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We believe that Israel should totally ignore that international court in South Africa. By defending themselves they are giving the court credibility and it has no credibility whatsoever. They should walk away as though this court does not exist. As though those in that court are invisible.

That Israel is being accused of genocide by the international court of justice? Who are those mental morons? We'll tell you: Jew-haters who see an opportunity to go after Israel when they are on their knees. Disgusting.

Why should Israel ignore this court?

Well, one reason is they will not be allowed in their defense to show the go-pro hamas video of the atrocities committed.

That is not a court. That is a group of anti-Semites, no less in south africa where they clearly forgot what it's like to be persecuted because of their color, who are having their five minutes of fame.

Remember last week when Manhattan bridges and the Holland tunnel were blocked for hours?

It turns out many of the Israel protestors were Jews from rich homes who went to expensive colleges and universities.

Ilana Cruger-Zaken, a 36 year old Jew was arrested.

Daniel Kim (clearly not Jewish) was arrested. He graduated from the University of Penn Wharton School.

Eli Coplan, whose parents own $5 million in property in California and Colorado, was arrested.

Naye Idriss, a 25-year-old Columbia graduate and NYU graduate student, who previously admitted writing “f**k” over the word Israel and “free Palestine” on a discarded Israeli mailbag when she was working in NYU’s Bobst Library mailroom - arrested.

The most 'valuable' notable arrestee was Sunita Viswanath (also clearly not Jewish - hehehhehe). This beauty is a former advisor of Mayor Eric Adams and - get this - a white house official under the Obama administration.

The 'protestors' were largely made up of the upper echelons of American society. These rich, spoiled brats blocked traffic for working-class New Yorkers.

All of them, everyone of them, are lucky their parents were born before them. They are all entitled, spoiled brats who deserve a one-way ticket to gaza. FYI - the picture for this piece is madame Idriss.

That idiots in Toronto are allowed to 'protest' against Jews on an overpass, a few meters from many Jewish schools and synagogues, and the police not only don't stop them, but give them coffee is yet another piece of evidence that the world is one big lie - a sheker world.

That security guards in Canada are not allowed to be armed is insanity. What exactly is the point of an unarmed security guard if when someone walks in with a gun the security guard a) will be the first to be shot because he has no gun and b) ergo he is protecting no one.

In case you didn't know, in synagogues in Florida and New York and many other places in the US, regular congregants are coming in 'packing'. That means there are multiple people with guns and both the good guys and the bad guys know it.

So if some yahoo decides - punkt - this week I'm going to find those 70 virgins, before he can even think the thought he would be dead.

We cannot figure out why, at the very least, off-duty police cannot take security jobs with their guns. What is the government afraid of? That they will actually 'eliminate' or 'neutralize' a shooter? Instead of allowing him to come in to any place and not only shoot people, but take his time doing it.

Remember Anthony Fauci, the face of covid for almost 2 years? Turns out he sold everybody a crock of cow manure.

He told lawmakers this week in a closed door meeting with the House Select Committee on Coronavirus Pandemic that the social distancing recommendations forced on Americans "sort of just appeared" and were likely not based on scientific data.

Oh really? So Di Blasio kept the schools in New York closed for almost 2 years based on your fantasy?

He also testified that the lab leak hypothesis — which was often suppressed — was not a conspiracy theory. It was the truth and was not allowed to get out to protect China. In fact, he played semantics with the definition of a "lab leak" while acknowledging that a lab leak was possible.

Given all of the above, one has to wonder aloud how much good the vaccines were. Perhaps the first one or two, but five, six, seven? People were duped and still are being duped.

Not that anyone really cares, but Prince Harry is being named a ‘Living Legend of Aviation'. If you are slightly non-believing of this rather large title, you would probably be correct.

Harry was a living legend - he was the spare to the heir until his brother William had his own children. Ever since he lost that title, his behavior has been bizarrely erratic at best.

Seems those in the know in the aviation industry are less than impressed with Harry's new title. Why? Pretty simple. He's not an aviation legend. He flew as a gunner on a apache helicopter while in Afghanistan. End of story.

Harry got the title because he's the grandson of Queen Elizabeth. Not even because he's the son of the king.

After writing all of the above about the insanity taking place in the world, we suddenly had a eureka moment. A revelation. Many reading Blanche will not like it, but frankly nothing else is working and no one is in control.

Donald Trump needs to be the president again.

Yes, he's nuts. Yes, he's erratic. Yes, he's very, very impulsive. But clearly Biden is incapable of being president. He can't even find his way off the stage with his wife guiding him.

Everybody is afraid of Trump and that's exactly what the world needs right now. Someone who they are afraid of.

Blocking all Manhattan bridges? He would have called out the dogs and sprayed everyone with a hose filled with pepper spray. Go do something to him. He's the president.

We can guarantee those 'protesters' aka entitled adult/children would think ten times before trying to block another bridge anywhere in the US.

Those illegals entering the country? The buses would be going in the opposite direction of New York. They would be going to Mexico and dropping off their cargo right over the border.

That international court in south africa? Trump would have ignored them and just walked away while chewing gum.

We're done. Cooked. The world needs a leader who is not afraid of anyone or anything. And right now that person is Donald Trump, like him or not.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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dear joan, i agree with you 100%,

trump would never put up with this crap, he is a hands on person who commands the stage,

i truly believe that if he was president, the situation in israel would have been resolved on day 2,

he would never tolerate the evil behaviour of hamas, never!

too bad we canadians cannot vote,

but at least we can vote trudeau out,

good shabbos



Solely on the topic of Trump, be careful what you wish for. Everybody is afraid of Trump and that's exactly what the world needs right now. Someone who they are afraid of.

-- Like Putin, who Trump publicly fawns over? Who Trump agreed with when saying that Russia did not meddle in the 2016 election? Who Trump stood next to in Helsinki and figurative fellated for the world to see?

-- Remember when Trump tried to extort Zelensky for Hunter Biden dirt?

-- Remember when Trump said that he would let Russia have Ukraine?

-- Don't forget the perfect love letters between Trump and Kim.

Blocking all Manhattan bridges? He would have called out the dogs and sprayed everyone with a…

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