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More Recap and Yes Blanche, There is Other News

Recap of the Election The body was not yet cold and the vultures were already hovering. We are speaking about the fact that the princess lost her seat last night and before she could go on stage to quit, Lisee, Drainville and Peladeau were all vying for her job.

The consensus seems to be that Peladeau was, shall we say, high on something. He had either been drinking or taking whatever rich, spoiled men take. Perhaps he did the same thing on that fateful Sunday a few weeks ago when he was brought out like a king on a platter. His words and raised fist proclaiming he wanted a country of Quebec for his children was the beginning of the unraveling of the PQ.

Drainville almost blamed money and ethnics for the PQ disaster. He got the crowd yelling we want our country, we want our country. Of the three stooges, he seems to be the most delusional. PKP wants to be the king and Lisee the president of their own little fiefdom. Drainville wants them both beheaded so he can take the reigns. Wouldn’t you want to be a fly on the wall and watch that show? It will probably be a series – hehehehehehehe.

What does a party that got such a beating from their own people do now? Our personal best case scenario is they will simply implode because they won’t be able to find common ground. There are comprised of left of left militants, right sit-on-the-fencers and everything in between. But their biggest issue is that they are all getting old. Young Quebecers  are very aware that the world is a small place. Do these brainwaves think that the youth in this province want to be held back speaking only one language? Hardly. They all use facebook, twitter, snapfish, instagram etc. And they all speak English.

And speaking of English, Couillard held his first press conference today. What a breath of fresh air. The man is normal, something we haven’t seen in a politician here in a very long time.  He spoke about being bilingual. During the campaign he said he had met many, many parents who all want their children to speak both French and English. What a revelation! Not only that, but they want more English in their schools beginning in grade 6. Bilingual is no longer a four-letter word.

Make no mistake. Those who want their own country will find a way to worm their way back up that slippery ladder of separatism. But it will never be the same after this monumental defeat. The people have spoken, very loudly, and made their voices heard. No referendum, no talk of separatism. It’s over for at least four years and, not that we have a crystal ball,  probably for a lot longer than that. Enjoy the peace and quiet for now. More News This next piece is nothing short of sweet revenge. Remember those student riots two years ago? Remember when some of those students got, shall we say a little over exuberant and threw smoke bombs into the metro, causing thousands of people to have to leave the system? Well  today they had to present themselves in court to find out that in July they will learn when their trial will be held. We hope they they are kept tied up in the court system for a very long time. And speaking of student riots, looks like they may be making a comeback onto the streets shortly. Obviously the bad weather is keeping the children at home. We heard one of their ‘leaders’ on the radio saying that they still want free tuition and free books. We are guessing that if the government threw in a free car the children wouldn’t object. It is going to be very interesting to see how Couillard handles them. One thing we can say for sure. You will not see him marching on the streets banging pots and pans. What a beauty that pauline was, tabernak.

Oh yes, one more little moment from last night to savor. Both ex student leaders, Martine Desjardins and Leo Bureau-Blouin lost in their seat races last night. Now they have no friends at all. The students think them traitors and the PQ is on life support. Aw – hehehehehehe. Things are not boding well for that missing Malaysian plane. The pinging has stopped and if the plane is anywhere in the vicinity of the searchers, it is more than a mile under the water. It will be almost impossible to find it as it is even too deep for even unmanned small submarines. Those devices would have to crawl along the ocean floor and it would be like finding a needle in a haystack the size of a country.

This piece will send chills down your spine. You know that tiny padlock icon that sits next to many web addresses? It means that your most most sensitive information — like passwords, stored files, bank details, even Social Security numbers is safe. Well, it’s not and the system is broken.

This next part will be a bit technical, but it’s worth the read: The vulnerability involves a serious bug in OpenSSL, the technology that powers encryption for two-thirds of web servers.

The bug, called Heartbleed, allows attackers to access the memory on any web server running OpenSSL and take information like customer usernames and passwords, sensitive banking details, trade secrets and the private encryption keys that organizations use to communicate privately with their customers.

What makes the Heartbleed bug particularly severe is that it can be used by an attacker without leaving any digital crumbs behind. This is not going to sit well with those who like to shop in their pajamas, do their banking at 2:30 am in their underwear or just plain shop online instead of shlepping to a store. Beware.

We’ll talk…

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