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Mawtha, Mawtha, Mawtha

Mawtha, Mawtha, Mawtha. We are of course referring to Martha Stewart who this past week sold her media company for a mere $353 million. Lest we sound like this is chump change, we assure you it is not. However  when Mawtha was at her peak, Omnimedia was worth well over $1 billion. How the mighty fall.

We have a feeling that had she not sold out now, she would have received much less that what she just got. We used to be a serious Mawtha fan, but over the years as her magazines become boring and she became more obnoxious and we let our subscription lapse. Who knows what will become of all those ‘good things’.

Those two dudes who escaped from Dannemora prison close to Plattsburgh are still on da lose. Last week we heard they were sited near Syracuse. Now we hear that they are still close to the Canadian border in Clinton County.

Today we read that people in the area are getting edgy. People have taken to locking their doors. Really? We also read that everyone has a gun and those who hunt keep them in their cars or pickup trucks in case they see supper running across the highway. Ich. We digress.

Those two men are very resourceful. Look how they got a guard and a woman inside the prison to help them. And by the way, did anyone see a picture of that woman. Blanche, go git da eye mask, we’re about ta  see somethin dats very frightening. All of this to say that this cat and mouse game could go on indefinitely. Doesn’t it sound like the keystone cops chasing the bad guys and going in circles?

Lululemon is back in the news with another gaffe. We will jog your memory and remind you that the previous gaffe had to do with see-through leggings and the one before that when the founder Chip Wilson said, in a nutshell that his clothing is not for women with fat thighs.

Well, they’re back in the news again because they created a hoodie where the strings snap back and can smack you in the face or worse, in the eye. How many hoodies did they recall you ask? About 318,000. Does no one there know how to test garments for idiosyncrasies?

Don’t be surprised by this next piece. Remember the stores who said they will no longer sell Confederate flags? Amazon, Wal-Mart, Sears and eBay? Sounds like they are good and moral corporate establishments. Think again. No, they won’t sell the confederate flag but they do still sell all kinds of things for extreme right wing groups – neo-nazis, klu klux klan, the old South African apartheid flag.  And what’s worse, people are still buying them.

Unfortunately, Louis Farrakhan has waded into the confederate flag fracas. We won’t spend a word describing this nutcase. Suffice it to say he made headlines yesterday with his brilliant comment that “We need to put the American flag down. Because we’ve caught as much h… under that as the Confederate flag.” He went on to utter a few other inane comments. The fact that he made headlines makes us think that there’s not much news out there.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane it’s a wheel from an airplane which fell into someone’s home right here in Montreal. Special eh?

Jack Ma, the Chinese gzillionaire and co-founder of e-commerce giant Alibaba, has quietly made a new acquisition: a 28,100-acre property boasting trout streams, woodlands and a maple-syrup operation in New York’s Adirondacks. Yes Blanche, along the route that you take to go to New York.

Ma paid $23 million for massive property which he bought principally for conservation purposes (spare us), but also plans to use as an occasional personal retreat. Really? He’s going to leave China and come to the Adirondacks to go fishing? And we have swampland in Florida to sell you.

The Whole Foods grocery chain is in some trouble. Wait a minute, we thought tree-hugger, save-the-whale and eat only organic food people never get into trouble. Guess even lefties are not always so honest.

They were caught overcharging for everything that was checked by government officials. Some things were not even weighed and a price slapped onto it. If you need an example, here’s one: Vegetable platters priced at $20 per package were overpriced by $2.50 on average. One package was overpriced by $6.15. Sometimes the weight was lower than what was on the label which would have saved people a considerable amount of money.

They were fined $800,000. Can we talk? We wonder who exactly will trust them again? Rhetoric question. Organic eating, thin and pale people will continue buying there. And the organic business? Who believes the stuff is really organic if they are dishonest with their pricing. If organic eaters would have a bit of normal food, maybe they would see what a royal ripoff the whole business is – pardon the pun.

Good Shabbos

We’ll talk…

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