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It Could Be Worse Blanche. It Could be the Dead of Winter.

As bad as things are looking, let’s look at some of the what if’s… …What if it was the dead of winter? We would be stuck in our houses not even able to go for a walk. …What if this happened before we changed the clocks? It would be dark from 4:00 pm. …What if we didn’t have the internet to keep us occupied? …What if we didn’t have Amazon still delivering books and other things to keep us busy?

Be positive. And if you can’t be positive, then…suck it up and be positive.

Ron DiSantis is Florida’s Governor, but if people have any memory left after being home for most likely a few weeks, he will probably not be the next Governor.

While Trump and every other thinking and responsible person involved in this pandemic is holding daily press conferences trying to keep a very anxious public aware of what is happening, in Florida DiSantis never closed the beaches. He knew it was spring break. He knew very well what was coming. Every year at this time, students descend on the beaches as though they were being let of out zoo, not university.

This year was no different. So while everyone in the country is showing pictures of empty streets, Florida’s pictures are of irresponsible, immature, spoiled students frolicking on the beach. “Who cares if I get this virus.” “I don’t care about the virus.” “We’ve been waiting all year for this.”

Two things to note here. The first is that these are the same students who, if they vote at all, would have been voting for Bernie Sanders and secondly, this is the generation that is supposed to be taking over from our generation. Chilling thought.

Next up is China. They announced today that they have no more people contracting the virus. If you believe that, we have swampland for you in Florida.

While there is no doubt that they have less people getting COVID-19, you can bet your bippy that there are still pockets here and there of people still getting sick.

This statement is brought to you by the same government who tried to hide the fact that their people were dying of this virus for a couple of months and not allowing doctors to tell the world what was happening. Do not be as naive as the NY Times. They are lying.

How many people can be kept alive when all the ICU beds are taken? That’s what doctors are now discussing. In NY, the Emergency Management team, part of Homeland Security figures that 7% of 9 million people will get it. That’s 630,000 people.

And yet…people are still eating in restaurants, still congregating in large groups, ignoring all of the professionals who say we are one or two weeks behind Italy who now has more deaths than China.

This is about the individual and the collective all fused into one. Each person counts. Each person holds another person’s life in their hands if they don’t adhere to the social distancing. Listen to what the professionals are begging us to do.

Stay home. Don’t invite your friends over even though you are bored. Don’t socialise. If you came back from Florida go directly home. Don’t go shopping, to the pharmacy, the cleaners and your kids. You are putting yourself in grave danger.

We are getting one kick at the can here. G-d put doctors in our lives as His messengers. Listen to them.

Israel gets it. Their entire population is on total lockdown for at least a week. And it’s coming here if people don’t adhere to the edicts to stay home.

Not that anyone cares anymore, but Bernie Sanders should quietly and with whatever dignity he can dig up, leave the presidential race. But no. Zaidy Bernie is sticking it out, still collecting money from his supporters.

Which of course begs the question what the heck is he going to do with all that money? Give it back? Give it to Biden? Share it with Elizabeth Warren while they are vacation together – after the pandemic ends?

We certainly hope that in a year we don’t find out that he kept it for himself. That would make him a really not-nice person.

Another genius running for the leadership of his party is Peter MacKay. He’s still sending out policy statements thinking people have patience to read his drivel. Can someone please send Peter a memo and tell him that it’s time to back off.

We found it very odd that Russia is barely registering on the COVID-19 radar. Finally we found out that they are spreading dis-information to their people about the virus.

They are saying that the coronavirus is a biological weapon deployed by China, the US or the UK. Other conspiracy theories contended the outbreak was caused by migrants or was a pure hoax. And that’s where Bernie spent his honeymoon and thinks is a great place. We rest our case.

We are trying very hard not to be negative, but Justin Trudeau is just, well, fech. We watch other leaders speak and somehow they get it. Andrew Cuomo, governor of NY is one that comes to mind. He’s not campaigning for anything. He’s not trying to score brownie points and guess what, he’s able to speak without notes and sound like a caring human being. Justin Trudeau is just a big disappointment.

And finally, three cheers for those working in supermarkets, making sure the empty shelves are full every morning. They don’t get paid much and are going above and beyond the call of duty. Good Shabbos and please stay home, We’ll talk…

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