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It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a Gyrocopter!

The secret service and those protecting the prez and white house have bungled things again. This time, a mailman decided that instead of just delivering his mail like a normal person, he boarded a small personal aircraft called a “gyrocopter” and flew into restricted airspace over Washington landing on the West Lawn of the Capitol building.

Why you ask? Because he wanted to personally deliver a letter to every member of Congress urging them to reform campaign finance laws. Can we talk?

First of all how did he manage to evade the no fly zone over the white house? Second of all, did he think he would actually leave the white house lawn and get to deliver those letters? If we were the president, we would be sleeping avec a baseball bat beside our bed. The dudes protecting him are definitely asleep at the wheel.

Well, she’s certainly trying to live like the simple folk. Hillary Clinton finished her stint in Iowa and hopped on a regular commercial flight with no first class and – perish the thought – shlepping her own luggage. Can you imagine? One thing is for sure. She made the news big time.

Remember the dude Jian Ghomeshi? He was the host of the CBC’s top, top show, Q. A few months ago he was let go due to serious allegations of violent, non-consensual intimate acts. That’s putting it very mildly. It was more like he terrorized any woman who worked for him.

Today, a report was released on an inquiry done on the CBC and what they did when they heard about Ghomeshi’s behavior. The report stated that he “created an intimidating, humiliating, hostile and offensive work environment.”

What did the CBC do when women would report this behavior? Guess? Right. Nothing.

An independent investigator found that CBC failed to provide its staff a workplace “free from disrespectful and abusive behaviour. The response from the CBC? First they apologized. Then they said the report was ‘troubling’. And finally, Heather Conway, executive vice-president of English Services said, “I’m confident we can and will do better.”

Is that so? How about saying that we were as much to blame as he was? How about saying that because he was viewed as a superstar, he got away with murder. Their reaction to the report was limp, wilting and wanting and they deserve to be fined big time for their inexcusable treatment of those women when they knew very well what was going on. Shame on them.

There is no doubt that every single Montreal Canadiens fan is breathing a sigh of relief tonight. PK Subban, one of their best players and for sure their most outspoken one, has not be suspended for slashing one of his opponents last night. Even though it seems the other guy has what is called a micro-fracture, he continued playing even after falling on the ice.

Subban on the other hand got a game misconduct and was tossed out of the game for two periods. Although the Canadiens should not take stupid penalties, they must come out aggressive if they are to win over the blowhard Ottawa Senators.

And speaking of senators (good segue, eh?), Mike Duffy’s trial is still moving along at a snail’s pace. Today it was revealed that some of his senate expenses – read what you and I pay for – consisted of a personal trainer. Nice, eh?

Wouldn’t you love to be able to play with opm – other people’s money? Whenever you felt like it, you would go to your little money tree in the backyard and simply take a few dollars. What could hurt?

Here’s what could hurt: The money does not belong to you. Just because you became a senator, an appointed not elected position, does not mean that you automatically get the keys to bank. He may not be totally in the wrong on this case. That is for the judge to decide. What does stink to high heaven is what exactly does the senate do and accomplish over the year?

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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