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Justin Trudeau is getting caught up in his stupidity by not calling hamas a terrorist organization and not ever, not once, standing up for Israel from October 7.

One day, his pro-arab stance is going to be a legacy he wished he had never had and it will haunt him forever. Wait a minute. Blanche, he won't even know cause there's air between his ears and not much else. But we digress.

Now that the kangaroo UN court has heard both 'sides' of the genocide Israel is ostensibly perpetrating in gaza, Justin is being asked what he will do if the UN sides with gaza, which between us is a foregone conclusion.

The statement he made is shameful to every moral, thinking Canadian.

"I was very, very clear on this last week, and I’m happy to repeat it. Canada has always supported the international rules-based order and the structures around international law, including and especially the International Court of Justice.

The ICJ is an arm of the UNWRA, all part of the infamous UN who openly supports hamas and puts Saudi Arabia in charge of women's rights. That's who he is siding with?

It cannot be that he's that stupid. Or can it? Anybody who takes a trip to India and dresses like an Indian is that stupid.

Let's start with exactly where Madame Plante stands on protecting the Jews in Montreal:

She didn't stop the viral, in-your-face anti-Semitic protests and continues to ignore them and has yet to fire her pro-hamas anti-Semite 'anti-racism' commissioner Bochra Manai. Everybody knows who she is. It's not a secret. Now read what a Montreal lawyer did:

Lawyer Neil Oberman, aka Oberman the doberman, senior partner at the legal firm Spiegel Sohmer, has served Montreal's Mayor Valerie Plante with a formal demand letter by bailiff that the City of Montreal immediately intervene and enforce all laws, by-laws and regulations governing unlawful assemblies.

Oberman and his firm represent plaintiffs identified as “Concerned Citizens 1 and 2” who have instituted the proceedings against the City of Montreal and holding the Mayor personally responsible. 

The letter addressed Madame Plante directly saying:

"You neglected your duty as the Mayor to ensure that respectable citizens of the island of Montreal are able to enjoy their public areas, residence, and be able to access different buildings given that you and your administration have rejected the rule of law.”

The letter goes on to state that, “...Montreal has become a territory for extreme groups who assemble with the view of spreading hate and interfering with the daily lives of Montrealers under the guise of freedom for terrorism.”

It gets better. Madame Plante is, very rightly, being accused of "creating a climate of anarchy.”

It goes on to address the Mayor personally as having, “...allowed masked people spewing hatred and violence to continue to block streets, public routes, transportation, businesses and residents, and you do so with impunity and you do so with the complete utter disrespect to the people who you are charged with protecting.”

Then comes the demand:

..."If you fail to properly reply to this letter, provide a detailed plan of how you will stop the unlawful hate assemblies and on how you will instruct the appropriate authorities to block these unlawful persons from entering upon public property for the purposes of causing further destruction and interference with good citizens, the same will result in legal proceedings against you and anybody else who does not exercise their duties in accordance with their mandate, regulations and enabling statutes.”

For sure Madame Plante is thinking - how dare those pesky, annoying little Jews annoy me like this. Do they know who I am? Indeed they do.

This is a legal document and Madame Plante must respond to it. In fact, ignoring it will only put her more into the negative spotlight. Those pesky little Jews.

Blanche, ever hear of the term swatting? No, it's not hitting a fly on the wall with a fly swatter. It's much more serious than that.

Swatting involves prank calling emergency services to report a serious criminal threat, with the goal of drawing a significant law enforcement response. In other words, if someone calls in a threat like an ongoing kidnapping or something like that, the police and other law enforcement will show up at your door looking like they are going to war with the Chinese.

Guns and rifles ready, ramming thingy to smash open your door but mostly a lot of jittery police. Which of course can lead to a trigger happy policeman shooting an innocent person.

This is no joke. A Tennessee man died of a heart attack after police swarmed his house in 2020, guns drawn, following a false report that a woman was shot in the back of the head at his home address. The caller was a minor living in the United Kingdom.

What is the world coming to?

Last weekend Alberta had a nasty freeze with temperatures below -45. In case you didn't know at -50 fahrenheit and celsius meet.

It appears the combination of not enough wind and freezing temperatures rendered the wind turbines useless, there was not enough wind to power them, ergo there was not enough energy to fuel heaters etc.

The demand for electricity reached an all time high and the province was at risk of a total meltdown.

As such, their premier asked people to limit their use of electricity: turn off the lights, cook with a microwave instead of an oven, power down space heaters and...unplug your electric vehicle.

Did you know that Justin wants everyone to have an ev - electric vehicle by 2035? If what happened in Alberta is any indication, we are oh, about 100 years away from that moronic save-the-world-planet-turtles-whales Justin fantasy.

Oh and a few more things about electric cars.... Let's start with their batteries don't like the cold. If you have one and it's going down to -20 this weekend, keep your little battery warm and toasty in your garage.

What? You have no garage? Put on your gatkes - long underwear, take out your parka and go out in the freezing cold to start your car a few times during the night. And no, there are not enough chargers around and in the cold it takes way longer to charge your car.

And if that's not enough, heating and air conditioning eat your battery really fast. So if you're going far, either sweat it out or freeze. Take your pick.

Let's guess. You can't wait to buy an electric car. Not.

As royal watchers, we cannot help but wonder what's up with the fam.

Prince Charles is having his prostate removed and Kate had abdominal surgery requiring about a two week stay in hospital and then a few months of recovery.

Clearly that's big surgery because these days almost everything except open-heart surgery is now referred to as 'day surgery' and you're home almost before the anesthetic wears off.

On a side note, although the saying goes you can't be too rich or too thin, we find Kate way, way to skinny, to the point of looking like a stick. This surgery will do nothing to put some meat on her bones. Just saying.

We wish them both a speedy recovery.

If a democrat city says they are a sanctuary city and invite immigrants to 'come on down', what exactly to they expect will happen? We'll tell you.

Immigrants will flock to their cities like bees to honey. After all, they were formally invited.

Now of that the manure rhetoric has hit the fan and many of the 'folks' in Seattle, Portland and New York are having a hissy fit.

People in tony neighborhoods are not happy that these immigrants are in their four cubits. Not only that, they are actually walking up the steps to their homes, ringing their doorbells and asking for clothes and food. Imagine that?

What exactly did these liberal-woke-save-the-world-turtles-trees-gnats think would happen? That they would push their governments to be sanctuary cities but wait - NIMBY - not in my backyard.

In other words they like to say they want to help the poor and downtrodden but from a distance. They do not, under any circumstances, want to get their hands dirty. Dudes - doesn't work like that.

Now Mayor Eric Adams has had to enforce a curfew to keep those pesky 160,000 immigrants who were bussed from Texas indoors from 11:00 pm until 6:00 am.

Be very careful what you wish for.

Israel asked Michelle Obama over and over again to speak out against the rape of our women and girls at the hands of Hamas terrorists, about the plight of our hostages. And she never even responded. Radio silence.

Michelle and Barack Hussein Obama are anti-Semites of the first order. Disgusting human beings.

A final note about Concordia's 30% drop in international students.

Blanche, ya think that after reading about the in-your-face anti-Semitism there, international Jewish students gave a second of thought to go there? No they didn't.

Concordia got shafted by Legault and then hoisted by their own petard by embracing their arabs students and feeding their Jewish students to the wolves. Graham Carr who is President and Vice-Chancellor of Concordia University should take a long hard look in the mirror.

They lost not only international students, but most of their Jewish money. Suck it up.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk

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