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Michelle Obama aka The Drama Queen

Justin Trudeau blew the NAFTA talks before they even started. We don’t want to sound crude, nor do we want to be viewed as misogynist, because we are not. Rather, Blanche is a realist, understanding that sometimes, one has to think beyond their own ‘feelings’ to get the job done.

Chrystia Freeland is not the person to be negotiating with Trump on NAFTA. Why? Because Donald Trump likes his women pretty and young. He dislikes aggressive women who, as Freeland did this past week, disparaged him in front of many people at an open meeting. While this is certainly not one of his better qualities, to put it mildly, it is a fact.

Freeland is in a pi.sing contest with Trump that she will never win. Never. He will kill NAFTA rather than have her win on any issue. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Freeland has to go.

Alas, Trudeau doesn’t have the kahoonas to admit his mistake. It would cause his fans to think him weak in terms of women’s issues. This has nothing to do with women’s issues. This is a government issue which affects all Canadians and as such, the best person should be negotiating and Freeland is not that person. And so ladies and gentlemen, he will take the country down with him rather than lose face.

We have not used the barf bag in a very long time but it’s back thanks to Michelle Obama. Seriously, she is beyond holier-than-thou.

She was on a talk show recently and said, “To those Americans who are frightened by the current political climate: remain hopeful.” She’s the mother-of-all drama queens.

We will remind you of what she said in 2008 when her husband was running for the democratic nomination: “For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback.”

Her husband let down his black bros. He was unable to make decisions on many issues. And she’s telling people to remain hopeful? Democrats have no leader, no message and no money. She should be directing her hope comments to her party.

Blanche, do you know Canada’s national anthem by heart? Well, you will have to learn another version because Justin Trudeau has made our anthem gender neutral.

Instead of singing ‘in all our sons’ command, we will now be singing ‘in all of us command’. It doesn’t even make sense. There’s nothing to say except that Trudeau is very busy with everything except what he needs to be doing – governing the country.

Halftime during the super bowl is also called the big flush. That’s when everybody in North America goes to the bathroom. It’s also when millions tune to watch the halftime show.

So this year, Justin Timberlake is performing. Fifteen years ago he also performed together with Janet Jackson. Remember her ‘wardrobe malfunction’ aka nipplegate? Blanche, seriously you are dizguzting.

So the bet is will Timberlake call her back and if so, will she have a wardrobe malfunction for old times sake. We will all know on Sunday night.

Francois Legault is the head of the infamous CAQ. If an election were held in Quebec today, polls show he would win a majority. The problem is he’s an ex-separatist. The question is will people trust him once they get in the polling booth?

The answer is yes if Couillard gets rid of his pit bull in the guise of health minister Barrette. What does Barrette have on Couillard that he won’t dump him?

Michael Wolff is the author of the error-filled book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. This morning he was a guest on Morning Joe.

He was called out by Mika Brzezinski for claiming in his book that he knew that Trump was having an affair but could not responsibly say with whom. Instead, Wolff coyly pointed viewers to a passage located somewhere at “the end of the book” that would single out Trump’s mistress. That someone at the end of the book turned out to be Nikki Haley.

Brzezinski kept pushing Wolff, saying that while he was having fun with a guessing game, he was playing with lives. Wolff would not back down. Brzezinski told him that on Morning Joe there’s no bs. While we don’t always agree with their stance, there really is little bs there. Wolff’s interview was abruptly ended after being severely reprimanded.

Brzezinski is correct. To suggest that someone is having an affair, obviously for financial gain, with nothing to back it up is dead wrong.

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