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President Oprah Winfrey… What is the world coming to?

In late breaking news today, it was announced that the Mont Royal and Outremont ridings will become one riding with one elected representative instead of two. Interesting that Mont Royal is mostly English and Allophone and Outremont is also very English with French. If the Liberal government is supposed to be our friends, who needs enemies.

Seriously, this is ridiculous. Merge two ridings in the Gaspe or Pointe aux Pic. Why pick the heavily populated island of Montreal?

Get to know this name: Valerie Jarrett. She worked with and for Obama from Jan. 20, 2009 to Jan. 20, 2017. In other words, from the minute he stepped into the White House until the second he left. She was in charge of his public engagements amongst other things. She is very close to both Obama and Michelle. How close? Close enough to move into their house in Washington.

We checked a few sources to verify this and it appears to be a fact. It also appears that Obama is setting himself up to be the Godfather of the Democratic party. While the DNC did elect a leader, they never got over the fact that Obama was not allowed to run for a third term and that they have to actually say the words President Trump.

Another balloon that was floating around the past few days was that Oprah Winfrey may take a run at the presidency. She’s ‘thinking about it.’

Both of these news items bring to the fore that the left-wingers in the US are leaderless. They lost everything in the last election and are, at the moment, searching for someone to run in the next election. So far they have come up empty-handed. President Winfrey? Oy.

The dude who threatened to Concordia university yesterday was obviously not the brightest chip in the box. We saw a picture of him – special. Blanche, you wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley, dats for sure. His name is Hisham Saadi but no one is talking about his nationality. By looking at him one cannot tell where he came from.

Seems he sent an email to a few news outlets along with Concordia. Blanche, how long do you think it would take the police to dig him up? Oh, say ten minutes? He was apprehended last night.

In case you want to know what’s going on with Jeff Sessions, Trump’s erstwhile attorney general here’s a short synopsis: He spoke twice with Russia’s U.S. ambassador last year, including a private office meeting in the fall. But during his confirmation hearing to become Attorney General, Sessions said, “I did not have communications with the Russians.” Sessions joined Trump’s campaign in February of last year. He currently oversees the Justice Department, which includes the FBI. The intelligence agency has been conducting an investigation on Russian interference in the election.

This isn’t the first time one of Trump’s appointee’s has gotten in hot water over Russia: Michael Flynn was fired as Trump’s national security adviser last month over his failure to properly disclose his contacts with the Russian ambassador.

The democrats are calling for his resignation over this. But his job as senator, before becoming Attorney General, required him to speak often with different embassies and officials.

It appears that the democrats are intent on getting right into Trump’s face on a daily basis, baiting him to say or do something that he will regret. Above all, they do not want him to succeed because that would mean he would be living in the White House until 2024 and that would put the tree-huggers in the home.

Dozens of students in one Minnesota school district were ordered out of class Wednesday because the students failed to provide documentation that shows they received their vaccines.

Can we talk here Blanche? Those who do not vaccinate their children should not be allowed to send them to school anywhere. We know of woman who has five children and lives in an apartment building. Her children play with other children in the building who were not vaccinated. All the children got the chicken pox. Those not vaccinated were very, very ill. Those who were vaccinated had a mild case.

This is an old and tired story. The doctor who said his statistics showed that some children became autistic as a result of taking the vaccine admitted long ago his stats were false.

It’s a myth. It’s not true. Go vaccinate your kids if you have not done so. It’s simply not fair to any other children.

Da cat’s outta da bag as to who gave the wrong envelope at the Academy awards. Brian Cullinan handed presenter Warren Beatty the wrong envelope for Best Picture with his cohort Martha Ruiz was not far behind him.

Seems these two beauties were busy tweeting behind the scenes at the awards and then, in one of the biggest bone-head moves – posting them online. According to sources – ya like that Blanche – sources? – the latest fallout for Cullinan and Ruiz have been stripped of any future duties at the Academy Awards. Now that’s Hercule Poirot moment. No kidding.

It seems that Cullinan is the bigger of the two culprits as he was warned to stop tweeting.

Unfortunately, Americans don’t seem to be the brightest bunch as both accountants have received death threats and their families now need protection. This is a you-could-bust moment. It’s the frigging academy awards. He wasn’t doing open heart surgery and tweeting. People are obviously very bored down south.

The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics came out and said those who eat home-cooked meals are less obese. Blanche, don’t you wonder on which planet these people live? They are supposed to be the professionals.

A three-year old can tell you if you eat something your mother made you will be healthier than if you go get a smoked meat sandwich with extra fat, fries and creamy cole slaw. Do people actually get paid to say these things?

You may be frustrated with the Montreal Canadiens, but they are a class operation. PK Suban is back playing tonight with his new team against the Canadiens. Before the game however, the Canadiens organization has a tribute for him. Class act.

Good Shabbos we’ll talk…

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