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Maybe Pocahontas Was Smoking Pot with Trudeau?

If yesterday was any indication, the Republican Party just has to sit tight for the next three weeks until the mid-term elections on November 6.

The timing of both Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton who both live in some kind of altered world of reality, is showing that the democrat party has no leadership. It’s every man and woman for themselves.

Pocahontas aka Elizabeth Warren stupidly took Trump up on his dare to have her DNA tested to see if she was in any way, shape or form part North American Indian, to be exact, part Cherokee. The results showed that 6-10 generations ago, someone in her family might have been Native American. That would be 1/1024th of a chance that she has Cherokee blood. It is to be noted that the Cherokees have not taken her seriously, nor are they buying her cookbook which has Cherokee recipes.

Is she vying for the Native American vote? Not likely nor would it help her. The only thing she is accomplishing is that she looks like a fool to even have reopened this whole debate and more than that, to go up against Trump. She is simply no match for him as she is now known, permanently, as Pocahontas.

Far worse than Warren, however, is Hillary Clinton. Here’s what she once said of her beloved husband Bill: “He’s a hard dog to keep on the porch”. Special.

Here is the salient point of her recent interview: She was asked in retrospect if he (Bill) should have stood down from the presidency for lying. Remember his line? “I did not have sex with that woman?” Now remember the blue dress?

Hillary’s response: “Absolutely not. It wasn’t an abuse of power? Lewinsky was an adult.”

Oh really? She was 22 at her first job out of college. Bill was 49, the President and said liaison happened in the Oval Office. Ya think she was star-struck and that he took advantage of a young woman, right out of college sitting in the Oval Office no less?

Hillary, once and for all, made it very clear that there are two types of feminists – one for privileged and entitled women and the other for women who are and were dispensable.

In the end, Monica Lewinsky emerges with her dignity in tact and Hillary should stay very, very far away from the #metoo movement. She threw Lewinsky and all the other women her husband assaulted to the dogs and tried, but failed, to crush them. She is truly a despicable woman.

There is a massive migration march heading toward the United States. Up to 3,000 migrants and counting have crossed from Honduras into Guatemala, then are going on to Mexico with the ultimate goal to get into the United States.

Doesn’t it seem odd that these marchers will most likely reach the United States at the exact time of the mid-term elections? Who do you think is propelling said march?

This march has all the makings of a humanity crisis in the making. Vice President Pence has spoken to the leaders of both Honduras and Guatemala where these people are coming from. It is not the fault of the United States that these countries have virtually no infrastructure, nor any law and order, nor is the United States obligated to take them in.

Here’s what one woman said: “We’re going to drop in on Donald Trump. He has to take us in,” said Andrea Fernandez, 24, who left Honduras with a newborn baby, a 5-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son because she said she could not find work and feared for their safety. This woman has a newborn baby with her? And then will cry hysterically on TV when the US refuses her entry and blame Trump?

Mexico’s migration institute said that march participants would need to follow immigration rules to enter the country, without specifying the criteria.This is going to get very ugly, not so quickly – say in about 3 weeks, just in time for the November 6 elections.

Update: President Donald Trump tweeted that he will withdraw funding and aid from Honduras if it does not stop a caravan of people that is heading to the United States. “The United States has strongly informed the President of Honduras that if the large Caravan of people heading to the U.S. is not stopped and brought back to Honduras, no more money or aid will be given to Honduras, effective immediately

Tomorrow pot will become legal in Canada. Beware. All border crossings into the US are federally run. Here’s what that means: If you cross from Canada, where pot will be legal, into Vermont, where pot is also legal, at the border your pot is illegal and you will be barred from crossing the border, perhaps forever.

If you say you smoked pot, you will not be allowed entry and again, barred for a very long time.

Our sunny, happy, smiley Prime Minister Trudeau is letting his country go to pot, pardon the pun. Few people know these rules. Trudeau was an entitled child, adolescent, young adult and now adult who grew up with pot and never had to worry about the consequences if he got caught.

What he did not do was think this through nor how it would affect the little peeps. Small articles in the paper saying that one should not drive for five hours after smoking pot are idiotic. Do the police have any mechanism to check who is driving stoned? And before you jump up and say drinking is worse, think again. What happens when you are stoned is that your reflexes, just like when you drink, are very slow.

Everything Trudeau has touched has been a fiasco. This is just another in a series.

We’ll talk…

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