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We hope nobody expected Justin's close family friend, with documented personal ties to his family - David Johnston - who sat on the board of the Trudeau Foundation to even hint at a public inquiry featuring his close friend Justin. He found no fault in China's attempt to interfere with our election. Just a harmless slip by 'someone'

Instead, he is suggesting a series of public hearings with Canadians "to shine more light on the "problem of foreign interference" and inform the public and policymakers on the threat it poses, and ways to address it with urgency.

Read it this way: It's going to cost you millions and millions and millions of dollars if and when this series of public hearings ever happens, which of course it won't. Why?

Because Justin will call an election which will erase any hint of public hearings.

The piece de resistance of Johnston's response was this:

Becauses there is too much secrecy in Justin's government, rather than advise having a public inquiry and someone else be appointed to lead it, the former governor general intends to do the work himself in the five remaining months of his mandate.

No kidding Justin doesn't want anyone else to lead a public inquiry. He needs to find another close family friend and confident to lead any inquiry. We're guessing there's no one else to fit the bill, ergo - no public inquiry. And who cares anyway?

This is just one of a series of scandals our slimey, self-righteous, sanctimonious prime minister Justin has dealt with. And yet again nothing will be done about it. Feh. Feh. Feh.

One more little ditty about the dynamic duo drama queens - Harry and Meghan, who would never have pulled the stunt they did if the Queen were alive. We are referring to the one and only Queen - Elizabeth. Not Queen Camilla. Feh. But we digress.

Guess who is happiest at the gross exaggeration of their supposed 2 hour 'paparazzi chase" in New York? Papa - none other than King Charles III and his son, the next-in-line-to-the-throne William.

With yet another ridiculous attempt to disparage his family, Harry has made his book Spare look exactly like everyone thought it was: An gross exaggeration of everything that happened to him and then his machshefa - his witch of a wife Meghan

Harry needs heavy-duty therapy. Not someone pushing him away from his family which no doubt is making things infinitely worse.

Wait and watch for this: The dynamic duo will eventually blame what happened to them in New York - whatever that was - on the palace taking away their security. "See what happens when we don't have proper security?" Queen Elizabeth is turning over in her grave. We miss her.

Al Sharpton is a racist opportunist. Anywhere there is a a black man so much as touched by a white man, you will find him front and center preaching hate. Nothing to do with the truth, just shooting his big mouth off.

There are two parts to this story: The first is the ex-marine in New York now charged with manslaughter after holding down a violent, clearly mentally health challenged black man who was threatening people on the subway.

Without knowing any details except a white man killed a black man, Sharpton was the judge and jury, announcing him guilty.

Second part: The NAACP - National Association of the Advancement of Colored People has issued a travel ban to people of 'color' going to Florida. You can be 100% certain Sharpton is either behind this or part of it or both.

Why was this edict issued?

Florida's governor Ron DeSantis is attempting to to ban books about race and LGBTQ+ identities, rejecting a new Advanced Placement African American Studies course and barring diversity, equity, and inclusion programs in Florida colleges.

All of this is part of the woke culture bs and we applaud DeSantis for standing up to anyone trying to push these ideas. Just because one is black means they get into university? So if you're white, rich and smart you are banned, but if you're black and poor you automatically get in?

If this is the case, then Jews should be also be allowed into every university as they were systematically and persecuted, shut out of such places as McGill simply because they were Jews. But we digress.

Now the NAACP is warning people of color against travel to Florida? Wait. Where should black people go on vacation? Somewhere "safer" like Chicago? Baltimore? San Francisco?

One more thing about Al Sharpton, who for reasons we cannot fathom is a regular guest on Morning Joe, there was a rumor going around a few years ago that he owed the IRS $4.5 million.

The big question at the time was this: Did President Obama forgive the Reverend Al Sharpton's $4.5 million debt for back taxes?

We checked and found no corroborating evidence for this rumor, but uncovered the following: The unfounded assumption that since Al Sharpton isn't in prison, says he must have friends in the White House who stepped in and wiped out his debt.

Whatever happened, the IRS is no longer bothering him. Make your own assumptions.

Meghan and Harry share the drama queen crown with our own drama queen politician right here in la belle province. We speak of Bernard Drainville. He wins the prize for being the most arrogant, do-you-know-who-I-am jerk around.

His most ridiculous comment? It was pointed out that MNA's in Quebec gave themselves no less than a 30% raise in salary, which makes them the highest paid provincial bureaucrats in all of Canada.

He was asked by a reporter "Shouldn't teachers, who are among the lowest paid in all of Canada, also be the best paid in Canada?" He went berserk.

"Are you really comparing the job of a teacher with the job of an MNA? Are you in the process of telling me they are comparable?"

Here's a headline Mr. Drainville: Teachers are WAY more important than you will ever be. MNA's come and go like a bad smell, like stale cow manure, like rotten, stinking chicken.

Teachers, who for the most part are decent, moral, ethical human beings, are responsible for teaching the next generation who will vote for you. And we sincerely hope they teach the children in this province what fools we have governing us.

This is how the czar legault runs our province. Like a dictator. Which he is why he got 98.61% of his party's popular vote.

The Anheuser-Busch saga is the gift that keeps on giving.

Anheuser Busch is offering to buy unsold cases of Bud Light back from retailers as sales continue to crater in the aftermath of a brief but disastrous partnership with trans-identifying influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Nobody wants to see that loser's face every time they take a sip out of their beer can.

While many politically motivated boycotts in the past have quickly lost steam or failed outright, Bud Light appears to be having trouble righting the ship. Really?

The only thing they have to do is say they're sorry without rolling their eyes. Until then, their sales will continue to fall like a skydiver parachuting out of a plane.

We'll talk...

Please note that Blanche will come to your inbox on Thursday around noon as the holiday of Shavuot begins Thursday night.

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