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Obnoxious Gloating Politicians – Feh.

Bill 21 was passed in the National Assembly this past weekend sneaking in an addition that – guess what – there will be an office to enforce the new law. First a definition of the bill:

The new secularism law, once known as Bill 21, makes it illegal to wear religious symbols at work if you’re a public school teacher, a police officer, a judge, a prison guard, a wildlife officer, a Crown prosecutor or if you work as a lawyer for the government.

Regarding who will enforce this new secularism law, we are thinking an arm of the office de la langue francais. After all, the little minions are already in place checking the height of English words. What’s another couple of minutes checking to see if Morris is wearing a kippah under his baseball cap? Of course the hijab is much harder to hide. In fact, it’s impossible to hide so they won’t get paid much for that one.

The government was very prepared for the backlash they are getting and frankly, could care less. In fact, Legault is strutting like a peacock saying that people are stopping him the street to say how proud they are to be Quebecers. Reminds us of Michelle Obama who, when her husband was nominated to run for President said, “This is the first time I’m proud to be an American.” Both are very special.

Legault et al know that this law, as many other shocking things in life, will fade, gone from the news cycle within a week. Yes, there will be court challenges, but that will take years. In the meantime, the government will recess for the summer, the sun will shine tomorrow and life will go on.

The silence in Ottawa, by all parties is deafening. Here’s a headline: Quebec is a province in the country of Canada and as such, the entire country will be looked at with some degree of ‘Is there a leader in that country?’ or, ‘Are there any adults left in Canada?’ We the north will take on an entirely different meaning.

A few facts to ponder:

…As we have written here ad nauseam, the CAQ was not voted in, rather the Liberals were voted out. Couillard was a lousy leader, an even worse premier and lest you think otherwise, no friend or protector of the English community in Quebec.

…We will reiterate what we have been saying all along: Francois Legault, no matter how much he will deny it, is, in his heart of hearts, a separatist. He wants a French secular society in Quebec with a smattering of English and a few visible minorities. This new law makes that almost a reality.

…The ROC – rest of Canada, will remain silent until the separatist drums start to beat. That translates to money and that’s when the ROC will sit up and take notice as it will affect them directly, whereas Bill 21 does not.

…Muslims were and are the main target of Bill 21. Legault looked at France, England, Belgium – name any European country – and did not like what he saw. No-go muslim cities with sharia law with, particularly in England, with the Brits soon to be outnumbered by the very quickly populating muslims.

…The protests yesterday in Montreal, with almost everyone wearing a hijab or other muslim head covering was exactly what Legault wanted. French Canadians – both urban and rural – took one look at that and nodded their tacit approval of the new secular Quebec.

This new law is ugly, odious and unfair. It should not however, in any way, shape or form compared to the Holocaust. Lest people forget, the Germans wanted to exterminate all Jews – secular and religious. To call a spade a spade and perhaps be more than a little not politically correct, the root of Bill 21 is 9/11.

Had the muslim world reigned in their terrorists, everyone’s life would be different. They did not and the result is the current situation – fear and mistrust of muslims worldwide.

Again, Joe Biden proved that his handlers are correct to keep him cooped up. Yet another gaff this week.

He was asked how he as president would deal with opposition to his agenda in the Senate from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. His response: …”There are certain things where it just takes a brass knuckle fight,” Biden said, later adding: “Let’s start a real physical revolution if you’re talking about it.” Seriously? A revolution? Get a grip dude.

Our guess is that once Biden is let out of the cage, he will self-destruct quickly.  Who’s coming up the ranks? None other than Fauxcahontas – Elizabeth Warren.

If you even believe only half of what the polls are saying, this one is interesting: According to an NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey of 1,000 adults, 64% of Democratic primary voters in June were enthusiastic or comfortable with Warren, compared with 57% in March. Fewer of these voters were enthusiastic or comfortable with Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, who have lost 11 and six points, respectively, since March.

We are guessing that Trump would be very happy with Warren as his opponent, although she would be a formidable one. He can only use her 10024th Cherokee business for so long. One other issue, which we can’t believe that no one else has spoken about is that Warren is impossible to listen to for any length of time. The tone of her voice is grating.

A final word on Bill 21. The gloating by the CAQ in the National Assembly after the bill was passed was nothing short of obnoxious, childish and immature. The premier did not conduct himself like a premier, rather like a fifteen-year-old teenager who duped his parents.

All along we kept saying that Legault wants a country of Quebec and he is going about getting his entire to-do list done in a very methodical way, taking his sweet time. He duped everyone in order to get elected and get his agenda passed. Get elected  – tick Take back English schools – tick Cancel 18,000 immigration applications – tick Pass Bill 21 – tick

He is succeeding beyond his wildest dreams.

We’ll talk…

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