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Quebec Bureaucrats are Not Pea Brains in the plural because they only have one Pea per brain.

Quebec bureaucrats are not pea brains. No Blanche, they have a pea brain because they have one single pea per brain. Not peas Blanche. One pea. In a float during the recent John the baptist parade, they had four black men pulling a float of a white singer and were shocked when people said that looked like a throwback to slavery. They were so shocked in fact, that it took them three days to utter an apology.

These bureaucrats have a) never read a history book that was not translated into french and/or b) took the history course offered in the schools which deals only with Quebec history and/or c) are outright racists. One thing is certain: their knowledge of world history is null and void. Pea brain.

On this next piece we don’t want to be right, but from the signs emanating all over the world, looks like the big one is going to happen sooner than later.

A cyber or ransomware attack hit the world today from Russia to Europe to the United States.

The Ukrainian government said that hit were the radiation monitoring at the Chernobyl nuclear facility, local banks and metro systems. A number of companies — including the Danish shipping giant Maersk; Rosneft, the Russian energy giant; Saint-Gobain, the French construction materials company; and WPP, the British advertising agency — also said they had been targeted.

And in the first confirmed cases in the United States, Merck, the drug giant, confirmed that its global computer networks had been hit, as did DLA Piper, the multinational law firm.

Not much more to say on this except to sit back and wait for the next shoe to drop.

Blanche, you know how Trump keeps calling CNN fake news? Well, he may not be that far off the mark.

We double-checked sources for this story and it appears to be true, as opposed to fake news, if you get the drift.

This morning a video was released of CNN producer John Bonifield criticizing the cabler’s coverage of Trump’s ties to Russia.

The video released by Project Veritas features a nine-minute discussion with Bonifield, supervising producer of the CNN Health unit, in which Bonifield criticizes CNN’s heavy focus on the probe into the Trump administration’s connection to Russian officials.

Bonifield describes the Trump-Russia story as “mostly bulls—” and said the coverage was driven by the desire for ratings. He also says that Trump is “probably right” to describe the media’s focus on Russia’s ties to his administration as a “witch hunt.” Bonifield does not appear to realize that he is being videotaped.

If this is in fact true, CNN is going to have to do some serious back peddling at the very least. It will definitely undermine their credibility and up Trump’s. Hillary must be having conniptions.

Women worldwide (or at least in the first world) ask the same question: Grow old with all that comes with it including wrinkles or grow old and fight all that comes with it.

Suzanne Somers decided on the latter route. Let’s just say she looks malformed. Her lips are huge and pouted beyond pouting, her cheeks look like someone inserted tennis balls in her mouth and pushed them up, and there’s no doubt that botox is keeping her eyebrows permanently surprised.

Seems on top of all this she has been taking a hormone called bioidentical hormone therapy (BHT). It appears that studies on the hormone lack backing in actual science, while the medicines are often not even approved by regulators like Health Canada.

Blanche, we will take the wrinkles and laugh lines, well-earned over the years, over the bizarre and rather grotesque look of Somers et al.

Happy birthday to Canada at 150 years old. Blanche, you know that celebrations connected with the party are costing us half a billion dollars? Got that? Your tax dollars have been spent on all kinds of idiotic things such as:

1. Two artists from Ottawa – one a former public servant, the other a local businessman with a chain of high-end car washes – were given $155,000 for what they call the “Red Couch Tour.” The artists will carry a red leather sofa from St. John’s to Victoria in an RV and record the thoughts of Canadians while they lounge.

2. The Students on Ice Foundation will pilot an icebreaker with a rotating cast of Canadians on a 150-day voyage from Toronto to Victoria by way of the Northwest Passage. The project received $4.8-million from the government.

3.Vox Pop Labs was awarded $576,500 to create a website called “Project Tessera” to offer Canadians a chance to “reflect on and develop meaningful associations with the myriad interpretations of being Canadian.

Blanche, we are in the wrong business. We need to be in the BS business because, as you can see from the above three items deemed part of the 150th birthday of Canada, all one needs is a healthy dose of creativity to collect bundles of cash. Again we say, your tax dollars at work.

We’ll talk…

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