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Michael Cohen, Trump’s Lawyer Sang Like a Bird. He Implicated Trump in a Federal Crime.

That heckler who was yelling at Justin Trudeau the other day certainly knew which buttons to press. She sent him flying off the handle. No selfie for her Blanche.

It’s interesting to note that when people have such reactions to a comment that doesn’t really warrant such a reaction, it usually means they are not comfortable with what was said. And that’s exactly what happened here.

FYI – Justin Trudeau doesn’t really care what happens to those entering our country illegally. That is not where the photo-ops are. They are at the border ‘helping’ women and children. Case in point is that both Quebec and Ontario have repeatedly asked Ottawa for help in dealing with the huge influx of illegals entering the direct result of Trudeau welcoming them with open arms. Ottawa’s response? Silence.

If he really cared, he would be giving money where it’s needed – to the organizations and people dealing with this massive human problem.

President Trump was handed a huge gift today. 50,000 Muslims are holding a massive rally today at US Bank Studium in Minnesota for Eid Al Adha – one of two Islamic holidays celebrated each year – and they entered the building to the chanting on the loudspeakers of Allahu Akbar.

Let’s just say the sight of 50,000 muslims gathered in one place in the United States, Minnesota no less, half wearing hijab and niquabs will send people off the deep end and running to vote for Trump and his anti-immigration policies.

The NAFTA deal with Mexico seems to be done and now the US is ready to start talking to Canada. Well, not exactly talking. More like take it or leave it. Trudeau is now looking very weak on two major fronts – immigration and NAFTA.

According to reports, there are three outstanding issues: Canada has to scrap the supply-management (the greedy dairy board), tighten its protection of intellectual property rights and agree to disband the system of countervailing and anti-dumping duties.

It is interesting to note that countervailing are duties imposed after an investigation finds that a foreign country subsidizes its exports, injuring domestic producers in the importing country – sounds very much like getting rid of the dairy board.

Trump is in no rush to conclude NAFTA with Canada and said as much to his chief negotiator Robert Lighthizer, who, by the way, also despises Canada’s chief negotiator, Chyrsta Freeland. Stay tuned to this one. If the dairy board goes the price of our dairy products will drop like a stone and we will have a huge selection to choose from. We can only hope…although the dairy board is as strong as the NRA.

The CAQ’s Francois Legault did his homework when he said that he didn’t want to see policewomen in hijabs. If you recall, Thomas Mulcair took his party from 95 seats in parliament down to third place and 44 seats because he didn’t agree with Harper at the time that niquabs had to be removed at citizenship ceremonies.

Let’s just say it is well known that Quebecers are not overly fond of hijab or niquabs. Legault, saying this out loud, is going to garner, very quietly, a lot of votes. Couillard allows freedom of religious clothing. People will not have the nerve to say they believe as Legault does, but, just as people who voted for Trump never admitted they did so, people will be very happy with what Legault is doing.

Here’s something that will remind us of the Olympic Stadium: Montrealers should brace themselves because the city is preparing to build the most expensive organic waste treatment centres in the world. The key word here of course is ‘organic’.

Can we talk? Where do we find these mayors? Do you think Valerie Plante will come up with as good a line as Jean Drapeau when he said the Olympic Stadium has a much chance as going over budget as a man can have a baby. Or maybe she went to visit his grave and got some kind of subliminal message to spend as much money as is humanly possible.

As anyone living in Montreal knows, we are still paying for the white elephant, as the roof needs another $33 million in repairs. Why do we think we will have the most expensive waste treatment that will either a) not work or b) be under constant repairs. Can someone please make sure that it works during the winter? Unlike the retractable roof of the big O that collapsed under the weight of the snow.

You would not want to be a juror on the Paul Manafort (Trump’s erstwhile campaign manager) jury. They came to a consensus finding him guilty of 8 the 18 charges. The other ten counts will be considered a mistrial. The judge now wants to see each juror, one at a time. Nothing like getting called into ‘the office’. Yikes.

Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer could go to jail for four years for violating finance law by payments to silence some of the women who were with Trump. In a stunning development, in his final statement he implicated Trump, basically calling him his co-conspirator, by saying he did this in coordination and at the direction of the person running for office in the last election, i.e. Trump. This is going to be interesting. FYI – a sitting president cannot be tried while in office.

We were entering a mall today and the smell of marijuana was startling. We best get used to this smell. It is, after all, sweet. Hey, if you’re having a bad day, just stand outside any mall and inhale.

We’ll talk…

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