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Quebec Needs Trump’s Wall

Golda Meir said it best: When they will love their children more than they hate us, there will be peace. So far, they still hate us more than they love their children.

You may not like Netanyahu, but he also said something very true: “We’re using missile defense to protect our civilians, and they’re using their civilians to protect their missiles.”

And finally, when it is a Jewish holiday what do Jews do? Go to synagogues and pray. When ramadan comes around what do we hear? It is time for arab rage, riots and murder.

We stand 100% behind Trump’s decision to put the US Embassy in Jerusalem… in a very public way. Unlike our indecisive, weak and inept prime minister Trudeau who said that moving the embassy was a trivial matter which he would not engage in. Our prime minister is in a job that he is simply unable to cope with due to an inability to grasp anything other than fluffy issues like ‘climate change’ and has surrounded himself with like-minded dolts. (It also looks like he lost on NAFTA. If they don’t settle by this Thursday it’s over for a long time.)

As far as the days of rage being carried out around Gaza, we will remind you that ten years ago Israel gave the arabs Gush Kativ with 3000 greenhouses ready to help their economy. What did the arabs do? They destroyed every last one. Instead, they spent the money given to them by Europe and the UN to build tunnels to try to sneak into Israel. They did not build roads, hospitals, schools or anything that remotely resembles an infrastructure.

The whole point of this current exercise in Gaza is to incite Israel into firing back. And you know that arabs still hate us more than they love their children when they ‘encourage’ women and children not to leave homes that have been ‘roof knocked’ by Israelis, telling them to leave as rockets are coming soon.

While we support Trump and will do so if he runs again in 2020, we love Nikki Haley. She has it right and does not waver one inch from her convictions. We vote for her to be the next president.

It appears that Meghan Markle’s father is a pill. He gave TMZ personal photos of his daughter days before her wedding. What was he thinking? Oh wait. Take a look at him. It looks like he thinks between beers and that’s not very often if you get the drift.

Update: No sooner had we finished writing this than said father came forward, regretted his actions (they all do) and wants to walk his daughter down the aisle. Can we talk? Who wouldn’t want to be the centre of attention? Best leave this dude home. Safer for everyone. It appears he has an issue holding his liquor.

Stay very far away from Southwest Airlines, even if the price is uber cheap.

For the umpteenth time in the past few weeks, oxygen masks fell from their little overhead containers during a flight. People were told to put on the masks and they would be making an emergency landing. No further communication from either the cockpit or the flight attendants.

After landing, a spokesperson for the airline said the whole situation was ‘uneventful’. One passenger said very succucintly that when you are 20,000 feet above the ground, oxygen masks drop down and you don’t know what’s going on it’s not uneventful.

We suggest someone send Southwest Airlines a PR company that can teach them how to communicate with their passengers. And fix their planes.

Israel Update: #Hamas is encouraging the rioters taking part in the violence on the Israel-#Gaza fence to bring knives & guns with them, and to kidnap Israeli civilians. One minute. Isn’t islam the religion of peace?

With his welcome-to-Canada-open-arms policy, Trudeau has literally let all the cats outta the bag. Get this Blanche: The RCMP’s latest figures on the number of illegal border crossers indicate 7,612 people entered the country outside official ports of entry during the first four months of 2018.

More than 7,300 of them have entered Quebec, while Ontario and British Columbia received the remainder, about 150 asylum seekers each, so far in 2018. We need Trump’s wall. Can we talk about those self-cleaning toilets Montreal is installing all over the city? If you are planning to use said loos, here are a couple of pieces of information that would be useful:

A cleaning contraption and automated broom will disinfect the toilet bowl and floor. In addition, each unit will be visited at least once a day to do any additional cleaning, as well as refill the toilet paper and hand soaps.

Blanche, what are the chances that someone will get to those toilets once a day, every day? Let’s say zero. Next…

Several security measures are in place, including having a sliding door that can open even in event of power failure and a quick-open button on the floor in case of emergency.

There are also weight sensors under the floor to prevent the doors from closing and leaving a person trapped inside during a cleaning cycle.

And if the security measure fails during a power failure due to said power failure? You are stuck in the toilet for hours. And those weight sensors? Just the thought of getting trapped inside during a cleaning cycle is enough to make a person lose their cookies. We think that these kinks should have been ironed out before putting those terlits on the streets.

We’ll talk…

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