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Morris the Accountant vs The Hijab Woman

If you are a tree-hugger perhaps hold on to your chair before you read this. We are speaking about Bill 62 and the controversial hijab law.

Here’s the bottom line which we have said more times than we care to count: Not all muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are muslims. We are not referring to mentally deranged red-necks in the US who get hold of dozens of guns. We are speaking of radicalized muslims who take cars or trucks (the latest mode of terrorist attacks)and ram them directly into people. Or stab them. Or slice them up with a machete.

Lest you think Blanche to be, perish the thought – racist – again we say it is not Morris the accountant taking his Lexus and ramming it into crowds of men, women and children.

Back to Bill 62. To validate a person’s identity, one must be able to see their face. Believe it or not, this is not an unreasonable request.

We are well aware that the Liberals in this province are blatantly presenting this law now because they fear losing the next election and know that in Quebec this law will be viewed favourably and garner them votes. It’s called grovelling. We are also sure that they have a few other ditties up their sleeve before the next election. One we hope is to dump Barrette.

Can someone tell Stevie Wonder to stand up – figuratively and physically?

He recently sang the national anthem while on his knees. Blanche, bring  the barf bag. What the heck good is that going to do? Make him feel like he’s in solidarity with his ‘bros’? And so? What does that get them? Nothing.

Instead of singing on his knees may we suggest that he call up his friend Oprah Winfrey and a few more heavy-weight black stars and put their heads together to figure out how to help their own people. Blaming Trump and every president that came before him, including Obama will not get you anywhere. Nothing will be solved and you will remain static.

What will help is communication. Going from place to place, talking to both young black men and police. Getting them together in a room to dialogue. It’s called taking ownership.

Hillary is still at it. She was in Montreal last night, speaking in front of 3,500 people reiterating, yet again, that she was not the reason the Democrats lost the election.

This woman is becoming one of the most pathetic figures to fall in a very long time. And she’s not going gracefully. In fact, she’s stumbling out – she broke her toe and is wearing a boot – making a total fool out of herself.

Montreal’s mayoralty election is coming up quickly and last night there was a debate between the two candidates – Denis Coderre and Valerie Plante. She seemed to be able to hold her own, as Coderre can be quite the bombastic bumbling loud mouth.

Coderre is a seasoned politician as was witnessed last night. In the English debate with quite a few Jewish Montrealers present, he asked Plante a surprise question –  if she supports the BDS movement. Her response after being pushed: ‘Let’s say I’m against it to make things easy.’ Can we talk?

What exactly does that mean? Here’s a tip for Plante: One is either pregnant or not. One either supports the BDS movement or not. There is no middle ground on either of those issues. She best get her act together very quickly and make a statement where she is holding on the issue. If she cannot take a stand, then perhaps she’s not quite ready to be mayor.

Here’s a lead headline in one of the sports magazines: Historic failure: The Canadiens are on one of the worst losing streaks in their existence.

It is becoming very obvious that the Molson brothers who own the team don’t need the money generated from said team. In fact, we are beginning to wonder if they need the team for a tax loss or something like that.

People are not going to keep paying a few hundred dollars to go see the most losing team in our history. If they continue to do nothing and make no changes to the administration we may, sadly, be proven right.

We’ll talk…

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