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Shuffle Off to Buffalo

The federal government is not happy with the Buffalo Shuffle and are making it known. What’s that you ask? It is people who traveled and realized how idiotic the hotel quarantine is. So, instead of flying into Canada, they fly to a US airport near a Canadian border, hire a car, taxi, private driver, uber etc and then walk across the border, luggage and all. In the US this has become a big business as many people are hiring drivers from as far away as Lakewood and New York.

As less than 1% of covid cases are coming from travelers what’s the point of the hotel quarantine? We’ll tell you. There’s no point. Instead of using rapid testing for all incoming passengers, the government is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on forcing people, many of whom cannot afford it, to stay in a hotel until they get tested.

Here’s a little riddle: What’s the difference between people who can think out of the box and those who follow rules like turtles with a brain the size of a small pea? The latter are bureaucrats and have stopped thinking a long time ago. They don’t need to think because they get paid anyway. Your tax dollars at work. Enjoy your rides and pack lightly if you have to shlep your bags across the border.

Our final word on the pandemic in this blog. Some states and it seems some Canadian companies are paying people to get vaccinated. It’s a lot cheaper to do that then have their employees not vaccinated. If one person in a huge plant who was vaccine-hesitant takes a $100 and gets vaccinated, it’s a win-win situation.

Again, thinking out of the box because, these companies have skin in the game. Something politicians have never heard of.

For a change of pace, here’s another company who bought into the ‘woke culture’ hook line and sinker. Epicurious is a food magazine,  also very prominent on social media. To save the planet, trees, whales, turtles and think they will give the world less gas farts, they are no longer publishing beef recipes.

“The food publication cited a rise in beef consumption and its role as “one of the world’s worst climate offenders” for making the shift.”Those offenders would be cows.

In case you don’t know what woke culture means here ya go: It is awareness of issues that concern social justice and racial justice.

So dearies, to eliminate cow emissions aka cow gas, which of course falls into the social justice category as it certainly doesn’t fall into racial justice – Epicurious is no longer posting beef recipes.

How about the cattle farmers? How about all those fast food restaurants that serve beef by the millions of tons? How about milk? Where are we going to get that? How about ice cream and cheese which comes from milk?

Here’s a tip for Epicurious – who by the way we now completely blocked and eliminated from all our social media accounts – you are not going to save the world by ignoring beef recipes. You may however, save some people if you get involved in the daily gun violence happening in most large American cities – done mostly by black people to other black people. Put your money where your mouth is and stop all that self-serving drivel that is less than useless.

The woke culture peeps have been very busy this week. Justin Bieber was accused of, get this – cultural appropriation – for wearing dreadlocks.

As one black woman commented on Instagram and we quote verbatim: “Oh noooo honey, that ain’t gon work.” Is she suggesting that dreadlocks belong only to black people? They cornered the market on that hair? If that’s the case, then whiteys best watch out because you could be called out for wearing clothing or doing anything that black people or any minority deem irritating to them.

This woke culture is coming from uber-liberal liberal democrats who seem to be coming out of the woodwork now that Trump is gone. Looks to us that if you are white you are in trouble, which would include President Joe Biden who best watch what he does so as not to o.f.f.e.n.d. any minority.

If you plan on visiting New York anytime soon, perhaps pick another city. 50 people were shot in 46 separate incidents over a seven-day period ending this past Sunday evening. There has been a 250% surge in shootings in the past while.

One of the main reasons for all this violence seems to be pointing to the closing of many programs and activities that helped communities produce safety and gave teens a place to go. From after-school programs, to gyms, to violence interruption programs, they were closed or severely limited during the pandemic and it seems many are still shuttered.

It seems that gun violence is one of the results of and as big an illness as the pandemic in many American cities.

Andrew Cuomo clearly ascribed to the Donald Trump modis operendi of ignoring sexual harassment allegations and guess what? It’s working. Have you seen or heard about him in the past month? Nope.  It’s pretty obvious he’s avoiding any contact with the media which is helping his cause. Let’s see what happens in a few weeks.

We had to post this last piece. We were walking on a quiet street in a tony neighborhood. It’s almost a boulevard with a wide patch of grass separating the two sides of the street.

Along came a jogger with not a soul around her – wearing a mask. There are no words for those people except to say they need to take a serious chill pill or do some reading about the pandemic. She’s not getting covid from the birds, trees or grass.

We’ll talk…

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