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Justice Was Properly Meted out With that Low-Life Cosby

Not much to say about Bill Cosby except that sometimes justice is meted out properly. He ruined scores of women’s lives and will likely spend the end of his life behind bars. While he did not appear in any way remorseful, he is now deemed a sexual predator and even if he somehow manages to get out of prison, he will never be allowed to forget what he did.

The saying goes that any kind of press, even bad press is good. We would venture a guess that Julie Payette, Canada’s Governor General does not share this opinion.

If the article is only half true, she is completely unsuited to the task at hand and would be much happier sitting in front of a non-verbal, socially empty computer. The biggest loser in this however is our pretty Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He was told from the get-go that she was not the person for this job. Did he listen? No.

Our Prime Minister thought, and still thinks that if you have fancy socks, good hair and a pretty face you don’t have to listen to anyone because no matter what you do, your adoring public will still love you. Surprise, surprise, surprise. After enough gaffs, your adoring public starts to tire of you and wonders, at long last, what is between your ears except for air.

Most likely Payette will go to a new position being created by Chyrstia Freeland, another genius pick by our Prime Minister. On top of that, we will all be paying her a salary of $143,242 per year for the rest of her life for a job she failed to do properly. We invite you to send a letter to Trudeau and thank him for that.

At this point, we feel sorry for Christine Blasey Ford. No one but her and Kavanaugh know if her allegations are true. What everyone does know however, is that by not coming forward through a neutral third party from the get-go, she looks very much like she has an agenda and it is  to stop Kavanaugh from becoming a Supreme Court judge.

Dianne Feinstein is a Democrat who would sell her mother to stop another conservative Supreme Court judge from being appointed. She has the mother-of-all agendas and that is who Blasey Ford went to with her secret. What exactly did she think Feinstein was going to do with this information? Bury it for years? Not on your life. She waited until the perfect moment – days from the vote – and came forward.

Now, Avenatti, the sleaze bag lawyer representing Stormy Daniels got into the picture making some seriously disgusting and lewd allegations about Kavanaugh. In the #metoo climate we are in, men are presumed guilty until proven innocent. There is an all-out smear campaign against Kavanaugh. One has to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see it. While we don’t want to take sides, and we don’t want in any way to malign those who have truly been assaulted, in this case, we hope Kavanaugh wins the day.

The polls in Quebec are tied vis-a-vis who will win the election – the Liberals or the CAQ. Our prediction is that people are not truthful when asked who they are voting for and secondly, many have not yet made up their minds.

Couillard has taken his pit-bull Barrette and put him in a closet, locked the door and thrown away the key. Not a peep from him in the past six weeks. But people do remember his arrogance and it will cost Couillard in at the voting booth.

As for Legault, he doesn’t seem to have his act together. Again we caution what out what you wish for. People were tired of Harper and look what they got? A pretty airhead for a prime minister who has turned out to be one huge embarrasment. He’s more worried about straws when you go through airport security than weapons.

They were tired of Coderre and look what we got. A mayor who would like to see Montreal with no cars, even in the dead of winter. Take your kids to school in a bicycle carpool.

We’ll talk…

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