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Has anyone seen the price of gas lately? Or the price of  meat, fruits and vegetables? Or maybe you need a fridge and were told that the delivery is a year. Or maybe someone in your family had covid and has long-lasting effects, like brain fog. We are highlighting real life issues. The fact that Michael Rousseau (CEO of Air Canada) can’t speak French is not, as Papa Legault wants us to think – a national issue, insulting to all Quebecers. It is a provincial, with a small p issue.

Michael Rousseau won the lottery by having a pure-laine last name. He also managed to live in Montreal for fourteen years and not learn French. Can we talk? This is earth-shattering? No it’s not.

It is, as Rousseau said, a testament to the city that such a person can exist, much to the chagrin of those living in Papa Legault’s rural farm towns. Perish the thought, but city-folk speak both English and French very well. Especially when they need to make a living.

Rousseau does seem to be a bit on the do-you-know-who-I-am page. He’s very, very busy and didn’t have time to learn French, after all, he is the president and CEO of Air Canada, not a little company in the Eastern Townships. If you can’t converse in French, don’t be so glib about it and give those who salivate over such things fodder. Sometimes the smartest people can be very dense.

At long last, people have ‘woke’ up and the democrats got a rousing beating in most of the elections on Tuesday night. Woke culture. Take a knee. Defund the police. Cancel culture. ‘Progressive’ democrats. Verbal diarrhea.

Of course there are still some who are holding on to what is effectually air – like the New York Times who wrote this: Why are voters so unhappy with Democrats? The main reason appears to be the pandemic, which has disrupted everyday life and the global economy for longer than many people expected.

If they still think that, they are as disconnected to the real world as all those who think it’s ok to take a knee when the national anthem is played, or to put only people of color in every ad in their magazine, or to ‘defund’ the police or to make ‘white’ people feel guilty for every woe in the lives of  people of color.

People in Virginia elected a republican governor and here’s the kicker: without Donald Trump. He was nowhere to be found. Don’t get excited. Trump is far, far from leaving the spotlight. He will try very hard to be back bigger and better than ever, despite being silenced on Twitter. In the meantime he has to be wondering…

What does all this have to do with the Conservative party of Canada? Plenty. The new governor of Virginia is a leader. He was not afraid to take a stand, no matter who might not vote for him, no matter how unpopular. Case in point is when he said unequivocally that parents have a right and should have a say in their child’s education.

What happened in the US highlighted the obvious here in Canada – Erin O’Toole, erstwhile leader of the Conservative party,  does not have the kahoonas to lead. He can’t take a firm stand on important issues. He’s not leadership material and if he’s there when the next election is called, no matter who is leader of the liberal party, they will win again.

So peeps, it’s time for yet another leadership change in the conservative party, but this time, can they try to find someone who can actually lead and not be afraid of their own shadow?

One more thing about Rousseau’s remarks: Simon Jolin-Barrette, Papa Legault’s french language henchman aka minister, was highly insulted. Can we talk? We were highly insulted when he called us historical anglos living in Quebec.

We think that Mr. Jolin Barrette got a taste of his own medicine, but of course he will never see it that way.

Sunday night is Montreal’s election. Our sad prediction: The lesser evil of the two lesser candidates is Denis Coderre. Unfortunately, he will most likely not win. Too much baggage – before and now.

So, get your bicycles ready or if you don’t have one, go buy one. You can be very sure that if Ms. Plante wins, she is going to create as many bike lanes as is humanly possible.

As for CDN/NDG – Lionel Perez is the one to vote for. If anyone puts and x beside Sue-always-fighting-with-someone Montgomery, they don’t give a hoot about anything that happens where they live.

Unless of course they live right next door to Montgomery in which case we are pretty certain the street and sidewalk is salted and plowed ten minutes after a snowstorm. Other than that, she doesn’t have a clue about who lives in their borough nor any of their issues.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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