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First the breaking news: Mirabel is history. Over and out.  It will be demolished within the year. Kaboom! Of course they first have to get rid of the asbestos in the building. Did you know there was asbestos in the building? Oy vey. Next up: the Big O. Can we please have  seats for that one?

The first three pages of today’s local paper were nothing short of jaw-dropping. On the front page was a picture of our main street, St. Catherine which will be torn up for no less than two years. If they say it will be one year, it will be two. If they say two, it will be three. Get it?

The mayor is asking people what to submit what they think the street should look like. Can we talk? Is he crazy? Does he think we believe that he is going to sift through reams of ideas which will be, for the most part, idiotic. How about this: hire an architectural engineer who actually went to university to learn how to do this. Here’s our two cents: don’t make it car free. That would be the kiss of death and kill every business along that street.

Keep going to page two: Those who run our elections, the ones who we have no choice but to trust, were, as the article said, ‘asleep at the wheel’ for much of the 2000’s. They allowed illegal donations to different political parties for about 15 years.

Then there’s a supposed land deal at the old port. Seems the multimillion-dollar city sale of a property in Old Montreal that has dragged on for nine years be returned to a call for tenders because of numerous “irregularities.” Wait, it gets better: one developer interested in purchasing the property was allegedly advised to make a $100,000 bribe to ensure he would win the city contract. This place is corrupt from top to bottom, left and right, backwards and forwards. There is no other way to do business here.

If you want to save the world and are a Jew, may we suggest that you look in your own backyard or help a homeless person in your city. Israel has issued a severe terror alert warning of potential “attacks against Israeli and Jewish targets around the world, especially in Western Europe”. They then go on to list places in the world where, if you go, one would definitely need their head examined. To wit: Chechnya (in Russia), the northern India state of Jammu and Kashmir, Afghanistan, Pakistan or Tunisia. Doink.

One does not have to be a rocket scientist to know if people decide to go to those places, amongst a few other choice ones such as Algeria, they better have their affairs in order. As for western Europe, we best pray for them. Yet another looming danger is the threat of isis crossing into the US via the Mexican border, or coming in on a regular commercial flight. Although they have been to Syria most likely for ‘training’, the country stamp does not appear on their passport and therefore officials cannot detect them. What a surprise.

Both of these stories are unsettling to say the least. Blanche, ya gotta live one day at a time. Or, as our nutritionist is wont to say, one meal at a time. Breaks up the day, if you get the drift.

We finally figured Obama out. He’s like a bear in hibernation only he switched the seasons. He slept all summer and is now waking up for the winter. Hallo.  He just realized that the ebola virus is serious. Really? Here are a couple of quotes: “Here’s the hard truth. In West Africa, Ebola is now an epidemic, the likes” of which have not been seen before.” Wait, we have another one: “It’s spiraling out of control, it’s getting worse.” The man is a genius.

He is finally asking for money to speed up the production of the medicine which will stop the virus from spreading. A little late in the game, eh? What a leader.

On Thursday Scotland will vote for or against independence from Great Britain. The polls show almost a tie. Some pollsters however are saying that those polls may be completely wrong. They are claiming that people who will vote no will not say so when polled for fear of being accused of being unpatriotic. Once they get into the voting booth, they will, in fact, vote to stay in Great Britain.

One thing we hope for: that there is no violence no matter what happens. Referendums are emotional, with both sides believing 100% that they are going to win. Chaos may be the order of the day for a while there. We may send out a special edition as the election results won’t be known until very late Thursday night our time or Friday morning. If there ‘s something to report, Blanche will be on the case.

We’ll talk…

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