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O’Leary the Wimp

Yesterday there were bomb threats in eleven states in Jewish community centres. Some are made by robo calls, others by people calling in live. Three, four and five year olds were herded out of daycares and nurseries. Parents were called and told that there was a bomb threat to their child’s school. If you are getting that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, imagine how you would feel if you were there.

Another cemetery was desecrated, this time in Philadelphia and swastikas were keyed onto cars in Florida.

So what’s the answer here? For starters, governments on all levels have to start waking up and giving much more protection to all Jewish institutions until whoever is doing this is caught. It appears that these people are emboldened and unafraid of getting caught. We are wondering aloud if these incidents were happening to mosques what the reaction would be. Blanche, ya think the liberal democrat tree-huggers would be running to protect the mosques themselves?

Interesting also why they can’t seem to get a handle on these losers. We are guessing they are calling from either internet cafes or magic jacks that are untraceable. The end result is that parents are keeping their kids home from school and not sending them to programs because, as one person said, “You never know…” While we can’t give in to terrorism, we also can’t ignore it.

Kevin OLeary is not attending tonight’s conservative candidate debate in Edmonton. Blanche is on OLeary’s email list. He sent a long explanation as to why he was not participating. We sent him back a short email telling him that somehow Trump managed to get himself heard with the same amount of people on the stage at his debates. He didn’t wimp out.

OLeary said the format was not fair and the candidates won’t be able to get their points across. Oh really? How about going into parliament with about 300 people yelling over each other when they are in session. He’s turning out to be a big whiner.

In case you are not aware, the two worst airports for delays are La Guardia and JFK. It appears that LaGuardia had the highest percentage of delays in arriving flights last year. Ouch. Now here’s the scary part…why do they have the most delays Blanche?

New York has the most crowded airspace in the country which limits operations. Air traffic volume accounted for nearly a quarter of all “airspace delays”. Doesn’t that sound scary? Did you ever wonder how they keep track of all those planes circling the airport? Did you ever look out the window of your plane and see another plane not that far from you? Oy…

A big portion of Amazon Web Services’ Amazon S3 system went offline Tuesday afternoon, a service used by 148,213 sites who also went offline. Blanche, now you’re gonna learn something: AWS provides cloud-based storage and web services for companies so they don’t have to build their own server farms, allowing them to rapidly deploy computing power without having to invest in infrastructure. For example, a business might store its video or images or databases on an AWS server and access it via the Internet.

AWS has about three to four trillion pieces of data stored in it. Wow. Dat’s a lotta data. Here’s the best part of this story: Only the most paranoid, and very large companies, distribute their files across not just AWS but also Microsoft and Google, and replicate them geographically across regions. But the cost of that is so prohibitive that most companies just take their chances with Amazon.

Blanche, we can’t decide if the following people have lost their minds or live in a bubble somewhere on Mars. A group, dubbed Obama17, put up 500 posters of Obama for French president around Paris and launched a website, hoping to garner 1 million signatures on their petition by March 15.Organizers in France are urging former U.S. President Barack Obama to run for president of their country. Got that? No, it’s not an April fools joke.

Jimmy Cacchione and Giovanni Di Feo were ousted from the Montreal police service in 2014 because they were about to blow the whistle on corruption allegations that would have hurt the reputation of then police chief Marc Parent and other high-ranking officers. They alleged that the Montreal police internal affairs division made up incriminating evidence to discredit them and justify their dismissal.

An emergency meeting was held on Saturday with Parent’s senior officers to discuss the investigations into the internal affairs department. The result? All ongoing internal affairs investigations will be transferred to the Sûreté du Québec. That’s kind of like asking the wolf to babysit the rabbit.

For years we have been hearing that there needs to be an independent body to investigate police issues. Not the provincial police investigating their buddies in Montreal. Dat smells.

Here’s no surprise: A Montreal mosque where an imam had prayed for Jews to be killed “one by one” is facing fresh calls for an investigation after more videos surfaced online showing anti-Semitic preaching.

For how long have we heard that imams need to be checked on? And who’s listening? No one.

The imam went on to say Jews were the descendants of “Turkish mongols” and had been “punished by Allah,” who made them “wander in the land.” He further said that Jews had no historical ties to Jerusalem or Palestine.

The view conveyed by the imam has typically been used to deny that Jews have a connection to the land of Israel.

In order to stay politically correct and not incur the ire of the left, these dudes have been spewing hatred for years. Time to crack down on them and, as President Trump says, get rid of the bad dudes.

we’ll talk…

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