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Seriously Pea-Brained Quebec Bureaucrats

Despite suggestions from the Legault government’s language minister that it may consider withholding English services in an upcoming reinforcement of the province’s language laws, the CEO of Hydro-Quebec says it’s her responsibility to offer services in English to anyone who needs it. Got that?

According the our bureaucrats, if you’re a idiot loser who can’t speak or read French well enough, they will do you the biggest favor and get them to you in English.

We can’t make this stuff up nor can we find such small-minded, pea-brained people in too many other places in the world.

We are going through a pandemic, people’s businesses are collapsing, malls and office towers are empty, the travel industry is decimated, the entertainment business will not emerge for another year, the sports industry is teetering on the brink of collapse and this is what the geniuses in la belle province are worried about?

There are not enough adjectives to describe the pettiness of what they are doing. The headline is that North America is English speaking as is business in the rest of the world.

If their majority who live in rural Quebec want to stay like ignoramuses the rest of their lives, good luck to them. Urban French Canadians know the lay of the land and are nicely teaching their children English.

Blanche, ever hear of a dead pool? A bar on Long Island, N.Y., has set up a betting pool — similar to the kind used for the Super Bowl — in which patrons pick the number of shootings that will occur in Chicago and New York City over the three-day Labor Day weekend.

While many people are calling this racism at its finest, there is much truth in what they are saying. On a regular July weekend this summer, Chicago had 105 murders more than double the 44 the same time last year and 584 shooting victims is also up dramatically from the same period last year, with 308 reported.

Mercifully, the labor day parade in Brooklyn is cancelled due to Covid so at least the residents there will be spared this year.

Good luck if you live in NYC, have school age kids and you need to go to work. School opening has now been delayed three weeks and counting. The teachers are not happy with the new coronavirus safety precautions and are threatening to strike.

In case you were wondering how NY is faring in these difficult times, wonder no more. NY is suffering badly. On major indicator are the parking garages.

One company said of the 82,000 monthly customers who usually patronize their garages, only 33,000 spaces were filled by mid-August. Usually in August business is down 5%. This year it’s down 60%.

Their situation will not be helped by Di Blasio as he just announced that schools will remain remote for at least the next three weeks. That of course will keep parents working from home and not in their offices.

A tech entrepreneur used to pay $750 a month to park his SUV in a garage attached to his apartment building in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.  “It dawned on me this was insanity to keep paying,” and he relocated with his family to their second home in Dutchess County in March. He returns to the city for the day a couple of times a month, but he gave up his parking spot in July. C’est la vie in these times.

Did you ever go to a state fair in the US? You know, the ones with the ferris wheel, sheep shearing and milking cows contests? Well, the mainstay of those fairs is the fried food.

This year, due to the pandemic, state fairs are basically not happening. However, that does not mean the fried food is not. It is alive and well. To give you an idea of what you can get when these people set up shop in a small town or simply in the back of their pick-up truck, shotgun in tow, we will enlighten you:

Let’s start with the Mississippi State Fair which will serve you a burger between two glazed donuts and then fried.

Then there’s the fried pickle dog, fried macaroni and cheese, fried snickers, fried oreo cookies and our personal favorite – A protein-packed energy bite, fried in a sweet rolled oat batter, graciously drizzled with an espresso chocolate glaze, and served on a bed of fried coconut shreds.

Another favorite of ours…The French fry stuffed burger, an all-in-one portable treat made by stuffing a cooked hamburger patty  with pickles and pre-cooked fries into a scratch-made dough. The edges are  crimped to ensure the fillings stay inside, then the whole thing is deep-fried until it’s golden-brown.

Clearly these people have oil cursing through their veins, not blood. And also clearly, it’s a slow news day.

We’ll talk…

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