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It took less than 24 hours for the democrats try to pin the blame Donald Trump and his ilk for the attack on Paul Pelosi, husband of Speaker of the House, Nancy.

Can we talk? Really talk? Where is the rage from CNN and MSNBC when innocent people are pushed off the platform and hit by subway trains in New York? For no reason other than those doing the pushing know they will get out of jail within hours because the democrats in New York passed. And yes, they have mental health issues.

Lest you think we are kidding here ya go: New York passed a sweeping bail reform law in 2019, prohibiting cash bail for all but the most serious misdemeanors and felonies. State judges cannot hold defendants based on their perceived dangerousness, and are only required to use the least restrictive means of ensuring defendants return to court.

San Francisco is one of the cities that suffered the most due to the defund the police bs.

Where is the rage when stores are hit by mobs of people and ransacked? There is none. Now that the democrats are getting nailed for being the ones who wanted to defund the police, and putting mentally ill people back on the streets after committing heinous crimes, they are singing a different tune. Now they want the police. Oh really. Talk to AOC and BLM and see if they want the police.

There are some very serious questions to be asked about the Pelosi break-in and they are being ignored. Reporters fear for their jobs lest they hurt the delicate sensibilities of the woke-liberal culture.

And while we're at it, woke-liberals don't hear a word when someone with a conservative bent doesn't agree with their uber-liberal Zaidy Bernie ideas. You don't exist and are dismissed. How dare you challenge the woke culture? As we don't have that fear, here are a few questions that need answers:

How is it that someone broke into the home of one of the richest and most powerful families without setting off an alarm? After all, Nancy Pelosi, is, after Kamala Harris, next in line for the presidency should something happen. No alarm in that house? No security?

Where was the panic button? There should be panic buttons all over the place, whether or not Nancy is home.

How could Paul Pelosi could call 9/11 in the middle of a break-in? He said he had to use the loo. This 'insane' person didn't see that Pelosi had a phone? He was seemingly in his underwear. Where did he hide his phone?

And finally, if the democrats are attempting to use the Paul Pelosi attack to create a broader story and push what they view is the extremism of Republican rhetoric, it is transparent and opportunistic.

We don't have answers to any of these questions and don't have a clue what is going to save the USA from itself. Right now, it is slowly, painfully, self-imploding. They need a higher being to save them from themselves.

Before you shoot the messenger note this: The reason Donald Trump was elected in the first place was because people were done with politicians who thought they knew 'what was best for the little people'.

In fact, they didn't know (except when it benefited them personally) and grew further and further away from the average Joe. Along came Trump who resonated with the average Joe. He was able to identify with them. Yes, he was brash and inflammatory and said crazy things. But he understood that people were disenchanted with their government and realized that no one was listening to them. And he was correct.

At first, mainstream politicians mocked Trump. "He'll never get elected." Guess what? They were wrong.

And when said politicians finally woke up it was too late. Trump had taken hold of middle America. He spoke their language. He gave them what no other politicians did - a reason to vote for him.

So like him or not, he filled a void. The result of his four years and now Biden's inability to govern has manifested into a country that has lost its compass. They have lost their equilibrium. Don't only blame Trump for this. Blame goes to everyone - from democratic defund the police people to republicans who are unable to open their mouths and call out something that's wrong.

And until those in power realize that they are, all of them - ruining their country, nothing will change. Time to put egos aside. Time to ease up on their intransigent positions, unable to see even a glimmer of the other side. Pity what is happening there.

Who exactly is Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon? For one thing, he pretty wealthy. Not a billionaire, but he has lots of money. For another, he has one of the best do-you-know-who-I-am attitudes that we have seen in a very long time. He rivals Justin. And, he's BFF - best friends forever - with the czar legault, who by the way is also a millionaire many times over.

The problem here is that the czar gave his bestie no less than three high profile ministerial positions. They are: Minister of Economy, Innovation and Energy, Minister Responsible for Regional Economic Development, Minister Responsible for the Metropolis and the Montréal Region.

Can we talk? Minister of Economy should be taken care of by one person. Innovation and Energy another.

Now 'splain this Blanche: How is someone - one person - supposed to deal with regional economic development and being minister of the economy? And...being responsible for Montreal. Did no one tell czar legault that his friend Fitzgibbon is not superman? That there are 24 hours in one day and that no human can possibly take care of all those portfolios and do a good job. Something smells here.

Blanche, remember Herouxville? That little town in Quebec just north of Trois Rivieres - part of the base of czar legault? In 2007 they passed a list of their own laws for immigrants. No one was allowed to stone women or burn them as in sharia law and faces were only allowed to be covered on Halloween.

Clearly sharia law was not coming to Herouxville, but they didn't like Islam or arabs or immigrants or anyone who wasn't white and catholic and made it known.

Not that we are honking our own horn, but remember in the past few weeks we kept saying that just like Montreal is having a labor shortage, how can it be that the czar's base has remained untouched? Turns out they are suffering even more than Montreal and the case in point is none other than Herouxville.

Not only are they welcoming new immigrants with open arms - including arabs - they are giving them incentives to move there. Would you look at that?

The czar's base is suffering from a severe shortage of labor, way worse than Montreal. Which immigrant wants to go to rural Quebec where Simon Jolin Barrette said they are lazy and don't want to work. Oh wait, he's gone.

Don't you wonder why the czar's base would vote for him when they knew very well that immigrants are the answer to their labor shortages? Boggles the mind.

Looks like Bibi's back. Various news media have declared him the winner. The magic number was 61 seats and it appears he may have 62 seats. That means that he can again form a coalition.

It is interesting to note that the Religious Zionist Party - led by Itamar Ben-Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich - saw a dramatic rise in contrast to previous years. They are big supporters of Bibi.

Just when you thought Justin couldn't do anything more gross than spending $6000 (US) a night on a hotel room, he stepped in it again.

Today we heard that Ontario's premier Doug Ford used the notwithstanding clause to override labour rights of teachers. He doesn't want them to strike. They promptly gave him the finger and it seems will strike on Friday.

This is what the genius Justin said in criticizing Ford: “The suspension of people’s rights is something that you should only do in the most exceptional circumstance." He was referring to Ford's invoking the notwithstanding clause.

Can we talk? Where was Justin when the czar legault used the notwithstanding clause to stomp on the rights of English speaking people in Quebec? We'll tell you. He was hiding in his closet, cowering like a bleating goat.

We'll talk...

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