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There's no doubt that when women become powerful, they can be, shall we politely say, nasty. But when men become powerful? Nasty is a good word. They become holier-than-thou. They become d0-you-know-who-I-am?

We are referring to Tucker Carlson. It is becoming increasingly obvious that he thought of himself as irreplaceable. Here's a free piece of advice: No one is irreplaceable.

In the end, it looks like the lawsuits filed against Fox costing them billions of dollars is only part of what did Carlson in. It was also his attitude. He considered himself far superior to anyone under him and perhaps even above him.

He clearly considered himself far superior to women. So superior in fact that he felt very comfortable calling them names that are used in trailer parks. It also now appears that there was a power struggle going on within the walls of Fox and would you look at that - Carlson lost to a woman.

Tucker Carlson forgot who he was. He forgot who helped bring him to where he was. And when you forget where you came from and who you are, well, look what happened to him. He will be replaced and life will go on.

If you need to renew your driver's license in quebec and you don't speak French, you get the middle finger. In spades.

The beginning of the website has the ability to be translated into english. But once you get to making the appointments, it's all in french. Zero, zip, zilch english.

So you were just transferred here from Alabama to work in the high tech industry. But you need to transfer your driver's license and you don't speak french. Tough noogies. Drive with your old license.

Wait. You tried to call them. Not a word of english. Not even press 9 for english.

czar legault is telling you that you speak french here or you are not part of this society. Here's a headline: English is not a virus, nor are people who speak English a virus. In Europe, people speak multiple languages and everyone benefits.

Not only are we an integral part of this society, the very small Jewish community contributes a hundredfold more than the french community in terms of hospitals and medical institutions.

If the czar and his ilk spoke french like normal people we would perhaps understand what they were saying. They don't. They speak like farmers with a speech impediment. We won't leave nor will we be silent. This place is just as much our home as theirs.

Justin made Fox news this week because he tried to rewrite history and looked like the total buffoon he is.

Our airhead of a prime minister is now saying that he never 'forced' anyone to get the vaccinations throughout the course of the pandemic. Oh really?

We will remind Justin that he outright, with great glee standing on the steps of his cottage, mandated vaccines for various groups of Canadians, including for all federal workers and federally regulated Canadian transportation sectors. At the time, it meant if you did not get vaccinated, you lost your job.

That is outright blackmail and now he's saying with a straight face that he never uttered those words?

He was forcing people to get a vaccine or lose their job. Here's a headline Justin: There are videos of you saying all of this. How dumb can you be? Clearly very.

What caused the famous 'truck convoy' that ended with the Emergency Act being invoked? Mandatory vaccines for truck drivers.

Rewriting history doesn't ever work. In fact, rewriting history is making up your own version of what happened and that is never the truth. Justin is lying. Straight to your face.

If you think life is any better down south, you are mistaken.

In Bernie Sanders territory - a Vermont elementary school says it will no longer use the words “male” or “female” when teaching fifth-grade students about puberty and human reproductive systems. So what are they doing?

Using 'gender inclusive' language.

"With any 'differences' - that means the difference between a girl and a boy - we strive to use ‘person-first’ language as best practice.

Please note what you will read next we could never have made up. It is simply too insane:

"Instead of referring to a person as a “boy” or “male,” teachers will say “person who produces sperm.” Likewise, they will no longer say “girl” or “female” but “person who produces eggs.”

Like it or not peeps, a boy is a boy and a girl is a girl. You want to pretend otherwise - know that you are confusing young children to serve your own self-serving agenda. Feh. Feh. Feh.

Whoever is advising Ron DeSantis is not doing him any favors. Waiting and waiting and waiting to announce that he's running for president is not serving him well.

In fact, it's working against him. Couple that with Trump eating up all the air in the news cycle recently doesn't bode well for DeSantis.

It's clear that the governor of Florida is not a people person.

Maybe he's being coached on how to talk to crowds and wave all this time. What is clear is that Trump is slowly but surely gaining popularity while DeSantis remains silent.

Whoever is giving him advice is doing a lousy job. Get in the game peeps.

The longer the strike of 155,000 federal bureaucrats drags on, the longer the wait you will have for a passport. Best not make plans to travel if your passport is expiring within the next 6 months.

You can rest assured however, that the government is working to prioritize essential services for people whose lives may be in danger. Phew. And here we thought they would just let people die rather than go to work.

Sorry all you bureaucrats - we will never ever understand why we have to be held hostage for your benefit.

Does anyone else have that luxury? No. Ergo, you are increasingly beginning to look like selfish, angry children who, if they can't get their way, throw a temper tantrum.

Aside from money, one of the sticking points is that many of these people want to continue working from home. While that may be not such a bad demand, many of said bureaucrats didn't exactly overwork while working in their living room or kitchen in their pajamas.

Working from home should depend on the job and their level of output. It is not a G-d given right that just because you worked at home during the pandemic, you can remain doing so. It is also very obviously not a reason to go on strike.

We hope that Justin wakes up from his coma and legislates the whole lot of them back to work. And if they don't want to go back, then fire them. We're guessing there are plenty of people who would love their jobs with all the perks.

And their union leader? He sounds like an arrogant dude with anger management issues.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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