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The Montreal media, which includes written, television, radio and internet are bemoaning the low voter turnout for the Montreal election. Seriously? From which planet did these people fall?

Here’s the scoop: Neither candidate was good. It was voting for the lesser of the two evils and we just did that in the Federal election. People were done with fake people and empty promises.

Plante keeps saying she doesn’t hate cars. Oh really? What’s about the miles and miles of bike lanes and the absolute dearth of parking spots downtown? While campaigning she said she loves the downtown core. Oh really? She single-handedly made sure that with no parking anywhere and construction on every street, people have abandoned the center of the city.

Coderre lost 100 pounds and it all went to his ego which is bigger than the entire Montreal downtown. He’s condescending, arrogant and did not change one iota. So exactly who were people supposed to vote for?

Our little old lady above on the bicycle saw the wall with the writing the second Plante got elected,  went out and  bought her bicycle. Take note peeps: She has her groceries in the back basket and is en route to pick up her laundry and put it into the front basket. Look how happy she is. Hahahaha. Wait until winter. Thanks Ms. Plante.

While President Biden was having a conversation at the COP26 conference with the Duchess of Cornwall, aka Camilla married to Charles, he, shall we politely say, passed wind. Or not so politely let one go. Long, loud and impossible to ignore. Talk about  carbon emissions.

Camilla didn’t know where to put herself. Biden was blissfully unaware that he let one go. Yes dearies, he is the president of the United States and doesn’t even know when he farts. Do not, we repeat, do not tell us that he is aware of what is going on.

Sue Montgomery, ex mayor of CDN/NDG lost big time running with her own little party, coming in a distant fourth in a list of six running for mayor. Not one of those running with her got in. 

While she was the mayor, she fought with everyone in her orb but imagine, she still had time to keep up one of her passions – being an anti-Semite.

The quote below is to be found in Monday’s online Montreal Gazette. She said it  when she was incensed at the thought that a visible Jew – Lionel Perez had won. In the end, he did not. Here ya go:

I spent four years trying to change things and if people didn’t want that, then that’s fine. I will move on. (Perez) is friends with (former N.D.G. mayor Michael) Applebaum (who was convicted of fraud), he’s friends with the borough director, so it’s the old boys club. But that’s fine if that’s what people want. If that’s what the electors want, that’s democracy,”

Yes Ms. Montgomery. That is democracy. And you got what you deserved so it’s time for you to find a nice little slimy rock and crawl under it with all the other anti-Semites in the world. Feh.

Did Justin not get the memo that the US was opening the border to Canadians on November 8 – yesterday? Did his bestie Chrystia Freeland not tell him? Or perhaps his second genius – Theresa Tam kept this a big secret. 

The government and medical people are thinking over what to do about making people coming into Canada take a $200 pcr test. What exactly is there to think about? You already can’t come in if you are not vaccinated.

They knew about this for a few months. They couldn’t get their act together?

You know Blanche, Justin and his minions look like they don’t know what they are doing. They clearly can’t figure out any medical data and appear to be running their own little show. The US thinks them incompetents, which – lo and behold – they are.

Remember Kamala Harris – the best thing since chopped liver and sliced bread? Well dearies, she is so bad – how bad is she? – she is so bad that her approval rating is the lowest of any VP in over 50 years.

You do know that she was hand-picked by Barack and Michelle Obama? So much for their vetting of candidates. She is more useless than the word useless.

Read this piece and weep…

12 year olds in school in Fairfax County, Virginia, will be asked the following questions, amongst others. The rest of the questions have to do with their intimate life. The woke world is completely insane. Completely.

…Some people describe themselves as transgender when their sex at birth does not match the way they think or feel about their gender. Are you transgender?

…Which of the following best describes you: Heterosexual (straight), Gay or Lesbian, Bisexual, Not Sure.

The whole geffulment about Michael Rousseau, CEO of Air Canada and the fact that he can’t speak French fits perfectly with the following scenario: Both the coach and general manager of the Montreal Canadiens have to be french speaking, pure-laine, poutine-eating Quebecois. No English speaking people need apply.

Here’s a headline: The ROC – rest of Canada – doesn’t give a rats if Rousseau speaks English, French or Chinese. Get the job done and get the company running properly.

As for the Canadiens – there are no words to describe the idiocy of only having a french speaking coach or G.M. Better they lose money year after year, finish in last place and give their tickets away than choose the person who is best for the job. Quebec sais faire. Not.

Shout out to Jeremy Levi, Hampstead’s new mayor and to Harvey -safer with Shaffer head of public security who mercifully won his seat in Hampstead. Hampstead residents can now rest easy. The troops are still under a great general.

We’ll talk…

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