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Click here if you are an anglo. You're sure? You're not fooling us just so we will speak English to you? You really, really want us to speak to you in English?

That's what you get now if you call any quebec government office. In normal countries, this would be fine. Press 1 for english, press 2 for french. Not here.

To have someone speak to you in English you need to hear a litany of why they should speak to you in English. If you are an indigenous? A historical anglophone? Have blue eyes? A mole on your left arm? Are they kidding? Do these dense dummies know how totally absurd they sound?

They are going to become the laughing stock of North America and we can't wait. Tabernak.

It is pathetic to watch a decent, seemingly honest, distinguished politician with a stellar reputation, turn into the wicked witch of the west slowly destroying what the reputation he spent a lifetime building up.

Here's a headline for David Johnstone who seems to be completely under the spell of Justin: In the end, after you are gone, all you have left is your name. Until you became Justin's rapporteur, i.e. his lackey, you were your own person and your name carried respect.

You decided to not holding a public inquiry into China's meddling of our election. Rather, you went with public hearings which a) people don't have to show up if they are called upon, b) holds no weight and c) will not in any way find out if China did indeed interfere with our last election. You were criticised by everyone

So here are our questions: Does Justin have something on you that he will reveal if you don't cow-tow to him? Did you embezzle money? Did you have an affair that Justin knows about and will spill the beans if you don't bow down to him?

If none of the above apply, then why would you lower yourself to kiss Justin's ring?

Valerie Plante, Montreal's erstwhile mayor, who would ban every car known to man and have your grandmothers riding bicycles during the winter to get their groceries, blames the early heat wave on climate change. Perfect.

Would she just shut up? This 'heat wave' is lasting a grand total of five minutes. What exactly does she want? Perfect weather. Not too hot, not too cold, no rain, no snow, no ice, no wind. If that's the case, we have a great place for her to move. Seattle Washington.

She would fit in perfectly there. They have defunded the police to such an extent that their downtown core no longer exists. They worship wind energy, hate climate change, global warming and everyone rides bikes. Can someone please book her a plane ticket?

Here's much bigger fish to fry in la belle province: Why is it that literally once a week for the past few months, the west end of Montreal has had power failures. We're talking hours and hours.

Last we looked, this is not mother Russia or Haiti where power is off and on depending on the hour of the day.

Is the grid that old that it cannot manage to keep up with the number of people using electricity? Is it hungry squirrels eating transformers and then frying?

Something is very wrong with our hydro electric power grid and the quebec government is way way too busy to fix anything. Instead they are making very sure that anyone with a brain not show up in quebec to work. He's happy with his base - molson-drinking, uneducated dropouts living off your tax dollars.

FYI - today there were over 170,000 people without power again. Is the system not able to handle the heat? Now they are saying that the power failures are linked to the forest fires who knows where.

Something is very wrong. The grid is old and needs to be fixed. Instead, the czar and his followers are wasting billions of dollars on keeping quebec french. Who, except them, cares? Certainly not the rest of the world who is quickly leaving legault and his 'base' in the dust. What a bunch of dufuses.

President Joe Biden fell on stage at the the U.S. Air Force Academy graduation ceremony. He tripped on his own feet.

We have lost count how many times he has fallen going up stairs, going down stairs, off his bike, now on stage in front of hundreds of people - and that's what we know.

Something is wrong with him, aside from being fragile and very slow. And he's running again to be the president? What we want to know is who is really running the country because it sure ain't Biden.

Now for the piece de resistance: New Zealand’s Civil Aviation Authority is asking that its national airline weigh passengers departing on international flights from Auckland International Airport through July 2, 2023.

Got that Blanche? Get on the scale because we have to know who the very fat people are to be able to distribute them properly in the plane.

What about the rest of the world? Last we looked, fat, skinny, short, tall - all kinds of shapes and sizes sat wherever their seat assignment was. Nobody had to weigh themselves before choosing a seat.

We will remind you that New Zealand kept people locked up for almost 2 years after covid and then everybody got it anyway. Nothing more to say here.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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