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One of the Most Inane Announcements of the Year So Far

Blanche, did you ever meet someone who thinks they are so smart that they outsmart themselves? Montreal’s mayor Valerie Plante is one such individual.

By now, everyone is familiar with the new bumped out sidewalks to ‘protect’ pedestrians. Well, it could be that madame save-the-planet-Plante is not saving pedestrians at all, rather, she is doing them a huge disservice.

We were sitting at a light with one such bumped out sidewalk. Cars turning right used to be where the new sidewalk now rests in the right lane. Cars turning left used to be in the left lane. Because of the ‘protective’ sidewalk, everyone now sits in one lane waiting for people to go left or right. If you are going straight you could sit through four lights till you get to move.

And herein lies the issue: It’s not only the cars that are sitting but buses as well. The result is that the lineup at bus stops is very, very long because the buses can’t get to the people. As well, cars are burning those dreaded carbon gases sitting and waiting to get through the intersection.

Now the weather is good so people are relatively comfortable while waiting. What’s going to be when it’s slushy, snowing and windy and they have to wait triple the amount of time for a bus because our mayor is saving the planet?

It always comes down to the same problem. As long as Plante is not inconvenienced she’s gung ho to save every turtle known to man. The second it hits her, she’ll change her tune. In this case, it’s a little late in the game for that. What’s she going to do? Redo all the sidewalks? Maybe she should call Greta Thunberg and get her advice. Just saying.

Whether or not you want Justin Trudeau re-elected Prime Minister, whether or not you despise him and/or his policies and behaviour is totally irrelevant in the face of a death threat.

Can we talk here? The man had to don a bullet proof vest and send his wife and children back to the hotel due to a serious threat? Last time we looked this was Canada, not Russia or India where politicians are regularly murdered.

People online need to take a chill pill. We have elections every four or five years. If ya don’t like the person leading the country, just vote them out of office. Don’t send death threats, it’s just not our way.

If you think the Democratic Party has an identity issue with those four loud-mouthed women who call themselves the squad, that issue is only the tip of the iceberg.

This week, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez went to speak in Europe about global warming. During her speech she began to weep – yes dearies, she started to cry because she is convinced the world is about to end and she now feels that she can’t be a mother.  Nice try dear.  You can’t be a mother because you’re too busy with yourself.

She’s getting $300 haircuts,  living in a posh apartment in Washington D.C., and going on television all the time. She’s full of it and the bucket is overflowing. Wait until some global warming edict hits her, like her hairdresser can’t use the hairdryer. Then you’ll see crying.

Blanche, you can now rest easier when flying because your sensibilities will not be infringed upon.

Air Canada has dropped its ladies and gentlemen please fasten your seatbelts to ‘everybody’ or ‘tout le monde’ fasten your seatbelts in an effort to be more inclusive.

In case you didn’t know, these are called gender-neutral pronouns because they want to ensure an inclusive space for everyone, including those who identify with gender X. Ah, what is gender x? People who do not identify as either male or female.

Darlings, you are either a man or a woman. You can change from being a man to being a woman or from being a woman to being a man, but you are still either a man or a woman. There are simply no words to describe the inanity of this pronouncement.

Beginning this Thursday, there will be an addition at the end of each Blanche Report. Stay tuned. 

We’ll talk…

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