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No Matter How Big a Hammer You Use – You Can’t Pound Common Sense into Stupid People

At the first reading of this next story, one would want to blame the doctor. An older man went to the hospital with abdominal pain. He eventually lost consciousness. The doctor on duty was a specialist in what was ailing this man, which sounds like an abdominal aneurysm or something of the sort. The doctor however said he did not have operating time in the hospital and sent him by ambulance to another hospital where the man subsequently passed away.

But this is not exactly the whole story. The doctor could not operate because the tools which he needed to do so were no longer in that hospital. So even if he could have gotten the man into an operating room, he would have most likely died on the table.

So what is the problem? Bureaucracy. People running hospitals care and foremost about the money honey. The patient is a distant second. The government is looking to save money and they will do so at any cost, including the lives of their citizens.

Here’s something to ponder: Some hospitals do not do stomach surgery. Others do not set bones. How about sending out a general alert to every Quebec citizen who pays taxes and tell them where they should go when there is an emergency? How are we supposed to know that St. Mary’s doesn’t do abdominal surgery? And where should we go if we fall on the ice and break an arm or hip? What about stitches for a cut? Wait a minute Blanche. Doing this would be efficient and make sense. That would never happen here. Better they bend over backwards and sideways to make our lives as difficult as possible. What a bunch of losers.

Tonight is Obama’s last – thank goodness – State of the Union address and his worst nightmare is coming true: Ten American sailors – 9 men and one woman – are in Iranian custody after two small U.S. naval craft apparently briefly entered Iranian territorial waters. It seems that they had mechanical trouble and drifted or found themselves in Iranian waters.

Some official said they would be released tomorrow but who knows? Why are they even keeping them one night? Blanche, you can be very sure that Obama is trying to move heaven and earth not to have to stand up there tonight with 10 service people in Iranian hands. Humiliating would be the word. Frankly, we can’t say we’re unhappy to see Obama squirm. Then again, no drama Obama will not flinch. It ain’t his family there, now is it?

Seems Hillary’s lead over Bernie is dwindling, fading away like the wicked witch of the west. She now has 48%, Sanders 41%. Lest you think that’s not so bad, a month ago she was 20 points ahead of him.

It certainly doesn’t help her cause that the FBI investigation into her use of private email when she was secretary of state has expanded to look at whether the possible “intersection” of Clinton Foundation work and State Department business may have violated public corruption laws.

This new investigative track is in addition to the focus on classified material found on Clinton’s personal server.

This slow drip of leaks erodes her credibility. Not that Sanders is so credible. He’s someone who never left the 1970’s and thinks the rest of the world should do the same. One thing we can say with certainty: If Sanders becomes president, you will see marijuana brownies in every single bakery in the United States. Then we’ll all be happy and who cares who’s president. Pass the potato chips.

Blanche, bring out the big barf bag. We’re reading about Sean Penn who single-handedly made Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman into a folk hero. This man El Chapo is a vicious, heartless murderer and one, of if not the biggest drug dealer in the world. The fact that Penn got to speak to him which ultimately led to Guzman’s capture is the only redeeming feature of his story.

Most likely you missed this little ditty as it happened on french television, on New Year’s eve. For whatever reason, the 18 minute speech that Jacques Parizeau taped if the yes side had won the referendum in 1995 was broadcast. Not many people ever heard it nor for that matter, heard about it because the no side won – by a mere 53,000 votes – and Parizeau nixed his prepared losing speech, instead blaming money and ethnics for the loss.

What exactly was the point of this broadcast is anyone’s guess. Bernie Drainville, one of the masterminds of the Charter of Values said that while listening to that speech for a moment he imagined an independent Quebec. Dude, get a life. While they may still rear their heads again, kind of like a worm that pops up from under the earth every so often, the winning conditions are gone. The youth, who propped up previous years of separatist governments is not interested in owning their own country.

The world has become smaller, their focus is on making a living, paying the bills and having a good time. It may take one more election for the PQ to disappear for a long while. Let’s bet that PKP is not at the helm for the 2018 elections. We bet he won’t be there.

Remember the yahoos in Oregon? Well, it seems that they are losing their lust to take over the government as no one is paying attention to them. They must be getting bored. This Friday night at 7:00 pm they will announce their exit plan. That didn’t take too long.

After reading this we thought of something: Imagine if none of the terrorist attacks were broadcast anywhere in the world? Imagine if none of the perpetrators or their groups got any media mileage out of what they did? We venture to say the world would be in a much different place.

There is no doubt in our mind that just as everyone else is watching CNN when something happens, so are the bad guys. But unlike you and I who sit horrified, they relish and enjoy the attention. Maybe someone should give some thought to reporting something once and letting it die. Can’t hurt to try.

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