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No Shortage of Geniuses in the World, eh Blanche?

Obama is rejoicing tonight. He will hit his target of admitting 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States before the end of September. Don’t tell anyone that most of the terrorists in Europe who carried out many heinous attacks came from or were trained in Syria. Also don’t tell anyone that Germany lost track of many of those they let in. The $400 million dollars paid to Iran and sent via palettes with all kinds of currency is ‘old news’ according to Hillary. She’s so sweet. It’s old news to her because she knew all about it months ago. It’s news to the other 299 million people who live in the United States. And this is exactly why people despise her. She and Obama live under one set of rules and the rest of plebs are just that – plebs on a need to know basis and according to that dynamic duo,  they most often don’t need to know.

What a coinkedink that on the exact day that four hostages were freed from an Iranian jail the money arrived by cargo plane. And they want everyone to believe that it was not ransom. Blanche, you know what Iran said? If America had not sent the money they would never have released those dudes.

The Trump fiasco is getting more juicy by the minute. Some people in his party staunchly say he can change, stick to the script and win. They must be smoking the same stuff he is.

Here’s a headline: Trump will change for a few days, after an intervention that is about to take place. Let’s say he even manages to get his act together for two weeks. And then…someone is going to attack him personally, oh, say maybe Hillary – and he’s going to lose it again. He’ll start tweeting, holding inane news conferences and say things that will cause his poll numbers to plummet.

While all of this intrigue is wonderful for the news stations, it’s actually real life and a tad on the dangerous side. Trump has never in his life had to answer to anyone – let alone 300 million people and he’s not about to start now. If we were in that intervention room we would lock the door and not let anyone leave until they got him to quit.

Lest you think we have turned on the person who seemed to be the one left standing to go up against the Clinton machinations, here’s one reason we have moved away from him: Anytime the words “Donald Trump” and “nuclear weapons” appear in the same sentence, a mushroom cloud, pardon the pun,  of anxiety rises over the world of politics and national security.

Yesterday was no exception, after Joe Scarborough, host of Morning Joe, said on his show that Trump had repeatedly asked an unnamed foreign policy expert why the U.S. can’t use its nuclear weapons. This ain’t no joke dawlin.

While many readers of Blanche may be too young to remember the Cuban missile crisis, we baby-boomers who lived through it vividly recall the screaming air-raid sirens and teachers telling us, idiotically, to hide under our desks when the siren sounded. There’s a term for that but we will be polite and just say it’s kissing a part of your body goodbye. Anyone who lived through those few months no doubt still feels that cold fear.

To listen to Trump speak about nuclear weapons in such a cavalier manner is, if for no other reason, why he must go.

Blanche, here’s a nice travel tip. If you’re planning to travel anywhere this summer (less and less places to go, eh?), read this next piece.

If you are making more than one stop while flying, let’s say going from city A to city B then back to city A and you click the button on the airline’s website for multi-city flights, don’t count on the website quoting you the cheapest available fare for each leg. They are going to hose you big time.

The airlines have now programmed the reservation systems to give you a much higher fare for the whole itinerary. You will save about one third of the cost of your flights if you book each ticket separately. A bit of a pain but if you’re sitting in your kitchen in your pyjamas, make yourself a nice cup of tea, grab a few cookies and while you’re sipping and dipping you will save a few hundred dollars.

Remember Zaidy Bernie? He’s off the radar. Nothing, nada, not a drop of news about him. Disappeared into the night. Let’s see if he actually campaigns for Hillary.

There’s a dude here in la belle province who needs a lobotomy. He’s severely allergic to fish. Severely. He went into a restaurant and ordered meat tartar. Blanche, that’s raw meat. Feh.

For whatever reason – stupidity, language barrier, inattentiveness, the waiter brought him fish tartar. We don’t know about you, but when we look down at a plate, we can definitely tell the difference between meat and fish. Well, this genius took a huge mouthful of said raw fish and got deathly ill. To add insult to injury, he left his epipen in his car. He pressed charges against the waiter.

Can we talk? The guy is a moron. If someone is so allergic to a specific food there are two choices to make – stay home or don’t go to a restaurant that serves any kind of fish. Brainwave.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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