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The world lost a mench last Friday. A brilliant one. Rex Murphy had kahoonas. He got it. He understood, without being a Jew, what it was like being a Jew. For whatever His reasons, G-d decided He needed Murphy more than we did. We will miss him, his words, his humour, his right on the mark perfectly written articles. May he rest in peace.


Here's a sobering headline: Jews are not like everyone else. Jews are not like the other nations of the world.

Jews make others very nervous by their disproportional success, their family values, their morality - all stemming from one place that is the essence of why they are different - The Torah. It is and has been the instruction blueprint by which they have conducted their lives for over 3,000 years.

The proof of that is we are still around.

Before you get your shorts in a knot, calm down and keep reading.

As a Jew while you may not be in any way, shape or form observant, the fact that you are a Jew places you in exactly the same shoes as the most religious Jew you can think of. Proof of that comes from the nazis (may their name be obliterated).

They went back 7 generations to hunt down a single Jew. You could have spoken the best german, had no Jewish friends, fit into german society like a glove, but when push came to shove you were a Jew and your german friends ratted on you.

This is very old news. In fact, it goes back thousands of years to every place the Jews were pushed out. Rome, Spain, Greece, Germany, Russia - it goes on and on.

This time is a bit different. This time it is radical islamists who are at the root of trying to push the Jew out of Israel, America, Canada, Europe etc. The difference is radical islamists come with sharia law and that applies to the Jew and non-Jew alike. This time it will not only be the Jew who will be oppressed.

If one of those moronic protesters would do five minutes of research, they would see what they are fighting for. A life of misery and hell on earth.

We know we are preaching to the choir. We know that the majority of those watching the scenes play out in universities and on streets world-wide are appalled by what they see. The time has come to stand up and stand out.

If you value your way of life in a free country, then the time has come to speak up. Write to your member of parliament spouting endless empty, hollow words. Write to those who have abandoned Israel, the only democracy in the middle east. Send letters to that idiot Valerie Plante (more on that below). Wherever you live, say something.

Silence is no longer an option.

We're sure we're not the only ones who find it very unusual that at the exact same time in tens of cities and campuses in the world, anti-Semitic 'protests' are taking place.

On campuses, in large and small cities, in malls, in just the right places at just the right time.

Not only are they coordinated by day and time, they are mysteriously very well attended and have all the necessary accoutrements - tents, flags, enough 'shmattahs' (keffiyahs) and masks for everyone, just the right people to rally the troops, someone with the correct microphone or something else to shriek hate to the Jews that can be heard by the number of people at each protest.

Then they all have the same requests: Stop supporting anything coming from Israel, destroy Israel and basically eradicate anything Jewish from the world.

Clearly the starter gun was pulled on October 7. Not only was hamas able to enter Israel at will and behave like heinous, savage, barbaric animals - at the same time, the trigger was pulled for all of these protests to begin activating.

It's not a coincidence.

hamas is being very well organized, funded by Iran and others who spent decades methodically preparing for these days. Israel and world Jewry got caught with their pants down - unprepared for both October 7 and what is happening now. And they cannot fight this fight on their own.

And then there's Montreal's foolish, woke, mayor Madame Valerie Plante. She can't find it in her to call the police to end the tent city located on McGill university land.

"Our metropolis values peace, listening and inclusion. In Montreal, it is possible to express yourself while respecting rights and laws. We must all defend these common values."

Oh really? Spitting on and attacking Jews is respecting someone's rights? Aggressive behavior if you go near their tents is respecting the law?

Just come out and say it Madame Plante. You believe in the 'poor palestinians' and believe in what those in the tents are doing. Our suggestion is you drop the charade and go join them. At least you'll be honest. Now? You look like and are fake and nobody believes you.

We wish Israel would finally come out and say once and for all that there is no such thing as palestinian people and therefore the 'two-state' solution is impossible. There is no country called palestine. It is a myth perpetrated by the same people slowly but surely brain-washing the world.

In 1921 when Golda Meir came to Palestine the Jewish pioneers, were the avowed Palestinians. So they were named in the world. Arab nationalists, on the other hand, stridently rejected the designation. At that time it did not suit their purpose.

In May 1956, Ahmed Shukairy, who became head of the Palestine Liberation Organization, declared to the United Nations Security Council, “It is common knowledge that Palestine is nothing but southern Syria."

Until the 1960’s, attention was focused on the Arab refugees for whose plight the Arab states would allow no solution though many constructive and far-reaching proposals were made by Israel and the world community.

Nothing has changed since then. Arabs were more than once offered land and refused the deal. They want Israel.

And the 'poor palestinian people'?

Pawns in a very, very long game being played by the arabs. Nobody wants the people living in gaza. Proof of that is Egypt's closed borders. Millions of people are trying to enter and Egypt built a huge wall.

They want one thing and one thing only - Israel to disappear with everyone in it. And if it means starving their own people and using them as fodder, so be it. Alas, morons like Greta Thunberg don't know history or anything else for that matter and are falling hook line and sinker for the hamas script.

Now that Greta Thunberg 21 and no longer a child, we are allowed to call her what she is: a little dweeb with the brains of a kumquat.

This fool, who people with less than the brains of a kumquat follow, showed up in a protest in Malmo, Sweden against Israeli singer Eden Golan, a 20-year-old young woman — younger than Greta Thunberg — who was singing in Eurovision.

Get this peeps: 12,000 people - who clearly have no life or job- showed up to yell because a Jewish singer performed at an event in Sweden. It’s no surprise it happened in Malmo, which is about 25% Muslim.

One of the chants from the crowd was “sinwar, we will not let you die,” a reference to yahya sinwar, the head of hamas, who planned the massacre of over 1,200 Israelis on October 7.

These protesters want Sinwar to survive because they’re not just against the war in Gaza, they are in solidarity with Hamas. That is who Thunberg was marching with.

All this goes right back to the very first piece in this blog.

According to Thunberg and all hamas lovers - Jews are disproportionately successful.

Their argument is that Jews built the system for the benefit of the Jews, and so it’s perfectly appropriate to beat Jews in the streets or try to mob a Jewish singer on a continent where Jews were slaughtered by the millions a couple of generations ago.

What people saw in Malmo Sweden and are seeing world wide is a massive army of complete losers.

A final note on the democrats in the US. They are moving heaven and earth trying to get rid of Trump. Their latest is the hush money he paid to an expensive call girl.

T'aint working. Trump is doing very well in the polls while Biden keeps slipping. It doesn't help that he has Kamala Harris opening her mouth to change feet every ten minutes.

One thing can say with certainity: If Trump were president, the campuses would be cleared within a week. Our guess is he would have used what we said from the get-go: high powered hoses spraying freezing cold water.

We'll talk...

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thank you for another excellent article, you are always right on, especially about The Donald, There is no way he would have allowed this to happen, One day of protest, pack up your tents, and leave, period, Biden and Harris are an embarrassment to the United States, And to think he wants to run again,

In your next review, please print the list of all,the jewish contributions made to mankind, from science, technology, medicine, and above all, cell phones, facebook, and of course, the blue jeans that these protesters are wearing, Levi Strauss,

Your most faithful follower,


Gefällt mir

Let’s not forget the minion mayor of Toronto , Olivia Chow. She refused to attend the Israeli flag raising ceremony at city hall today.

Gefällt mir
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