Confusing.

Immigration: Immigration has vied with the economy as the most important issue to referendum voters. Those who feel most strongly about migration lean toward “leave.” The official pro-Brexit campaign dubs the EU’s immigration rules “immoral, expensive, and out of control. The feeling among locals who compete with new arrivals that they are taking jobs, pushing down wages, and consuming public services at the expense of established communities. If the immigrants come from other EU countries, there’s little the UK can do about it. Not so confusing.

Identity: Remainers generally believe in community, and tend to define it as broadly as Europe, or even more globally than that. They fear Britain outside of the EU will become a closed fortress.

Leavers fear that Britain inside the EU lacks sovereignty and control of its own destiny. They value their autonomy—for example, the ability to earn a living from a job they choose, in a country where they feel safe, surrounded by those whose ways of life they most identify with.

Right now it’s a virtual tie.

Another group of separatists is watching this vote closely. The Quebec separatist party. If Great Britain votes to leave they will feel empowered. The big difference here is that the PQ is loathe to talk about leaving as here in Quebec no one really wants to leave. Whenever they bring it up their poll numbers take a nosedive. We have already suggested to have this referendum once and for all with the following question: Should Quebec remain a part of Canada or leave Canada? Same text in English and French. That would be a fair, open and honest question and the answer would put this quest to rest forever.

Blanche thinks that Trump will quit and not be the nominee. The fun’s over for him, he got what he wanted – the nomination – and the rest is just a pain you-know-where. Wouldn’t you know it, someone else thinks the same thing and gave a few scenarios on how he will quit. So here we go:

1. He’ll quit before the convention saying that the private sector is really where he’s most comfortable.

2. He’ll quit at the convention. Everything Donald Trump does is about A) creating an appearance of having won and B) getting as much positive attention as humanly possible. To succeed in this scenario, Trump needs something huge to take everybody’s mind off the fact that he’s backing out of the presidency. Trump needs to announce Trump TV which he will do at the convention.

3. He’ll quit after the convention when the real mud-slinging starts. He’ll blame it on Melania or his son Barron.

We’ll talk…

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