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She Said. He Said. Stunning Turn of Events.

This morning we watched Christine Blasey Ford and found her both credible and intelligent. We thought there is no way that Kavanaugh could do better. We were wrong. He was better no matter what happens during the questioning. He was believable, passionate and most of all, acted like someone who was accused of something he did not do. It’s very hard to fake that.

He said he felt terrible about what happened to Ford, but he didn’t do it. He also said things what many people were thinking – that this was a witch-hunt, done for pure political means, to make sure he did not get onto the Supreme Court. He is 100% right. He made minced meat out of Dianne Feinstein. She was blubbering because she knows he’s right and rendered her basically speechless. She’s the one who kept Ford’s letter for weeks until the ‘right moment’ for it to appear. Let’s see if they vote on his nomination tomorrow. We think they will.

The early voting system for the Quebec election is a complete sham. Computers have been down for two days. People working in the polling stations have no idea what to do. There are no signs indicating lines for people who are registered or who are not.

On the first day large numbers of people walked in to vote and there were no numbers to indicate who came in first, second or third. When asked where the numbers were the pea-brains all looked at each other. Quoi? We need numbers la? They then went to create numbers on pieces of paper.

Elderly people coming to vote early were ignored. Receptionists sat behind glass walls with blank looks, not bothering to offer any information.

We would like to know which pea-brained Quebec bureaucrats trained these people. We also want to know where they find people always one fry short of a happy meal. Or one chip short of a bag. Or one nail short of a toolbox. They all fit these descriptions.

And finally, we are wondering if the votes cast early will actually get counted or wind up in a closet somewhere because those in charge of said early voting are incapable of doing the job and will probably forget where they put the bags of ballots.

If this is how early voting is conducted, they should either scrap it or bring in people who can walk and talk at the same time.

Yesterday, President Trump gave a long press conference. Canada came up and here’s what he said about NAFTA and Chyrstia Freeland: “We’re very unhappy with the negotiations and the negotiation style of Canada — we don’t like their representative very much,” he added, in an apparent reference to Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland.

Again and again we said that Freeland was the wrong person to negotiate. Trump didn’t like her. One does not have to read Trump’s body language – he says what he thinks. Trudeau’s ego could not let him admit that he made a huge mistake in appointing Freeland. Instead he kept her in and she kept going on about gender equality, climate change and aboriginal rights all of which Trump has no use for.

He’s a businessman and wants to talk business. How hard is that for Trudeau to understand? Obviously, very, very difficult as he never got it. Trudeau has led Canada down a path that could wind up costing everyone a lot of money. It also makes us looks as dumb as he is, which we are not.

Julie Payette, Canada’s Governor General has come out and defended herself, saying that she will cooperate with the tasks at hand and keep to the rules. Doesn’t really matter, now does it Blanche? The pension of $142,000 per year comes to her anyway.

Of course she doesn’t want to come across as not doing her job. Our guess is that she will be a bit more compliant in following the rules for now. But in the long run, she won’t last.

In another international miscue, Trudeau gave honorary Canadian citizenship to Myanmar’s de facto leader, Aung Sun Suu Kyi. Turns out, she’s not what she appeared to be, which of course Trudeau did not figure out. Either he didn’t read her properly or he didn’t do his homework. None other than the Bloc Quebecois made a motion to revoke her honorary Canadian citizenship as she has been widely criticized for not speaking out against the atrocities being committed against her country’s Rohingya people.

The vote followed Thursday’s question period and came one day after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said it was up to Parliament to decide whether to strip the honour given to Suu Kyi in 2007.

Your tax dollars wasted…oops still at work.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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