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Likely between the seventh and eighth hole on the golf course Obama told Israel that there must be an immediate cease-fire.  We wonder if any of his ‘advisors’ told him about the tunnels and plans that hamas had to infiltrate Israel during Rosh Hashana and that Israel has to take care of business before listening to his ‘advice’.

Let’s see, where should Obama go visit – Ashkelon, Sderot, Ashdod? Unless he himself has 40 seconds to run to a shelter, he will never understand what Israel has been living through for the past number of years. All he knows is that the ‘poor people in gaza’ are getting killed.

In fact, it is terrible that children have no where to run for shelter while Israel bombards them with rocket after rocket. The problem is, instead of building shelters, roads, hospitals, schools and apartment buildings, their parents were building tunnels. All of the cement, electricity, steel and anything else sent to them from many countries to rebuild their infrastructure was diverted to those tunnels. So now, with G-d’s help,  they won’t have the tunnels. Unfortunately for the arabs, they also won’t have an infrastructure.

It is obvious obama is not overly capable of dealing with the foreign crises going on in the world. When he finally gets around to making a statement it is usually weak and leaders like Putin don’t listen. Blanche don’t ya think he’d rather take his wife and go on a prolonged speaking tour where he’ll make truckloads of money with none of the aggravation? Too bad for him that he has to wait till 2016. Hehehehehe.

A few days ago there was a woman sitting in a subway train here in Montreal with a chirping bird in a plastic bag.  It appeared that she was plucking the bird  (which she was) called a ptarmigan – and eating it raw. People on the train were having conniptions.

Turns out she was given this ‘delicacy’ from her aunt (and waited two years for it no less) and was indeed plucking it in preparation for cooking it when she got home. When was the last time you plucked a bird, did something to make it not live and then cook it? Not for us city-folk. Just put the cooked food on a plate in front of us and we’ll take it from there.

Oh yes, a ptarmigan is a largish bird that is eaten in the north and the woman is an Inuit.

Just reminding you that you heard about the summer polar vortex here first. Tonight the temperature is going down to the high 40’s in the country. Dat’s cold for da summer Blanche.

Yet another ‘chinese man’ sitting in his basement in his ‘interhoisen’ – underwear, has caused havoc by hacking into the US defense department. The latest break-in is a bit more dangerous than the other ones – plundering the tech behind Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system. Some 700 files were pillaged amounting to 763MBs, including Word documents and spreadsheets, PDFs, emails, and executable binaries, Krebs reported. Sick people in this world with too much time on their hands.

Are we crazy or is the city of Montreal run by absolute and total buffoons who spend as much of  your money as they want on whatever they want. Yesterday we found out that 19 metro stations are getting name changes like this: Mont Royal is changing to Avenue du Mont Royal. Really, does anyone give a rats, after forty or so years, that the grammar is not correct on these signs? The answer is no.

Wait, it gets better or worse, depending on how you view this: Square Victoria metro stop is tacking on both the article “du” and OACI to the stop’s name to reflect the headquarters of the International Civil Aviation Organization. OACI is the UN agency’s acronym in French. So they have to change the signage and re-record the messages.

Guess, just guess how much this one stop is costing you? $125,000. Are you kidding me? $125,000 to change a sign and re-record a message? Where the heck is our new mayor? Why isn’t he having a complete meltdown over this?

We guess this: It really costs $3000 to change all of this and that’s pushing it. The balance of the money will be shared between the sign company, the manager of the signs in the city, the person who makes the recordings, the person who starts the recording, the person who hangs the signs and the person who nails the sign into the wall. Absolutely, positively, completely, a total waste of your money. Signgate.

Pray for the soldiers in Israel who are fighting for all of us.

We’ll talk…

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