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Mirror Mirror on the Wall – Oops Can’t See Ya

This whole Brian Williams deal is one of the more special stories of late. Until a couple of days ago, he was the face of NBC. A reliable, honest, steadfast news person. And then someone spilled the beans saying that he added his own facts to some stories.

His job was to report the news – as it was. Problem was he embellished it to make him look like a very important person. Twouble. He obviously had much greater ambitions than to be just a news reporter or anchor reading the news. He wanted to be the news. Well, his dream came true. Only thing is, the fact that he’s the news is costing him over $5 million of his salary.

What will be with him? Here’s the first scenario: He’ll have some therapy (which will enable him to maybe get his job back) and then write a book in which he’ll tell the ‘real’ stories of what happened. Second scenario: He’s toast and will sail off into the night, never to be seen or heard from again. This posting is for all the anti-vaccinators. Last week a dude riding a train in San Francisco had the measles. Instead of staying home and taking care of himself what did he do? Why he rode the train for 3 days straight. Can you figure out how many people he infected? We’ll enlighten you. Thousands.

Because some families refuse to believe that the initial vaccination study was a lie and/or that ‘others’ are out to get their children by putting ‘substances’ into the vaccine is wreaking havoc for many, many other people. Not vaccinating one’s children against diseases which for all intents and purposes were eradicated years ago, is selfish at best, almost criminal at worst. If someone dies as a result of complications from the measles, who exactly gets blamed? The government mixes in where they don’t belong. Where are they now that they are needed to pass some kind of law making it mandatory to vaccinate one’s children?

In case you’re thinking of going to Asia in the near future, may we suggest that you do not book on TransAsia Airlines. That’s the airline where the plane crashed into the water a few minutes after takeoff.

It seems that TransAsia Airways had to ground at least ten pilots flying the same aircraft that crashed. They all failed an oral flight test. Can we talk? Stay home.

Those idiotic language police are at it again justifying their jobs by harassing people who just want to make a living. There’s a dude who owns a board game store in the heart of French territory in Montreal. When people walk into his story he says bonjour. So far so good. So what’s the problem? Some of the board games are in English. What? Blanche – bring out the army. Fine him gzillions of dollars until he goes out of business.

Nothing good comes from these missives. They are, as the pestilence in Egypt, a blight in the world. Where’s Moses when ya need him?

Harper entered a minefield today and gets three cheers from Blanche. The federal government will appeal a court ruling allowing a Muslim woman to wear a niqab while taking the oath of citizenship because it is “offensive” to shield your face at the moment you are being sworn in.

You know what a niqab is? It is the veil worn by some Muslim women in public, covering all of the face apart from the eyes. In all honesty, how can someone be sworn in as the citizen of another country if the person swearing them in can’t see who they are? Does that make sense? Maybe go into another room, take off your business and get sworn in privately. This way ain’t gonna work.

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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