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What is happening in Quebec with thousands of omicron cases is happening all over the world. Every country is affected. Only here do we hear we have a curfew, stores closed on Sunday, no gatherings etc. Personally, we think that if you are vaccinated (and if you are lucky, already had covid)  it’s time to take matters into our own hands. We did what they asked and that’s still not enough? Do whatever you want.

So what are the real reasons why we are being punished again? Papa Legault said “We’re at the worst of the pandemic so far”. Really?

After over 80% of the population was vaccinated? This is the worst??? What was the point of getting vaccinated? Don’t answer that question unless you live in rural quebec and are part of papa legault’s base. 

Did you know that proportionally Quebec has the most healthcare workers sick in all of North America? That’s because we have pitifully few healthcare workers. They all left. And we will be the distinct society to be the only city in the world to have a curfew. Now…

…Ask Papa Legault why emergency rooms are filled to capacity? Isn’t the real reason because tens of thousands of people have no family doctor and have no choice but go to an emergency room?

…Next ask him how many beds and wards are closed due to lack of personnel and not because of covid. And push him until he gets furious and loses it. He doesn’t like to look bad and this makes him look like the fool and liar he is.

And the best question of all: …He set a 10:00 pm curfew but asking people working in hospitals and senior homes to go back to work while still infected with covid. Does this make any sense? None. We are governed by idiots and living a permanent Seinfeld episode.

The numbers in Florida, as told to us by a businessman who is down there, are the same proportionally as here. They have 3 times the population, 3 times the cases, 3 times the hospitalizations.

Ah, but the difference is the hospital capacity there is about 10% – no beds or wards closed.

Here, because they decimated the medical system for the past 30 or so years, we do not have enough medical people, so the government was forced to close hundreds of hospital beds. And why did that happen?

Because nurses and other support staff couldn’t pass the ridiculous french exam or doctors were forced to do their first year after graduating in point aux pic or because if a doctor came here from the US or England or any English speaking country and wasn’t educated in an English school here he would have to put his children into a french school. Shall we go on?

This latest curfew and closing restaurants is ridiculous. The horses left the barn long ago. The cat’s outta the bag. Elvis has left the building. Get it?

Wait this gets better:

Next question to ask Papa Legault: Why wasn’t money shoveled into the medical system the past two years? He knew it was very close to being overrun in March 2020. Everyone knew another pandemic shoe was going to drop.  Is he so busy with Bill 21, banning women wearing hijabs that he couldn’t multi-task? He’s that big a separatist? Clearly.

Mercifully, the American  justice system is still working as we saw yesterday when Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted on five of the six counts she was standing trial for. The big question now is will she sing and give out names in return for a lesser sentence?

We heard two opinions on this: The first is that the statute of limitations has long run out regarding any sexual assaults so that would not serve any purpose. The second is that if she wanted to sing, she would have already done so to try to save herself.

No matter what, as long as she is alive, no matter where she is, there are going to be those who want her permanently silenced and have ways to do it. She just knows too much and and has way to many names that she can reveal.

Even if the people revealed cannot be punished, many will shrink like dead dandelions at having their names splashed all over social media. Who wants to be associated with Epstein and Maxwell?

One more thing about covid: What’s with all those people standing line here in Montreal in the freezing cold to see if they test positive for covid? If you’re sick you either have covid or the flu. Stay home and get better. What’s the difference what it is – you are contagious no matter what. Honestly, brains are at a severe shortage these days.

Thirteen one-of-a-kind Hermes handbags valued at a total of nearly $1 million were stolen from Only Authentics boutique on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach during a grab-and-smash incident. The people who took these bags knew exactly what they were looking for, probably with orders. Most Birkins on the store’s website range in price from about $17,000 to about $90,000, with a couple priced at $480,000. The Kellys (another bag) start at about $5,000 for a wallet and go up to the mid $40,000.

These bags cost more than a car but are much easier to both steal and carry around. The new way of shopping continues.

The current mayor of New York, Bill di Blasio is done on Saturday when Eric Adams becomes the mayor. You wouldn’t know it though, as big mouth bill just can’t zip it up.

One of his memorable headlines was that he credited his black wife Chirlane with pushing him to defund New York’s finest aka the police. A ‘brilliant’ move. Now crime is up, homeless people are sleeping everywhere, petty crime is rampant and they realized that art therapy doesn’t help when someone is holding you up with a gun. What a dufus.

Good Shabbos, Happy New Year We’ll talk…

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